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Overwhelming Majority Say Illegal Immigration Is a Threat
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Over the last several months the Democrats have quietly put into place a winning electoral–running moderate white men. Those moderate white men in Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania sound nothing like their colleagues in California.

Celebrating the dispossession of white Americans by illegal alien invaders comes naturally to someone like Kevin de Leon, who cut his political teeth as a community organizer organizing against Proposition 187, the judicial snuffing out of which sealed California’s fate as majority non-white and thus forever blue.

It’s an acquired taste for guys like Northam, Jones, and Lamb, though. Inexplicably, Jones and Lamb were able to avoid saying just about anything at all about immigration, and Northam only had to fend off a couple hail mary immigration ads by bugman Gillespie, whose heart was never in it anyway.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll conducted last Fall–one that unsurprisingly never made the site’s topline–provides the GOP with some very low-hanging fruit to pick ahead of the 2018 mid-terms. The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, by selected demographic characteristics, who think illegal immigration either poses “no threat” or a “minimal threat” to the United States (N = 2,383; other possible responses were a “moderate threat”, a “serious threat”, and an “imminent “threat; “not sure” responses are excluded):

Republicans, ask your opponents exactly this–“Do you think illegal immigration is a threat to our country?”

Demand an answer. Outside of California, it’s a devastating no-win question for Democrats to face. The invaders will tear Nancy Pelosi to pieces for not displaying sufficient zealotry in her desire to throw the doors open to all the beautiful brown skins and brown eyes in Latin America. How will these same invaders react to a pale white male who says their invasion is a threat? DACA, which would be dead now if not for the country’s treasonous judiciary, contained the answer.

Our champions have flipped out over Trump appearing set to give the game away on multiple fronts–the biggest ones being immigration and guns. In both cases, Trump will end up doing the right thing.

Playing the role our champions have to keep him honest–and also to allow the tactical gambit to work–is laudable, but perhaps we can be more sanguine about these instances. Trump knows elected Democrats cannot go along with him on anything at all without their non-white base going berserk. The more accommodating and reasonable the president appears–while praetorian prefect Stephen Miller guides actual policy decisions–the more appealing Trumpism becomes to white independents and Democrats.

Everything is downstream of immigration. Not only is it the only issue that really matters, though, it’s also a populist one where the optics favor Republicans. That the Stupid Party doesn’t make every election about it–like, say, Donald Trump did–is why they continue to earn their Stupid Party moniker.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. If S. Miller was the strategist for every Republican, I can't see too many lost races for these candidates. Miller "did something" by first ingratiating himself with the biggest immigration hawk among higher level Republicans, Jeff Sessions. But there are hardly any Republican pols who focus that much on tough immigration policies at all, let alone treat it like a dominant issue as most liberals and all new conservatives do.

    The good news is that Miller isn't going anywhere. The only drawback to his character and history is some un-PC stuff from his college days, esp. Dickie Spencer coincidentally attending Duke at the same time. But the New Right doesn't care, and there's nothing illegal or sleazy about Miller's past. Miller is no fool, and if he can persuade some wealthy donors to support him, he ought to be able to make run for higher office eventually. Miller is an 80's birth who represents the GOP's future. It may take a while to finally dislodge the corruption and naivete of cuck Boomers and X-ers who are still living in Ferris Bueller's America, but it will eventually happen. Esp. when under 40 voters, even the conservative ones, overwhelmingly do not give a damn about standard issue cuck positions that have been fading from mass appeal for several decades.

  2. It looks like GOP success from 2010-Trump's election was mistaken for widespread acceptance of Reagan-Bush ideology, when in reality still electorally dominant white Boomers were disgusted by Obama era cultural trends as well as the lack of reining in the banks, lack of true healthcare reform, and inability to stop stupid wars. Even Nixon and Reagan didn't do as much warmongering as Obama did. White voters want a fair shake and they want real reforms, and until either party can commit to such things we're going to see each of the parties trade power cyclically. That really is how it's always been, but what demarcates the Bush-Obama-Trump era from say, the McKinley-Clinton era, is how resolutely stubborn both parties are to doing many things that have mass appeal within the GOP and/or Dem base. Like going after sectors of society (or foreign nations) perceived to be corrupt and excessive. For example:

    1) in the early 1900's, reforming banks, reining in corrupt elites, and stopping ethnic political machines/organized crime
    2) in the mid 1900's Fighting the fascists to avenge Pearl Harbor and protect the world from insane tyrants
    3) in the late 1900's, avoiding war and repealing gov. regulations and labor protections that made it harder to get things done and operate businesses.

