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Why such a visceral, vitriolic response to the sport killing of “Cecil the lion”?

Hunting is an activity almost exclusively engaged in by the wrong kind of white people. It consequently provides an ideal opportunity to open the floodgates of disdain to allow contempt to flow without inhibition.

Many other SWPL positions indicative of putative moral superiority over the wrong kind of whites quite inconveniently insinuate (by association, never explicitly) superiority over many of the non-SWPL groups that together form the coalition of the fringes. Abortion, same-sex marriage, corporal punishment, environmentalism, and the like find SWPLs on one side lined up against the wrong kind of white people and NAMs on the other.

This isn’t the case when it comes to hunting. It’s a rural, conservative, religious, white, working-class, male thing. Buckshot can be fired all day at hunters without risk of accidentally hitting a protected creature in the process.

The following table shows the percentages of various demographic groups who hunt. The list is meant to be illustrative rather than exhaustive. For contemporary relevance, all responses come from the most recent decade of the GSS:

Group % who hunt
Rural, working-class, church-attending, conservative white men 54.6
Blacks and Hispanics 5.5
Big city liberal whites 4.1
Women 4.7
Homosexuals 7.5
Atheists and agnostics 13.0
Self-described members of the upper class 11.7
Self-described members of the lower class 8.2

Tangentially, this isn’t commentary on the specific trophy hunting expedition in question, something that strikes me as cruel and pathetic. It’s not difficult to kill an old lion lured away from a pride with a projectile propelled by 21st century technology. Knocking out 20 pull ups with a weight vest on is a much more physically difficult feat. Travelling around the world to poach an essentially defenseless creature is an act of vain conspicuous consumption, not a display of personal valor. It doesn’t take skill, it just takes time and money to burn. It is quite different from hunting herbivores for the sake of eating.

GSS variables used: YEAR(2004-2014), RACECEN1(1)(2,15-16), RES16(1-2,6), SEX, ATTEND(4-8), POLVIEWS(1-2)(5-6), GOD(1-2), SEXORNT(1), CLASS(1)(2)(4), HUNT(1,3)(2,4)

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Because lions are rare and endangered, of course. Same with giraffes and elephants. Nobody cares how many wildebeast or cape buffalo you take down. People are crazy, but not as crazy as all that.

  2. Death threats for hunting an old animal on the other side of the world on a continent full of people who do the same thing? Unhinged.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    I can't speak for other people in my SWPL community; I can only speak for myself on this issue. Yes, I do shame people of all races and social backgrounds for killing endangered species and trafficking in body parts of those species. There was an East Asian professor who got arrested earlier this year for trafficking in endangered animal body parts. I openly shamed him in front of my friends because I believe that Colored people should face the same social consequences as Whites when they behave out of line. I openly root for the demise of Black and South East Asian poachers who kill endangered species for profit.

    As for Whites who behave badly, Walter Palmer was a dentist; Jan Seski was a gynaecologist. These men most likely did not grow up in prole backgrounds. I'm not shaming them for destroying endangered species AND I'm shaming them for not behaving according to their social class. I hold upper middle class White Americans to a high standard because I have to – these people are my community. Whereas Blacks/Hispanics/White proles behave badly and I don't have to look at them every day, I can't easily get away from high class Whites. Everybody SHOULD socially police the members of their own racial and social class group.

    Things that upper middle class White Americans shouldn't do: become fat, get divorced, have children out of wedlock, hunt endangered animals (non-endangered animals are fine), own or traffic in endangered animal body parts, wear trashy clothing, give their kids prole sounding names, drop out of university, get arrested, have criminal records.

    Notice that both Palmer and Seski had criminal convictions. Palmer was convicted back in 2008 for lying to the FBI. Seski was convicted of using illegal cancer treatments. It disgusts me that these two upper middle class, educated, high income men would live like this. It disgusts me even further that these two men could afford to be my neighbors.

  4. It's just a symptom of anarcho-tyranny.

    In our stalinist (for upper middle class white) culture, you are NOT allowed to hate: Gays, minorities, the disabled, veterans, women, immigrants, poor people, drug users, sluts, and so on.

    So when there IS a chance to spew your vicious hate at someone it FLOWS forth like Niagara Falls.

    I could give a fuck less about the lion. Actually, I think that by hunting big game, you provide financial incentive for conservation of the species. People who hunt animals are people invested in keeping those animals around to hunt.

    How many millions of cow get killed every year, and no one cares about them? They live their entire lives suffering, but nobody gives a shit because there is no bandwagon. People eat meat, but "hunting is icky and ewwwey and only gross white rednecks hunt."

    It's pathetic to me, and I'm not even a hunter.

  5. There's so much to say on this matter (and I have said, lately via a lot of memes). But, quite relevant:

    The Rise of Universalism | JayMan's Blog

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Of course you are allowed to hate those people. It's just that you will lose social status if you do so. If you want to be downgraded to White Prole, you have the freedom to do so. Nobody automatically gets and keeps respect. Respect must be earned and maintained. If you're saying that you want to openly hate various groups of people and still be entitled to respect and friendship from most upper middle class White Americans, you're being an entitlement prince.

    Oh and btw, drug addicts and some promiscuous women are openly scorned by the upper middle class.

  7. "… projectile propelled by 21st century technology." An arrow? Not that many ft lbs, no matter the 'technology'.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A native of Zimbabwe had a column in the New York Times yesterday explaining how his reaction to the killing of Cecil was joy and talking about how lions were objects of terror in his village.

    A common response in the comments was that he and his family and fellow villagers should not be living in the lion's territory.

    So it seems SJWs dislike all rural people, American and African, black and white.

  9. Anon8:32,

    Thoughtful, reasonable justification for your sentiments, thanks for articulating them.

    It's how vociferous, and for a few days also ubiquitous, the reaction was that is what makes this story remarkable to me though, and jjbees gets at why. Did you, for instance, have as strong or stronger a reaction to the blood libel against Darren Wilson in Ferguson as you do to these trophy hunting episodes? It seems like the destruction of an innocent man's life in your own country would be orders of magnitude more important than the fate of a wild animal an ocean away.


    Modern compound hunting bows are quite different from the things American Indians hunted with.

  10. The first link points to an image of a skyline.

  11. Dan,

    Take a second, closer look!

  12. "Hunting is an activity almost exclusively engaged in by the wrong kind of white people."

    Uh, what?

    People all over the world have always hunted all kinds of stuff and still do. The only reasons Africans don't hunt more is that it is easier to just live off handouts. Those wildlife preserves in Africa are to protect the the animals from Africans, not lower class whites. Also, Australian aboriginals and Mongolians and Polynesians and Native Americans and, and, and, and, and freaking everyone on the planet hunted animals.

    It is not a white thing.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "I hold upper middle class White Americans to a high standard because I have to – these people are my community."

    There you have it folks.

    Ain't nothing much more racist than SWPL upper class wannabees.

    White people should do better because they can!

    All those other races are constrained by their biology and have to be boorish losers.

    I mean, really, that is what he's saying.

  14. So fucking what, Anon? Show me why not. Fuck you and your attempts to shame with "racist". Put up, or shut the fuck up.

    Non-Ethnic Millenial/ Gen X

  15. Silly girl,

    Hah, yes, the post only refers to the contemporary practice of hunting in the US, not to its essential and almost ubiquitous role in the history of humanity!

  16. corporal punishment.

    not corporeal punishment.

    —jorge videla

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