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San Fran's Sabine Women
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The percentages of San Franciscan adults who favor the place continuing to be a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, by sex and by race (n = 500):

The SurveyUSA poll doesn’t provide cross tabs for both race and sex (or data on marriage at all), but given that white marriage rates are higher than non-white marriage rates are and that both married men and especially married women are more restrictionist than are their unmarried counterparts, it’s highly likely that single white women are the most emphatic supporters of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy.

Alternative post title: Single White Women Are A Civilizational-Scale Shit Test, part XLI.

Parenthetically, sometimes gangrenous limbs need to be amputated if the body (politic) is to survive. Calexit, don’t die on us.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. lol, of course it's going to die. The idea of separatism is antithetical to these peoples' worldview and mentality. They're called globalists for a reason, they want to embrace, extend and extinguish flyover country. Calexit is just an ironic flight of fancy.

  2. IHTG,

    I know. The idea that the SJW left has any use for "live and let live" is to be inexcusably naive.

  3. Feryl says: • Website

    More proof, as if any was needed, that white people are the main problem. We, esp. after WW2, have had no self-respect or pride. Why else would you welcome an invasion? Hello?

    Asians are the least PC, as usual.

    For the record, to turn up the heat on secession, we can't do enough Nazi/fascist trolling. Modeling the Kek flag on a Nazi flag was a good start, but if 70's punks used literal Nazi symbols to offend their parent's generation who beat Hitler, then hell, why can't we? Of course, white gentiles hate Hitler more than anyone else, since "we" "created" him. Nazi imagery is most offensive to cuck white Western gentiles, and there's still plenty of them left out on the Pacific. Might as well push the meme that Red America is embracing Hitler.

    Getting David Duke, or Don Black, or hell, Jared Taylor to market the idea that the Pacific (or at least, California) is a commie basketcase that needs to be jettisoned would be great.

    Also, if Trump can't do a lot of what he set out to do, I wish he'd take a lot down with him. But as Agnostic pointed out, that's not really his nature (contrary to the media reports, he's fairly pragmatic and cautious in his dealings, e.g. no stock market plays and he likes to negotiate). If he was more of a crusader/zealot, he'd have long ago decided to play hard ball with the Left coast liberals and tell them to go drown in the ocean, for all he cares. At the very least, he'd be justified in overhauling California's electoral count which has been punched up by invaders for decades at this point. A while back I suggested outright stripping the state of electoral votes until they meet some kind of condition (WRT immigration, 3rd party vote vetting, Sanc. Cities, etc.). That sounds like a good catalyst for furthering tensions, possibly resulting in more momentum for a secession.

  4. Feryl says: • Website

    For the record, we've got no reputation or credibility to lose. The cucks and modern Left hate our conservative populist ideas already. We're already Hitler in their eyes. Trolling them with Nazi flirting wouldn't cost us a shot at winning them to our side; we don't have a shot in the first place. They're not us and most never will be. Might as well raise their blood pressure and give them sleepless nights (honestly, most of them already still feel some combo of denial/anxiety/rage over the alt-right besting them). Win or lose in '20 (or win or lose policy-wise), much mischief lies ahead.

    And the cool thing about trolling is that we really are fucking with their heads. They don't know how sincere we are; they're not sure what's scarier: people trivializing the Worst Thing Ever (Nazi Germany) with tasteless jokes/imagery or people legitimately expressing a yearning for fascism.

  5. Sid says:

    In 2015, the worst thing you could call someone was a Nazi, but that's started to change. The blue-check idiots on Twitter tend to associate Trump with the USSR and Russia far more than with Nazism. Sure, he was Literally Hitler in 2015, but Germany taking in so many refugees means that Nazi is no longer such a sharp insult.

    Here's an example:

  6. We've touched on it many times but single women, especially single white women, embrace the #YOLO lifestyle. They don't really care much about the future except that they know (lol) that they will land a rich, good looking husband when they're done enjoying the single life. Since it's San Francisco, maybe they think they will marry the next Elon Musk, where he can just whisk her away to all kinds of exotic locales and go home every night in a multimillion dollar house that is far away from the diversity she desperately wanted to bring in when she was in her 20s.

  7. Feryl,

    I still suspect that ultimately the political dissolution will have a "red state" (or partial state, or confederation of states) as its ostensible launching off point. Weaponizing federal funding is a potent tactic but it's also one that can be turned around on its erstwhile wielders. The SCOTUS is another potential pressure point–go as young and reliably partisan as can be gotten away with so that it's irreversibly stacked for a generation or more.


    You're in the twitter trenches more than I am. I've seen plenty of the bear baiting stuff, but I've not seen USSR/Soviet Union thrown around much. The "neo-McCarthyism" counter is still pretty tough for CultMarxists to deal respond to. Or am I off the mark?

    Random Dude,

    Yep, very different time horizons.

  8. Sid says:


    In a nutshell, I would say that the contemporary center-left (essentially where the Clintons and Obama reside) now reviles the legacy of the USSR and economic Marxism. The far-left (Bernie and the Greens) are still pinko commies who think Communism was a great ideal that may or may not have been overtaken by evil opportunists.

    History is consistently reassessed according to contemporary political beliefs and goals. In 2015, the gut reaction of all leftists was to call Trump a Nazi, and write long diatribes about how his political rise mirrors fascism. But as 2015 and then 2016 wore on, the comparison becomes less and less wieldy for current geopolitics. Weren't the Nazis German? Didn't Merkel just become the leader of the free world by taking in refugees? If Trump is a Nazi, doesn't that mean he wants all Slavs to become slave labor before starving death? Why were two of his wives Slavic women then? And why is he so friendly with Putin and a Russian spy?