    Though each party traded popularity cyclically from circa 1900-2000, in that era Independents and even partisans were frequently willing to complement the other side for the things that they did. That begin to change in the 80's and 90's, due to the influence of Boomers (the most partisan generation since the generation of bozos who gave us the Civil War), but even the 80's and 90's are starting to seem mighty amicable in comparison to the inane and tendentious climate of finger pointing and figurative chest beating and touchdown dances that seems to have been kicked off with the 2000 election brouhaha, in which smug Al Gore's defeat was attributed to Ralph Nader and Katherine Harris by Dems who were largely in denial of how much America was ready to move on from the Clinton era. Fox News jumped on the partisan bandwagon first, giving red meat to legions of GOP Boomers; it took some time but MSNBC decided to be the Left wing Fox News in the 2010's (after supporting Bush's wars in the 2000's), and CNN has lost it's mind by pretending to be objective while being fully anti-Trump after Trump won the GOP nomination in 2016. I heard an older Boomer said that Fox News is responsible for brainwashing people; yeah, sure, it's primarily Boomers who swallow up TV News and legacy media. While younger people can also be partisan goofs they know better than to trust anything "conventional" at a time when conventional stands for the corrupt and sputtering system that the Boomers were handed, who only proceeded to make it even worse.

    Trump absolutely hammering Wall Street with heavy fines, jail sentences, and so forth would make him a hero to many liberals and conservatives. Extreme mischief requires extreme accountability. But right now the dominant lobbying forces in America have a tight grip on nearly all politicians and regulatory agencies, and to change that would require a growing number of brave elites to ignore the advice (and possibly threats) coming from the power centers of our society.

  3. If you've been following the McAbe et al saga, it makes ya wonder how these things were handled in the past. Such a a scandal, if it had happened from circa 1900-1990, would've been resolved by "good actors" trying to make the best of a bad situation. For example, someone with some direct involvement in the sleaze involving the effort to derail Trump should've come forward by now and made a deal with Law Enf./the political establishment to be given immunity in exchange for shedding light and naming names. But now that we're in such a corrupt climate and so many of the people involved are trying to protect every single arrogant elite from any kind of accountability, we can't even get any of the roaches into the light….Not without going to great legal and financial lengths, and dragging so many people along as they kick and scream like the eternal 2 year olds that so many modern elites seem to be.

    I've seen the present (and perhaps, the future) and it's the boots worn by bitchface Bezos's stomping on the now skeletal face of the WW2 generation forever while deluding themselves that Millennials and Gen Z will never pose a threat to the power elite from whom the younger generations are estranged. Oh, and Gen X will never get off the bench and lead younger generation's to an overdue victory. Never gonna happen, right?This is America, we don't do revolutions by threatened or actual force.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "This is America, we don't do revolutions by threatened or actual force."

    America is by far the most suburban culture ever created, entirely artificially. Revolutions as far as we know them require streets for marching. If someone figures out how to revolutionize the sprawl, he will be the great leader of this century.

    By the way, the cold warriors turned out to be neocon cucks and the social conservatives like Pat Buchanan were just far too ahead of their time. Even the wimps complaining about the violent video games like Doom were eventually right, except becoming desensitized to violence turns you into a millennial soy boy instead of a thug.

    It's hard to know who's right and who isn't at a given moment. This is why people turn to tradition.

  5. Of course illegal imminvasion is a threat to what's left of what used to be our country, but so too is immigration a threat: they're the two horns of the same devil.

