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One of the humorless, vinegar-drinking scolds dripping with supercilious contempt–the people has done what contemporary comedians spend so much time doing. He has looked at something genuinely funny and proclaimed ‘that is NOT okay‘:
normies refer to as “comedians”–

In a truTV documentary The Problem With Apu, comedian Hari Kondabolu argues that the portrayal of Apu, voiced by Hank Azaria, created stereotypes of South Asians that were then picked up and mocked by non-South Asians in wider society.

No, Apu was created based on existing stereotypes of South Asians. These stereotypes exist because they tend to more often be associated with South Asians than with non-South Asians. Heuristics are helpful.

“I don’t hate The Simpsons,” Kondabolu explained in the documentary. “In fact, I have always loved The Simpsons. It’s one of the main reasons that I knew you could be smart and funny and political at the same time… I know Apu is one of the smartest characters on The Simpsons, granted that the bar isn’t set very high, but that’s not why people liked him. They just liked his accent.

“I never heard anyone say they liked Apu because he exposed the idiocy and bigotry of Americans and the struggles of the average immigrant. No, it was just ‘I love Apu. That voice is hilarious.'”

It’s almost as if the South Asian Kondabolu enjoys The Simpsons because its marquee South Asian is one of the shows most exemplary characters, just as Kondabolu imagines himself to be. But he also despises the show because that exemplary South Asian character, Apu, does not share Kondabolu’s hatred of and disdain for middle Americans. The cognitive dissonance is painful. Can Apu really be a stand-up guy if he doesn’t hate whitey? What other indication of morality is there anymore?

In the occasional episodes I’ve seen over the last few years, it appears that the running gag about Smithers unrequited gay love for Mr. Burns has been long since retired.

In the basement I have one of the series’ most famous posters, one people familiar with the series will instantly recognize. During its golden age, the show wonderfully lampooned 1990s suburban America. I’m always struck by how white and male the cast is.

Even a generation ago, that was the only way to do it. Want to have people do a lot of irrational, superstitious, stupid stuff? Better make the vast majority of them white men if you don’t want to face excommunication by the cultMarx clerisy.

This is why the left will lose the new culture war. Comedy is integral to culture and SJWs are incapable of it. An especially salient illustration of as much followed Trump’s alleged “shithole countries” quip. It was the remark that melted a million mudflakes:

The late night lineup of CultMarx-approved comedians do not push boundaries, they patrol them. For now.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Left-comics have it easy, lots of bumbling boomercons that can be easily mocked.

    Remember this,

  2. Yet another set of DVDs I have to buy before they start scrubbing more content from episodes or just not air them altogether.

  3. BTW, I have no clue where it is but I know I did post before on ethnic neuroticism.

    Long story longer, here I'll try and approximate it.

    Highly neurotic ethnic groups are the least comfortable being in their own skin, and as such, take greater offense to racial stereotypes esp. as delivered by other ethnic groups..

    Semitic people are the most prone to taking offense, and have cultures revolving around personal/family/tribal responses to insults. There's a "beserk" type thing (perhaps related to the jealousy belt?) that seems to peak in the Mid-East and North Africa, then gradually diminishes to varying degrees as you get further away. Even Sub-Saharan Africans engage in playful name calling ("yo momma"). America was a wonderful place for comedy when the population was majority Protestant Christian by a good margin, since we can take a joke. And even the blacks and Mexicans here could take a joke pretty well. Those from the MENA are humorless and irritable, and many Asians aren't much better (with Indians, Central Asians, and South Asians being worse than NE Asians).

    Least neurotic: Hispanics

    Slightly neurotic: Northern Euro Whites

    Moderately neurotic: Southern Euro whites and Sub-Saharan blacks, North Asians

    Very Neurotic: The MENA, South/Western Asians

    The "angry" Arab and even "angry" Asian memes are fairly well-known, while as far as I'm aware I've never heard as single reference to an "angry" Mexican archetype. I'm also reminded of how Jews and Italians in the US have for eons bristled at "stereotypes" whiles Poles, Germans, Scots, etc. don't give a fuck about jokes at their ancestry. It's not to say that Mexicans or Germans can't lose their cool or cause trouble, it's more the nature of the battles they fight (I don't see many Mestizo beaners or Krauts getting bent out of shape about "stereotypes")

  4. This is the Simpsons writer's room in 1992:

    100% white male. According to the commentary for "Lisa the Greek" the shared pastime of the show's writing staff was sports gambling, a la Norm Macdonald. It's not that way anymore.

