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Republican Men Are the Most Politically Informed
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Despite not trusting the media they get their news from, Republicans are more informed about current events than Democrats are. The latest evidence comes from the most recent installment of Pew’s News IQ series of quizzes given to a random sample of adults in the US. Of the 12 questions posed, Republicans fared better on 11 of them, the lone exception having to do with allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the US. That’s just as well, since the future of the Republican party is in no way tied to the nation’s immigration policies!

In similarly ho hum news, women are more ignorant of current events than men are. Men fared better on 11 of the 12 questions, while the sexes were dead even on the question about abortion. The ‘war on women’ rhetoric aside, gals are as pro-life as guys are, if not more so. Whatever their opinions, women tend to care more about the abortion issue than men do, though. According to the GSS, 36.6% of women describe themselves as “very concerned” about the abortion question while 26.1% of men do. They would be more visceral about it–their bodies and all that.

GSS variables used: ABCARE, SEX

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• Tags: Age, GSS, Media Bias, Politics, Sex 
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  1. LOL, Native European here; I answered all 11 questions correctly.

    And I have never been on the American continent.

  2. Few observations:

    What the heck with the House Republicans and Chief Justice Roberts? Large majorities of the public, across the demos, don't know about them. (More people know that Romney worked for an LBO firm.) 29 percent of Democrats do not know that the GOP has a House majority; guess they won't be fired up this November to change it. But, ****, half the Republicans don't know either; maybe they will be fired up to gain a majority that they do not realize that they already have.

    42 percent of voters in states won by McCain do not know that McCain won their states. Given the weakness of the McCain-Palin ticket, almost all the states in its column were Republican bastions — none of them supporting a Democrat since at least 1996, others not since 1976, and still others not since 1964 (before many 2008 voters were even born). Chalk it up to the large low-IQ NAM populations in many McCain states?

    The only question in which the Yoof bested (barely) the Fuddy-Duddies was about gay marriage. Figures.

    2 of 5 Republicans won't say that Romney is pro-life. Hehehe. Almost half of Democrats don't realize Romney's nominal position on that issue, either; don't they know that there's a war on women going on?

  3. Thanks, Noah. In the past when I've done posts on Pew's News IQ series, I've remarked that, among other things, they should provide us–those who read this site and others like it–how relatively yet staggeringly uninformed the general population is.

  4. I failed one of the easiest questions for the general public (amnesty), by answering "both". Pretty sure that my answer was actually correct:

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