  6. Oops, in my earlier comment I omitted "legal" before "immigration."

  7. all the Dissident Right pundits call the GOP the stupid party…uh, no…the GOP politicians do not use immigration to win because that would hurt them in the wallet…supporting their white base on immigration would cost those GOP politicians millions…you see, there are a lot of rich people who cut the GOP politicians in on sweetheart contracts, IPOs, all sort of insider trading (which is not illegal)…this is how these congressmen get rich..and these rich people that make the congressmen rich, they like immigration…because immigration grows the supply of worker-consumers and thus props up the ponzi economy, which is 80% consumer demand…..that lets those rich people keep getting rich…and as long as the GOP refuses to use immigration as a political tool, those rich people will keep making the GOP politicians rich…

    the GOP politicians want you to think they are stupid…better that than you know the truth–that they are smart scammers who only pretend to be stupid…

    the real question is why all these Dissident Right bloggers play along with this little facade…

  8. I am genuinely frustrated by how the GOP could easily win a super majority in the Senate if they made immigration their big theme and ran against it. Instead, they're running on, ehh, I don't know? And because of that, they will be playing defense on the House. Just pathetic.

    Granted, Nancy Pelosi will find a way to make the Democrats even more unappealing, so the results will probably be a wash for everyone. It's just so frustrating how the Republicans never man up and set the road on fire the way Trump proved they could.

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well, first off, congrats to the Evil Party for running a former member of the US Marine Corps with a WASP name against a member of the Stupid Party whose name immediately makes people think about RICO. Very clever, Dems.

    I totally agree with the arguments in here re: immigration. Trouble is, I see no evidence that the Republicans either understand this or are prepared to act upon it come these midterms.

    Instead, I see a massive Dem wave sweeping in, putting any immigration reform in mortal peril.

    Would love to be proved wrong.

  10. ChanChanRight:

    Short term Vs Long term gains. The GOP crooks can't go on like this forever. Both parties are threatening to create the conditions for a revolt, possibly sparked by a populist who, unlike Trump, doesn't give a damn about playing nice with elites (no matter Trump's rhetoric, in his actions he's gone easy on generals, CEOs, etc.; a real populist would've punished these idiots with fines and even jail sentences). Sanders or Kamala Harris could go down this route; I don't see anyone under the GOP banner who will run anytime soon and lay down the hammer. Besides, these kinds of populist uprisings almost always happen on the Left; on the Right, military coups and police states are more common (and Trump has essentially been couped by the Pentagon, after he promised to rein them in). The Dems under FDR reined in elites and the GOP saw the writing on the wall and knocked off the welfare to the wealthy to some degree

    The DLC Left and TradRight are done. Under 40 voters will eventually get some kind of sweeping changes to society and government, it's just a question of how bitterly the corporate whores on either side will protest and resist the change.

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If enough Whites in States where there are third party options to the right of Republicans would vote for that third party,even if it's a write- in, then we could send a message to Republicans,
    "Look after our interest, or we'll find a party that will."
    I know it might hand the election
    to the Democrats, but let's face it,the Republicans are only marginally better anyway.
    There like worn out brake pads on an runaway truck, there only slightly slowing the Leftist juggernaut,so their winning makes little difference.
    If the Whites who voted for Trump because of his Nationalist, Populist agenda would, not stay at home on election day, but would shift their support to the Right,I believe we could possibly rip the party away from the Neocons,or at the very least seize to be their stairway to power.
    They walk up us, then forget us.

  12. Feryl,

    If you've been following the McAbe et al saga, it makes ya wonder how these things were handled in the past

    If internet technology in 2003 was what it was in 2016, could the Iraq War have even happened? I'm not sure that it could have. And of course the further back in time we go back from there with the hypothetical/counterfactual existence of today's communications technology, the more unlikely it becomes that things would've been able to play out as they did.


    There's a particularly smart person I know who is fond of saying the US has yet to "have its Sulla, but it will".

    Dovetails nicely with your observation about tradition (Sulla was an arch-conservative) and that figuring out how to get suburban America into a revolutionary frame of mind will create the century's great leader.

    Auntie Analogue,

    Exactly right. Realistically, though, we probably have to stop illegal immigration before legal immigration will be seriously curtailed. Fight both in whatever capacity we're able to.


    The short answer, I think, is because we don't see many other pragmatic options. There are aspiring politicians out there, those without deep pockets (David Brat is the most salient example that comes to mind), who will be able to pick the issue and win with it.

  13. Sid,

    It's a slow process, but the signs are happening that it's there. All the Rs who are not running for re-election who would otherwise be expected to do so are open borders cucks. The only immigration patriots leaving congress, like Mike Pompeo and of course Jeff Sessions, have done so because they've been pulled into the Trump administration.


    That's the right (heh) mindset. It was mine in 2016 had the nomination been withheld from Trump.

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