    You can see Conan in the center and the 6'8" recluse John Swartzwelder in the lower left (he's also standing next to the elephant in AE's poster). Swartzwelder was the staff's only right winger and its best. He was a forerunner to the kind of faux-ultra right humor you see on 4chan and alt-right Twitter:

    Bart Simpson:
    This money's from the Montana Militia. It isn't real.

    Homer Simpson:
    [threateningly] It'll be real soon enough.

  5. Saying that Jews specialize in something, let alone saying that they own or run something, can get your career and repuation derailed. Family guy couldn't do an episode about Peter wishing he had a Jew to help him with money (Shylock, doncha know?), while the Conquistador Rick Sanchez saw his career end when he said that Jews "run the media".

    Meanwhile, many memes at the expense of Muslims have been coined, sometimes inadvertently by the Muslims themselves ("Islam is a religion of peace") due to their aversion to stereotypes. Saying the truth is irresistible to fun loving ethnic groups, esp. when the people at hand are so damn sore about criticism.

    We also see that even complimentary stereotypes are not allowed, and the biggest enforcers of PC are the most neurotic ethnic groups. Jews take much greater offense over the cheerful Mexican meme than Mexicans themselves do, while Jews take extreme offense at suggestions that blacks are naturally extroverted and entertaining vis a vis other ethnic groups (meanwhile, have you ever seen a black person say with any seriousness that they dislike any suggestion that they have warm personalities? Not counting highly elite liberals, of course, who make it their life to PC whine).

  6. what's interesting is that the simpsons came out around 1990 and that, apparently, the stereotype of the south asian convenience store owner was around even back then.

  7. "what's interesting is that the simpsons came out around 1990 and that, apparently, the stereotype of the south asian convenience store owner was around even back then."

    There was a massive wave of (legal) immigration into America from 1987-1992, and many of them got minority business loans/tax breaks. In addition, crime was horrible around 1990 and the thought of being robbed while in a gas station/convenience probably made whites more averse to owning that kind of business (is there any other kind of store that's more likely to be robbed?). These immigrants first started opening up shops in urban and inner suburban areas with marginal reputations, where whites feared to tread. But even in decent areas, crime was still bad enough to dissuade some whites from operating a convenience store.

    These factors seemed to set legal immigrants on a course that they are still on, even after 20 years of declining crime have theoretically reassured whites (who nonetheless still dodge many areas as being too diverse and thus superficially dangerous).

  8. Where the f are the Republicans in Congress as a coup is attempted on their leader. How can a party be this stupid?

  9. All of the commenting here about how Jews can't take a joke and reject stereotype-based humor betrays a very short cultural memory. In a previous generation, blue-collar Jewish comedians were at the forefront of stereotype-based comedy, both making fun of Jews themselves and also of blacks, Puerto Ricans, Poles, and the other ethnicities that were around then. You might even say that Jews basically invented that genre of comedy. Look at the comedy of Jackie Mason, Lenny Bruce, Andrew Dice Clay, Don Rickles, and Mel Brooks, and movies like Blazing Saddles, Kentucky Fried Movie, and Airplane, which all couldn't be made today. Even in 2018 Larry David's comedy is threaded with Jewish self-parody and racial humor to the maximum extent allowed by current mores. Far from chafing at humorous stereotypes, Jewish comedians basically invented them. The people who comment here need to get out more.

  10. Anon,

    Fair enough. Boomercons aren't the political future, though.

    Random Dude,

    The backlash will intensify. There are only so many fun things people do that can be ruined before people start turning on those doing the ruining.


    Didn't know that. Very cool!


    That's a great framework for thinking about this, thanks.


    Probably more true then. It predated the Indian H1B tech visa stereotype, or the Bangalore call center stereotype.


    Hanging out on the margins of the battlefield, waiting for their opportunity to change sides. Isn't that where they always are?


    By no stretch am I a historical student of comedy, but it does seem to be that members of the putatively 'offended' group are the ones who raise the biggest stink (after all, it pays to do so).

