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Rest in Peace, Melanie
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After she died of a heart attack likely brought on from being spooked by a car driven into nearby pedestrians in Charlottesville, Heather Heyer received a nationally televised funeral. The first three youtube results on “Heather Heyer funeral” are videos from PBS, ABC, and Fox News. Donald Trump praised her (for what, exactly, is anybody’s guess–what happened to the Trump who insinuated that suffering is not synonymous with heroism?) and virtue-signalers across the country beat their breasts in a week of mourning.

On Thursday, Melanie Smith was laid to rest. She was shot in the back while walking through the parking lot of her church outside Nashville. As she lay wounded, the Sudanese immigrant who pulled the trigger walked over to where she lay bleeding. He stood over her and then shot her again in the face, this time fatally. The mother of a 12 year-old son and 19 year-old daughter was killed in the same way a stray dog might have been in–to name a random country–Sudan.

Neither her funeral nor the vigil preceding it appear to have been covered by the local media, let alone national outlets. The first three youtube results on “Melanie Smith funeral” are of an unrelated family’s funeral from four years ago, a three-song playlist uploaded in 2011, and a clip of some woman–definitely not our Melanie Smith–in Mexico City.

To say she has already left the national consciousness would be to pretend that she was ever permitted into it in the first place.

Between the late Heather Heyer and the next Heather Heyer, there’ll be countless Melanie Smiths, forsaken victims fed unceremoniously to the god Moloch transPOCgoddess Diversity.

Who? Whom? Answer these questions to discover which one deserved to die
Who? Whom? Answer these questions to discover which one deserved to die

The reactions–or lack thereof–to these incidents are drearily predictable. They are, that is, until suddenly they are not. That time draws nearer by the day.

Never forget how much they hate you:

A quintessentially American photo showing everything that is wrong with America
A quintessentially American photo showing everything that is wrong with America
(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Two sentiments from opposite place resonate with me this morning:

    “if he wants to stand alone he can play alone.”

    ( )


    “Between the late Heather Heyer and the next Heather Heyer, there'll be countless Melanie Smiths”

    Well said.

  2. It cannot be over-emphasized what you have called the sins of omission. That is linchpin that holds the Narrative together. Look the world is a big place. Discretion allows whatever fits to be shown. Whatever does not is not. This is much more powerful than #FakeNews making things up.

    This is why we must not forget Melanie. This one or all the others.

  3. Unknown,

    Vox's post is a good window into why, even though most NFL owners and white players are Republicans, they're cowed into silence. Standing up–figuratively and literally–to black players is bad for their careers and their health.

    The solution? Burn the whole thing down. Don't give a dime or a moment of your time to these mercenary savages.


    Great point. When just 1 in 1,000 gets reported on, it's easy to make the rare occurrences appear regular and the regular occurrences appear rare. Or at least it was until alternatives began sprouting up everywhere. Three cheers for the internet.


    Who-whom-ism is great in text. It's a mouthful to say, though.

  4. Even the "truecon" media missed the boat on reporting this entirely. Rush Limbaugh spent the last week blubbering about football rather than this event. Fox News barely had anything either. At this point, the truecons have implicit permission by the MAGA hat wearing shitlords to start reporting more on white issues…but they aren't. More evidence that they aren't going to be on our side in a theoretical SHTF moment.

  5. A lot of the outrage from the media at white people doing bad things while at the same time ignoring the same or worse from people of color comes from a gut level knowledge that not everyone shares the same level of moral agency. And to be honest, on net I don't really disagree with that sentiment.

  6. @Audacious Epigone

    "Never forget how much they hate you"

    you're true words pretty much sums it all up

    traitors first

  7. Random Dude,

    Yes, though as you pointed out in the other thread wrt to the DS post, the football kneelers is looking like it really could become a watershed moment in American politics and culture, so it's understandable.

    Still stupid, especially if they gave any time to covering tax reform, which none of their listeners/readers give a shit about.


    Agree. But that means rather than just being ignorant, their actually mendacious. That's worse, and the ultimate consequences are worse.

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