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In Germany, the apprehension caused by the Danish cartoons is being put to rest:

In light of the Muhammad cartoon scandal in 2006, carnival jokesters in Germany went easy on Islam. This year, Muslim satire will return to at least one parade.

Polemical, provocative and striking — such is the nature of carnival parades in Germany. Last year, when 43-year-old Jacques Tilly was thinking of how to address the plight of women in Muslim countries, he followed his satirist’s instinct. The float he designed? Four Muslim women in a row, each more covered than the last. At the end, a woman tied inside a large trash bag.

Check out a sampling. It’s some provocative but entertaining stuff. The pastel colors and cartoonishness make it lighter and less caustic than the mini-movie that got Theo van Gogh butchered in cold blood. That a fuss will be made about the displays, and that it is not at all implausible that they will lead to violence (like poking the beehive you brought into your living room will cause you to be stung), does not suffice as a reason not to go on with them. Even if they’re a little puerile, they represent a basic tenet of Western society that extends as far back as Fifth Century Greece–free thought unencumbered by who it might offend or whose power it might compromise. The sooner intellectual liberals in Europe engage in the battle for free expression, which invariably means clashes with the Islamic enclaves, the better. Time isn’t on the side of native Europeans.

It will be interesting to see how Islamic groups in Europe react, but of greater importance will be the reaction of white Europeans, who’ve been pushed to the right mostly as a consequence of the growing Islamic presence on the continent.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I have been holding my breath waiting for white Europeans to react violently to muslim provocations. Are there no ex Foreign Legion Freikorps types around anymore? What about a group like the OAS? There is no underground movement that attacks muslim targets or mobilizes white fear and anger? When it comes to interreligious/interracial/interethnic violence the Europeans are pros and they have a great tradition of it for over 1,000 years. It seems like the Serbs are the only ones who don't take muslim aggression lying down. Even now they rejected that Kosovo plan. Good for them. They are smart enough to know that nobody is going to do anything to a resurgent Serbian nationalist mov't, especially this country. Maybe Europe is just rotten on the inside inside like an old tree or a pumpkin 3 weeks after Halloween. You would think that students who riot over stipends would go nuts over muslim behavior in France. Please someone correct me, but I had always thought that any danger to the patrie was meet with swift and sure violence. I really expect better of the Europeans.
    I am still holding out hope for them though. Maybe there will be a final straw that ignites the whole place into an orgy of violence, urban combat, terror, deportations and massacres. Unfortunately, it seems that that will be the only way to solve things. Until the Europeans implement rules 5.56 or 7.62, the muslims will keep up the jihad.

  2. The modern state is vicious with regard to native European (white) violence. They come down hard and fast and are willing to use all sorts of tactics such as agent provocateurs, informants, etc.

    Witness the actions against the BNP, which is clearly just a peaceful political organization.

    Not to mention there are many violent leftist groups that are just itching for a chance to hunt down some "fascists", and these leftist groups would be punished only lightly if at all.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    No doubt that the modern Eurpoean state persecutes the right. I am just kind of hoping for a situation in which the average, white guy and gal will take to the streets in mass protest and/or violence against muslims, burning mosques, etc… Maybe I am wrong, but isn't there a good amount of right-wing sentiment among cops, the military etc in Europe? I can't imagine the CRS or any European police department, if given the right conditions wouldn't have a field day fighting the muslims for a little payback. After all, they have been taking it on the chin from those savages for a while. There would be a chance to beat and shoot back, and extract some revenge. Think of the Chicago demonstration in 1968 or the hardhats in NYC. How about a cabal of officers like in the Algieria crisis? The Beer Hall putsch failed, but it was a significant moment for the Nazi party. A parade would be a perfect opportunity for white Europeans to engage in a little counter terror of their own. Just pull out Mao's Red Book for a little guidance. Just because it was put together and used by commie scum doesn't mean its no good.

  4. Europeans have let their military crumble to dust–they have virtually no former soldiers to bring a common survival sense to the people. Europeans aim for a civil service job, or a job in academia–the dirty work can be done by immigrants from the south and east. The Americans will always protect them, right?

    University professors, journalists, intellectuals, politicians and civil servants–these are typically leftists because no real-world competence is required. As long as they can preach to the choir well enough to achieve tenure, sinecure is secure. These people will go like sheep, when the rusty knives are drawn.

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