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Rejecting the CultMarx Framework
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Reuters-Ipsos recently released the results of a poll asking participants how allegations of sexual harassment would impact their senatorial voting behaviors. The following graph shows responses by selected demographic characteristics. Residual responses are “don’t know” (N = 3,959):

Note the question does not indicate necessary credibility in the accusations, let alone proof of their veracity. A mere accusation is enough to have more than two-thirds of the population backing their support off as a result. Democracy will lead to the end of history, alright, just not in the way we may have had in mind!

The left set this current moral panic into motion. The chickens are now coming home to roost. To mix more metaphors, Jim Goad aptly calls the shrikes pushing #MeToo “the new church ladies“. To be a modern leftist is to spend all of your time and energy saying “that is NOT okay”.

Well Republicans, principles or interests, then? Take the principled stand, fail to employ a tactic your opponents are more vulnerable to than you are, nobly refuse to roll around in the mud, and return to the losing ways the Stupid Party is comfortable with? Or exploit the opportunity to send half your political opponents heading for the hills, win a congressional supermajority, repatriate all non-citizens living in the country, and instate a decades-long moratorium on immigration?

Trump-voting white men under the age of forty–also known as the alt right*–realize playing the cultMarx game is a losing proposition. We’re not going along with the Narrative anymore. Does that cause the snowflakes to melt? ZFG.

Are these MAGAmen trolling the pollsters, expressing a sincere intention to fight back against the hysteria by rewarding those the Cathedral deems to be in need of punishment, or both? Either way, it’s encouraging to see. We will not be replaced.

* It’s worth noting that the sub-sample is only 149, necessitating the fairly wide age ranges shown

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Accusations against Republican candidates are well publicized by the MSM. Accusations against Democratic candidates are … not so much. And if they are mentioned the word alleged is prominent in the coverage and the candidate's party is usually not mentioned.

  2. This will eventually change. It's too tempting for Democrats and the GOPe to use it against people they don't like but are innocent. Same goes for jilted women who want payback. It's a lot like "campus rape culture" which went from a boogeyman to a laughing stock in less than five years. Feminists don't know when or how to pump the brakes.

  3. Dissident Right,


    Hank Archer,

    They're susceptible to eating their own, though. The last few months have shown that pretty convincingly.

    Random Dude,

    Yeah, there's probably a shelf life on the effectiveness of shoddy accusations that collapse under a bit of scrutiny (like the yearbook forgery in Alabama).

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