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SCLC to Follow la Raza in Leaving Kansas City; More Racial Interest Groups Likely to Follow
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++Addition++Semler has resigned. In her words, she’s “had enough”. When the ‘controversy’ first started, she offered to resign, but Funkhouser asked her to stay on board. So she did, for over six months, continuously under criticism during that time from racial interest groups and leftist media sources. It’s not hard to understand why a grandmother in her seventies would not want to bear that kind of burden for the crime of belonging to a popular citizens’ action group in favor of national sovereignty.

KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser (D) has ‘forced’ yet another racial interest group to go elsewhere:

A national civil rights organization co-founded by Martin Luther King Jr. is pulling its 2008 national convention from Kansas City to protest decisions by the mayor.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference thinks Mayor Mark Funkhouser showed racial insensitivity when he appointed a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps to the park board and when he tried to oust City Manager Wayne Cauthen, an African-American, without consulting with the City Council.

Nevermind that Cauthen has been looking for work elsewhere even after his contract was renewed or that the only racial ‘controversy’ regarding Funkhouser’s attempt to stop the City Manager’s contract from being renewed is that Cauthen happens to be black. Cauthen’s handling of city projects produces plenty of reasons for the no-nonsense Mayor to want him out.

Funkhouser appointed Semler to be a commissioner of the Parks and Recreation department last June, alongside four others (including a black nationalist) who were brought in to add ‘diversity’ to a board that had previously been comprised of intolerable male WASPs! It is just as hard to see now as it was then how a septuagenarian grandmother who is member to a popular neighborhood watch group writ large, the Minuteman Project, could pose a threat in the eyes of a group whose very name indicates its racial objectives, in spite of her omnipotent position as a Parks and Rec commissioner.

Racial insensitivity is on display in both of these actions, indeed. You might even go as far as calling the Mayor’s actions color-blind!

This insensitivity is in contrast to the racial (hyper)sensitivity of SCLC co-founder Martin Luther King, Jr, who called for special privileges for blacks, favored reparations, claimed that the US was a nation born in genocide, and supported socialism. Or of the group’s contemporary goals–fighting on a host of fronts explicitly for the benefit of “African Americans and other minorities“–under a banner inspired by the Marcus Garvey-founded United Negro Improvement Association.

The Urban League weighed in as well, urging the NAACP to follow suit:

“The Urban League, SCLC, NAACP and La Raza entered into a national partnership,” Grant [President and CEO of the KC Urban League] said.

“We stand in solidarity with SCLC and La Raza in this fight to uphold the principles of civil rights and send a message to Mayor Funkhouser.”

The conference, expected to have drawn in the area of 2,000 people, is of negligible economic consequence. But shunning the city, rather than pulling dollars out of Kansas City, is the SCLC’s objective:

In a news conference this morning, Charles Steele Jr., president and chief executive officer of the SCLC, will announce the decision.

“I am here to raise hell,” Steele said in an interview with The Star after flying into Kansas City Monday afternoon.

He said the SCLC probably would hold its convention, expected to draw more than 2,000 attendees, in New Orleans instead.

I’d like to say I’m surprised by the revelation that a black rights leader plans on “raising hell”. I really would. But, well, you know. Anyway, the chocolate city is the optimal place to have that sort of thing.

Racial hypersensitivity is in the future. Hold a view, make a statement, or institute a personnel change that a race hustling group doesn’t approve of, and listen to the crying–or worse–begin.

It may strike you as odd that a mayor attempting to put people in place who he believes are more capable than the ones he wants to replace is asserted to be inherently racist. But you’re thinking too much like an Anglo, judging individuals on merit rather than primarily on racial or ethnic characteristics. Your time is passing. In the future, less will be for you, and to the extent that you make contributions, they will be for the benefit of others whom you owe.

We joke about political correctness (or cultural Marxism, or whatever you’d like to term the body of omertas continuously being heaped upon free thought in the West), but this kind of extortion has the aim of shutting down debate and intimidating outsiders into bending to the will of the special interest group crying foul.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
• Tags: Local, Race, Western decline 
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  1. Oh, Mayor Funkhouser, verily when President BH Obama judges thee, it will not go well. President Obama comes wielding two swords:

    The sword of multi-cultural marxism, and the sword of afrocentric revenge on the interlopers–a la Jeremiah Wright, Obama's mentor and adviser.

    Repent, oh Mayor Funkhouser. Your time of judgment is at hand.

  2. Heh, no question, though, his is a religion of peace, eh?!

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