    Though in my experience, Hispanics really do tend to love racial/ethnic stereotype jokes, whether they be at their own expense or someone else's.

  11. Same thing happened with Long Duk Dong from "Sixteen Candles." At some point, the NPR crowd decided he was "the saddest stereotype ever in movies" or something of the sort.

    This actually has little to do with stereotypes, characters, or any kind of media. It has everything to do with the superiority complex of the NPR-based modern left.

    These people think of Americans as "the unwashed masses" and believe as soon as people see a stereotype they'll break out the pitchforks. In reality, people have more sophisticated sensibilities.

    People get — on an instinctive level — that Long Duk Dong, Apu, and Newman from "Seinfeld" are more than just stereotypes. They're send-ups of those very stereotypes. Parodies within parodies. That's why they're so funny.

    We all knew exchange students like Long Duk Dong or fat guys like Newman. And yet their stereotypes are so overdone that we can 1). Recognize them and laugh and 2). Also laugh at how ridiculously over-the-top those portrayals are.

    Ask anyone who has tried to write comedy and they'll tell you: Humor isn't simple. But NPR-fed liberals are.

  12. Long Duk Dong…..In the mid 80's there was a big wave of fear about Japan taking over, as well as a backlash towards Asian manufacturer "dumping" practices that hurt American companies (remember folks, as recently as the 1980's many Americans were accustomed to buying a lot of goods not made in Asia). The Reagan admin had to step in and "save" Harley-Davidson at one point. Every now and then in 80's movies you see unflattering and often nerdy depictions of Asians (see also Revenge of the Nerds).

    Sixteen Candles was a John Hughes movies, who made about the most white-ass movies possible. His movies were very un-PC.

    Vacation (1983): Naive Chevy Chase ends up in the ghetto and asks for directions from some bruthas, who give him shit and troll him. The midwestern black ghetto look dystopian.

    Breakfast Club (1985): The white bully character dribbles a basketball and talks in mock-ebonics

    Ferris Bueller (1986): The most visible black character in the movie is one of the two guys who "borrow" the Ferrari for a joyride; the other guy is ambigously "ethnic" (could be Latino, Middle Eastern, or even from a southern Soviet Bloc country)

    Even in Home Alone (which I believe was written and/or produced by Hughes), from 1992, I can't think of a single non-white character. The most ethnic it gets is Daniel Stern, a Jew.

  13. I’m one who is especially qualified to comment on this subject. I think you know and respect my Simpsons qualifications.

    Sadly, all of this was to be expected. It’s funny to watch episodes from the 90’s glory years of the show and see all of the humor that wouldn’t be acceptable anymore.

    The episode with John (voiced by John Waters) is my favorite. It’s brilliant comedy. No way that would be acceptable anymore.

    The Bumblebee Man wouldn’t be acceptable anymore.

    You mentioned how they’ve completely changed Smithers as a character.

    I was watching an episode just yesterday from the mid-90’s. Homer and Marge knew Marge was pregnant with Lisa. They were discussing what to do, since their apartment was too small. The conversation goes like this:

    Homer-The baby will have Bart’s room. Bart will sleep in bed with us until he’s 21.

    Marge-We can’t do that.

    Homer-My cousin Frank did.

    Marge-You don’t have a cousin Frank.

    Homer-He’s Francine now.

    That joke would be transphobic now as it implies there is something wrong with trans people.

    I figured humor would get funnier over time. How wrong I was.

  14. Jig:

    "American" comedy tradition is rooted in Western Civ. principles of free thought, inquiry, and debate. Ashkenazi Jews are verbally strong and extroverted, and when they are in majority white countries they develop a humor culture that flourishes because gentile whites can take a joke. Humor does not work when insults readily result in retaliation, esp. retaliation that involves the whole family or tribe.

    It's true that Western Jews are comedy pioneers and natural entertainers, but it's also true that a fair number of their co-ethnics are always on the lookout for signs of the latest pogrom, so there always is a give and take between libertarian Jews and Jews who want to outlaw the mere acknowledgment of ethnic differences. The fact that Jews are never near the majority ethnicity in all non-Israel countries makes them nervous.

