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On Proposition 8 Being Struck Down
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As if you were interested, my reaction to the morally haughty, celebratory spurt of facebook posts from SWPL friends that have cropped up over the course of the last week in response to the US court of appeals in San Francisco’s striking down of proposition 8 follows.

Personally, I’m not moved one way or the other on the question of same-sex marriage. The way it’s being progressively (heh) shoved down the throats of a generally oppositional but increasingly browbeaten and apathetic public, however, really rubs me the wrong way. Yes, I know the little zinger about blacks and civil rights is tawdry. So I have moments of weakness. Give me a break already!

I wish I had attained such a level of moral enlightenment to be able to summarily reject quite literally millenia of moral teachings from, again, quite literally, every civilization great and small in the history of the world, on account of a perspicaciously unique understanding of what constitutes human dignity. Hubristic? Not in the least!

Regarding the hidebound dissenting judge, he probably clings to the antiquated notion of judicial restraint, preferring instead to let the public set the moral parameters of the democracy they live in instead of having them dictated by a federal judiciary.

At least the 9th circuit soldiers on despite being overturned by the SCOTUS more than any other in the country. And why shouldn’t it? The judges were seated in California, after all, the most prosperous, egalitarian, and unified state in the nation. If only the other 49 would follow California’s lead, all of our problems would be solved!

And as far as what the actual voters were thinking, we should narrow our target down to “black voters”, since they backed Prop 8 70%-30%, while whites narrowly rejected it. Of course, blacks don’t know a damn thing about civil rights, so we shouldn’t be surprised by their bigoted intolerance.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Regarding blacks, wasn't Sailer writing last week about how black celebrities seem to be the main focus of the PC police these days (a position they are not used to) as a result of pressure from the gay rights groups.

    I think all arguments against civil gay marriage are destined to ultimately fail under the assumption that marriage is a right for the benefit of persons rather than a privilege for the benefit of society. The general populace can vote their will but they are not going to win over the courts when the debate is framed in these terms.

  2. Yeah, here.

    The general populace can vote their will but they are not going to win over the courts when the debate is framed in these terms.

    Right. And you just described a state of judicial tyranny, incidentally.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Sure you're moved. a bit. Being part of the general problem, yet content to watch the chaos play out, and then make a decision or two. Such is the self-satisfaction of the effortlesly phrased alt-right-reactionary-self-congragulatory-gee isn't it fucking awesome to be a white guy blog (unless of course, you might chance to be an asian guy-I haven't checked-I have to get up to work tomorrow).

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    California, after all, the most prosperous, egalitarian, and unified state in the nation.

    Here's the weird thing, though:

    California proposes and passes pretty conservative ballot initiatives.

    How does that happen?

    Property tax caps Prop 13 in 1978
    -what, they don't want high property taxes?

    No free stuff for illegals Prop 187 in 1994
    -what, they don't want their taxes going to illegals?

    No gay "marriage"
    -what, they don't want to put their stamp of approval on it?

    So, are all the conservatives gerrymandered into districts of 90% conservative and the liberals into districts that are 55% liberal and therefore you have fairly conservative people with wacko liberal legislature?

  5. Anon,

    California's pretty blue in presidential and senatorial elections too, though. I assume it's due to working class whites and NAMs voting against things like same-sex marriage but still always voting reliably Democratic.

  6. Anon,

    What would you prefer me do? And what are you doing?

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