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S. 1639 Goes Down 46-53
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If ever there has been a time in recent politics that a self-congralutory pat on the back is merited by the citizenry of the US, today is that day. Collectively, we fought the establishment forces–big business, big politics, and big religion–pushing for a pliable population of menials to labor for low wages subsidized by the net taxpayer, vote for a larger and more intrusive government, and to become members of an antiquated institution, respectively.

Not only did we fight, we won. Through an indefatigable campaign of phoning, faxing, and writing, we averted a demographic disaster that would’ve made southern California a sure harbinger of what would soon befall the rest of the nation: Dismal educational performance, public bankruptcy, an increasingly squeezed middle class unable to afford housing and so less likely to start new families, greater wealth inequality, strained social services, lowered levels of trust among members of their respective communities, dirtier roads and skies, urban sprawl, ad infinitum.

Praise is also due to the 114 House Republicans who, in showing their opposition to the S1369, took a decisive stand against the Kyl-Kennedy-McCain open borders coalition that sent a clear signal to the upper House that the bill had lots of enemies in the other chamber.

We beat back an offensive onslaught against American sovereignty. But her status remains tenuous. There has to be carry through. The GOP Presidential contenders have been presented with a tremendous opportunity to do just that. The approval rating of Congress has dipped to a dismal 25%, while the President has sunken to a Carter-esque 28% (and 15% on immigration). McCain and Brownback are finished. The other hopefuls should, aligned with a House that has sharply rebuked the Bush administration, do everything they can to show they are in opposition to the failed national leadership of their party.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
• Tags: Immigration, Politics 
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  1. Good points, and not to nitpick but the bill number was 1639. You also did this on a previous post.

    Btw, I just used your eating paint chips vs. blowing $$ at a casino analogy in an argument with someone to put immigration vs. Iraq into an economic context. So thanks.

  2. Oops, a bout of dyslexia. I fixed the references.

    Correcting an error isn't nitpicking, it's helpful and very much appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations, with special mention for those bloggers who facilitated
    the sending of messages to Senators.
    The whole business hinged on speed and obscurity, and unresponsiveness and low alertness on the part of the public.
    The senate cannot move as fast as the internet, even when they try to move with unprecedented speed.

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