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Piling on Sanford the Non-Restrictionist
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The biggest reason I was never able to share Jack Hunter’s enthusiasm for Governor Sanford has been his poor legislative history on immigration (from a restrictionist’s point of view)–Americans for Better Immigration, an outfit of NumbersUSA that issues grade cards for House and Senate members, assigns him an underwhelming ‘D+’ for his six years as a Congressional representative out of South Carolina. Nationwide, Republicans average a ‘B’, Democrats a ‘D’.

Since his pillorying, it has been revealed that he has known his mistress for eight years, and it is not implausible to assume that he may have had other “exotic” Latin American love interests in the past. Might a personal affection for Latina women influence his position on immigration into the US? Perhaps one of those previous hookups is an ardent supporter of open migration for Latin Americans wanting to head northward?

Speculating on personal motivations of people I know little about does not mesh with the spirit of empirical inquiry I strive to stick to, but it does serve as a thought experiment in how immoral actions can conceivably force stewards into compromising their fidelity to those for whom they are putatively acting in the best interests of.

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  1. Based on a third-degree source*, Sanford's dabbling in extramarital affairs was a common occurrence and included Europe within its scope in addition to South America. This does not surprise me too much – I suspect that those who cheat only once with one woman are in the minority among unfaithful husbands. For example, Bill Clinton admitted to one affair but almost certainly had dozens of others.

    I don't know about any Latina fetish, but as Half Sigma pointed out, Sanford is culturally more of the North. He may have absorbed a relaxed attitude towards immigration from the circle of friends he kept.

    *Friend of mine whose uncle is well-connected in South Carolina politics and warned him against Sanford as a VP candidate back in 2007.

  2. Where I live (Boston), we just had a mayoral race. I had always been a fan of the incumbent, until I heard him on a radio show this week. He sounded very smug, and when asked only mildly pressing questions, he immediately went into his stump speech. The interviewer re-asked the question and asked the mayor to stay on topic. Again, the mayor changed topics and stumped on something else. Defeated, the interviewer moved on. That single exchange swayed my vote, yet if he had been in an extra-marital affair, I doubt it would have mattered to me. It is interesting how certain issues can polarize us like this.

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