    Keep in mind also that the libertarian mindset is unthinkable in countries not founded by gentile whites, and not surprisingly, the countries with the greatest commitment to free inquiry and individualism have the most libertarian Jews.. American Jews are by a large margin the most classically liberal Jews in the entire world, with Jews in Canada being not dissimilar. Jews in Europe are more law and order conservative, since DUH, Europeans are far more anti-Semitic and have never been as libertarian as North America, so European Jews spend more time policing their speech and behavior lest they stoke ethnic tensions or run afoul of "hate speech" laws.

    North American gentiles believe in cultural fluidity and freedom, unlike Brits, or French people, or Russians who've had a gentile dominated culture for thousands of years and are much less tolerant of behavior and speech considered to be a possible instigator of unrest and violence, or too disrespectful towards tradition. A good example is how mockery of royalty and royal customs is still considered to be fairly taboo in Europe (esp. Northern Europe), whereas Americans have a centuries long tradition of political cartoons that by their nature are irreverent toward political figures.

    American severity towards sex often creates a misconception that we are "uptight", when in reality we are far more permissive towards violence, public disorder, offensive speech, and mockery of cultural traditions than Europeans are. Which explains why the Anglo diaspora basically perfected stand up comedy. Of course, all cultures have a tradition of humor inclined entertainers, but the no holds barred attitude towards speech in the Anglo diaspora allowed comedians to really become creative.

  15. BTW, Ash. Jews are part European……So they aren't the best way to judge MENA culture. Ash. Jew culture is more of a hybrid of MENA culture and Euro culture, with variants based on the country/region (as we saw with the rivalry between German and Russian Jews that was eventually imported into North America). There's an obvious tension between the freedom granted by European countries (and by Euro ethnicity) and the explosively retaliatory and repressive nature of the MENA culture/blood). That's why you see so much tension between the idea of live and let live vs. dude, not funny (and let's gang up on the offending speaker, blacklist him, and generally ruin his life).

    I have a feeling that the recent spike in faux-fascist culture (ironic or otherwise) really has spooked a lot of Jews. Jewish liberals in the 60's were ardent proponents of Free Speech, but many of them had little to no memories of Fascist Europe, or were older and realized that hard-core fascism was dead in Protestant countries while Eastern Bloc countries were communist Leftists

    Fascism itself of course has nothing to do with classical liberalism, which most Americans feel to be the only true version of American conservatism.. It's confusing, I know. To break it down:

    Trad. Leftism, which is premised on protection of workers and heavy wealth redistribution, with some tolerance of cultural experimentation.

    Classical liberalism (e.g., Anglo-Saxon conservatism), premised on a small(ish) state and individualism, with minimal rules regarding conduct.

    Fascist conservatism, premised on heavy state controls placed on conduct and little to no regard for the freedom or privacy of any institution (company, civic group, union, etc.), let alone individuals. This kind of conservatism has rarely, or never, been seen in English speaking countries (at least not for basically thousands of years) or the Scandinavian countries. America may have heavily policed the conduct of blacks and Indians, but free white men have always been pretty free here (well, outside of forbidding mixed race marriages before the mid 20th century).

    If there's any sign of America getting closer to embracing fascist conservatism (which I might add is the default kind of society for humanity outside of "modern" Protestant countries and aside from fairly brief flirtations with Leftism that mainly came about in the 20th century in some countries), then you can bet that many people (esp. Jews) will become much more adamant about forbidding "offensive" speech.

    Personally, I think that Millennials are taking us down the road of Trad. Leftist society, which will result in greater infringement on freedom but will still allow for more freedom than an outright fascist society. And the good news is that TradLeftist societies permit less immigration than classic liberalism does (before Merkel's boner, the English speaking countries had, by far, the highest levels of legal and illegal immigrants entering their countries), since TradLeftists don't want too many immigrants coming in and providing exploitable cheap labor to bourgeoisie business owners while possibly also serving as a force for destabilization which could threaten the Leftist government.

    The current mania for immigrants on the Left has come about due to classical liberals embracing CultMarxism as a ploy to get cheap labor. Business owners don't give a fuck about helping foreigners out, they just want cheap labor. So basically, the (very Right wing) business class seduces some modern Leftists with the notion that it really is a joy to be an immigrant worker. Eventually the Left will wake up and realize that these immigrants are being exploited by greedy assholes,and the worst offenders are often quite conservative (e.g., GOP voting farm owners).