    Because Merkel took in the migrants, it's now a little off-putting to associate Germany with Nazism. If you believe on Tragic Dirt, then it's countries like Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine that have the most blooddrenched dirt because that's where the Nazis committed their worst human rights abuses. Dachau is in Germany and it's a somber site, but it was hardly the death camp Auschwitz and Treblinka were, and they're both in Poland. Again, if you think Muslim migrants in Vienna assaulting Jews is just a recent manifestation of atavistic Austrian antisemitism, then it's really Poland, Russia, and Hungary that has the Nazi miasma. I mean, sure, the Germans are still polluted and we can only hope there will be no ethnic Germans in Germany by the year 2200, but it's really the countries the Nazis ravaged that bear the taint! They're not even sorry they don't want millions of Muslims!

    In recent years, authors like Timothy Snyder and Anne Applebaum have written books about how Stalin may have murdered fewer people than Hitler, but he was a racist. I've seen some very smart center-left people argue bizarre things, such as that Stalin was pure evil because was a racist mass murderer, whereas Mao was "complex" because he didn't really murder tens of millions of people out of racism, so much as to acquire state and personal power and institute communism. Bad means, bad results, but respectable motives. (This is how more than a few Democrats during the Cold War regarded Uncle Joe: sure, he may have murdered his own people, but his heart was in the right place!)

    Of course, we're just starting to see these attitudes emerge, and they're by no means systematically figured out. We could also see these attitudes reverse altogether is, say, the AFD wins an election in Germany and a Color Revolution in Russia ousts Putin for a gay rights activist. But even so, you are starting to see really bizarre tweets, such as Joy Reid implying that Trump is a Russian stooge because two of his wives came from "Soviet Yugoslavia."

    Personally, I think a gutsy center-left historian could write a killer revisionist history of McCarthy. Hey, if Trump is a Russian colluder, wait until you see what the Russians had done by the 1950s!

  9. Sid says:

    I've written enough as is, but you can also see the newfound ambivalence about Nazi Germany in reviews for the movie Dunkirk. In SJW lexicon, "Nazi" just means a "white supremacist." But since SJWs tend to be unintelligent, historically illiterate, and parochial to America, they don't appreciate that the Nazis were less concerned about oppressing blacks and brown peoples than they were about securing hegemony over Europe. As such, some of the more callous SJWs dismiss the Holocaust as "white-on-white violence" and hence not as bad as white American racism against non-whites. Anyway, you can find SJW reviews and quips about Dunkirk complaining about how the actors playing soldiers in the British army are all white men.

    It must be disappointing for SJWs to realize that the real Nazis were slaughtered by white, cisgendered, and altogether deplorable men from Britain, the USSR, and America. WWII wasn't like the new Star Wars movies where the evil white empire is taken down by teenage girls leading perfectly diverse casts into battle.

  10. Sid,

    That'll be one hell of a retconning contortion if they're able to pull it off. To the extent that the changing rhetorical framework has consequences for us, it'll be an improvement. On the other hand, I won't be able to trot out one of my favorite Steve Sailer quotes, that Stalin and Mao killed tens of millions more in the name of equality than Hitler killed in the name of inequality.

    My assumption is that they'll dispense with the historical pretense altogether–they know so little history, in general, that it's an easy move to make–and opt instead for more timeless attacks like "white supremacist".

  11. These days, the term "Nazi" has boiled down to "someone I don't agree with politically." The term has lost all of its power. "Sexist" has become a non-term as well, which is why they prefer to use the term "misogyny" now but even then that doesn't seem to be very powerful. "Racist" has a little bit of bite to it, which is why SJWs love flinging that term around, until it loses all meaning and now they have to find a new term to apply to people they don't like. They're well on their way in this regard.

  12. Take a look at the county map of Proposition 187. It's all college towns and the Bay Area. Of course, Hispanics were largely against it, too, but they were a far smaller portion of the voters then.

    It's mostly elderly and Black people that tend to think China isn't Communist, but Russia is.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    AE – "Single White Women Are A Civilizational-Scale Shit Test" – this guy doesn't seem to be aware that the number one predictor of women remaining single is obesity. This is odd because a cursory purview of his (satirical?) site shows him stating that he has noticed women getting married tend to be thin. The corollary doesn't appear to have occurred to him. Men aren't trying to marry the obese single women. As I pointed out, normal weight American women have above replacement fertility. The highly education women of normal weight have even higher fertility. We have a biological problem, there is no "Civlilzational-Scale Shit Test" (there must be a reference in there, I seem to be getting more and more alienated from popular culture over time):

  14. Pithom,

    Jolting to see southern California so uniformly in favor. How things have changed in just a couple short decades.


    Heartiste is well aware of the problems presented by fat women. Check out the first four results for a flavor here.

  15. Feryl says: • Website


    The past 20-30 years of the shit-lib tide really caught the Western US in it's undertow. The average native-born blue collar or middle class 1980's Californian would be astonished at how cucked the West Coast now is. Gen X and especially Millenials Out West are beyond hope; bye-bye. Post-1992 culture has beaten the stuffing out of the heartland, and no-where has this smug attitude been more popular than among younger people on the Left coast. I understand that in striver filled urban areas/college towns all over the country, people have become assholes. Still, people Out West seem the most haughty.

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