  16. Days of the Broken Arrows,

    Right, the unctuous NPR midwits assume that the portrayal creates the stereotype rather than the stereotype being depicted in a hilariously over-the-top manner.

    The characters who don't map well onto real life stereotypes sustained due to their broad accuracy don't create new stereotypes, they're mostly just forgotten. Dr. Hibbert, for example, didn't have anywhere near the cultural impact that Apu did.


    Important distinction between Jews in Europe vs those in the US (i.e., Jews vote for the Conservative party in the UK, which is like the Paul Ryan-wing of America's Republican party).

    Color me darkly skeptical of the left in the US ever turning against immigration. Previous comparisons are irrelevant because previous comparisons were made looking at different coalitions of white groups. That's over. The left is barely 50% white now, and after the boomers die, it'll be well under 50% white. As long as there is some resistance from Heritage America, most non-whites (which will also mean most leftists) will vote with the almost sole intention of taking from Heritage America and giving to themselves. They'll have no qualms about bringing in more allies who will help them get it done.

  17. Andrew,

    Yes, I can vouch for your being a walking Simpsons' encyclopedia.

    Here's another one:

    Homer – Here you go, little girl.

    Ralph – I'm a boy.

    Homer – That's the spirit. Never give up.

    I figured humor would get funnier over time.

    Golden line.

  18. "Color me darkly skeptical of the left in the US ever turning against immigration. "

    Ah, but it is precisely the mostly white and Anglo Saxon foundations of America that gave us high immigration levels in the first place. I just read a story about Mexicans firebombing black apartments to ethnically cleanse neighborhoods. Those who aren't white Western Europeans take an extremely bigoted and territorial attitude toward outsiders.

    Eventually more and more of our HR, at more and more institutions, will be made up of those who aren't Western Euro descended whites. And they will promote a very defensive mentality, e.g., us blacks/Mexicans/Asians own this place and we don't want any foreigners coming here and changing the culture. Then there's the fact that socialist and communist countries tend to be much better at accounting for, and controlling, the ethnic makeup of their societies than classically liberal societies. Mainly because certain ethnic groups are regarded as a possible fifth column (did the Soviet bloc countries accept more than a handful of Americans back in the day?), and Leftists wish to crack down cheap labor practices which drive high immigration levels.

    There will be Cesar Chavez types (and Trotsky types) who will lead uprisings against corrupt slave drivers soon enough. Put upon youth, working class folk, and minorities being told to ignore the behavior of decadent elites can only work for so long…..If elites refuse to shape up. This mayhem will of course cause a huge come to Jesus moment among white elites, who'll realize that it's just not a good idea to pile up massive numbers of disgruntled people in dystopian conditions.

  19. Feryl,

    That's some way down the road yet, though. The coalition of the fringes will remain mostly together after it takes over the Democrat party–it won't be until whites are so small a percentage of the population that they aren't numerous enough to create a de facto white opposition party that the fringes will really start turning on each other.

    I've heard for decades now that blacks and Hispanics hate each other. It's just not the case. Yeah, some gang-banging neighborhood quasi-ethnic cleansing goes on, but that's marginal. Hispanics want affirmative action. Blacks want open borders.

  20. History comes and goes in fits and starts; you never know when, and how fast, the mood or stance will change. Silents and most Boomers remember just how different 1968 felt from 1963; likewise, Boomers and Gen X-ers all remember 1978 being a lot different than 1986. Remember how Obama "opposed" gay marriage in 2008? That was back when Boomers were dominant in the electorate, and it was important to not alienate conservative Boomers over "hot-button" issues in the twilight of the culture wars. Now that Left-wing Gen X-ers are calling more of the shots, they're going ridiculously far in their pushing of perverted crap (even many liberal Boomers would balk at the current tranny mania, being that such people were considered unpalatable freaks even in the 60's and 70's).

    The degenerate "edge lord" parade that's come about over the last 10 or so years (the excess of tatoos, piercings, beards, etc.) is due for a heavy backlash. Remember that the decadence of 1920's Berlin fueled the rise of the Nazis.

    David Brooks recently said that more Republicans sympathize with Trump than the GOP per se. On matters cultural and economic, there is a sense that elites have let us down big time, and we want action and results to change this. Eventually some event, some mood change, will galvanize a sense that we need to go in a new direction.

    Leftists want heavy economic changes, Rightists want heavy cultural changes, and moderates/Independents believe that we are way over-due for changes on one or both fronts.

  21. "I've heard for decades now that blacks and Hispanics hate each other. It's just not the case. Yeah, some gang-banging neighborhood quasi-ethnic cleansing goes on, but that's marginal. Hispanics want affirmative action. Blacks want open borders."

    The 2020's are probably going to be a decade with a lot of civil unrest, factionalism, and so forth. There is going to be expansive conflict, but based on what? Race relations? Class? Generations? Natives Vs foreigners? Nationalists Vs globalists? It all remains to be seen. But we'll have settled on a much different arrangement than the one we once had by the end of the decade. There will be a new set of winners, and a new set of losers. The US itself could end up losing it's super power status, and if America were to be relegated to a status similar to that which it had before 1945, then voila, America would likely see much lower immigration levels (immigrant labor is less needed, and treated with greater hostility by natives, during times of economic distress and resource scarcity).

    The classical liberal bent of the English speaking countries, that increased in particular with the Industrial Revolution and it's aftermath, has given us great prosperity, but at what long-term cost? However PC or whatever the non-British countries of Western Europe are, at least elites in those countries don't have as much investment in cheap labor policies and aren't as hysterically opposed to "big government" or the "nanny state". The elites of the English speaking world have gained so much over the last 70 years in particular, and are dangerously over-invested in the past at the expense of adjusting to the present. Since they identify the comparatively hands-off and unregulated culture of classical liberalism as they key to success and progress, they can't help but think that pushing even greater levels of unregulation (as measured by low taxes, poor worker protections, minimal welfare programs, porous borders) and "competition" will continue to bring gains to "us all". I've heard of the "Anglo disease" before, which basically is the increasingly dangerous embrace of "small government", neo-liberalism, de-industrialization, and running high budget and trade deficits.

  22. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:


    Unless the Rightists start finding ways to inflict economic punishment on their adversaries, they will be rolled up in the coming Neo-Marxist wave sure to sweep across the entire Anglo Five. Corbyn and Sanders were the start, Ardern will probably be the first to introduce basic income. OZ Labor doesn't have a charismatic leader yet, but if they did they'd win a landslide. They might also be bought out by PRC imperialists.

    Sportsball, Faux News and BoomerRadio all must die. Anti-Consumerism must take its place on the Right's hearth. I would be personally delighted to see Rupert Murdoch hauled in front of a court somewhere.

    Nationalize Facebook

    Send Zuck into exile in Singapore with Saverin.

  23. Fuck you. May you burn in hell 6ou racist peice of shit!

  24. Left wing comedians do push boundaries. They just push in the opposite than you'd like them to you bigoted fuck!

  25. Anon,

    It's mundanely predictable how all of the 'late night comedians' will react to everything they touch. Owen Benjamin's famous tweet showing a montage of all of them who believe exactly the same things, vote for exactly the same people, take offense at exactly the same comments, etc was brilliant.

  26. @Feryl – "is there any other kind of store that's more likely to be robbed?"

    Depending on your definition of "store," pawn shops < taxi drivers < drug dealers, prostitutes.

  27. There are far fewer pawn shops than there are gas stations.

    In terms of sheer robberies, gas station and I dunno, liquor store (?) robberies far exceed pawn shops because of how many of these stores are around and because of how many of them are in marginal areas. As to how convenience stores became associated with Asian and MENA immigrants, since gas (or cheap food stuffs) is needed everywhere, you can always find somebody out there who will be crazy enough to run a gas station/convenience store in the ghetto. By the early 1990's, most whites didn't want anything to do with the toughest areas while there were lots of immigrants around willing to accept minority owned business loans/tax breaks, and blacks (domestic or foreign) couldn't be bothered to run their own businesses.

    Some of this can also be traced to the Reagan Admin. reclassifying various ethnicities out of the "white" category, which enabled them to qualify for reduced loans. I would think that it this point virtually anyone can self-ID as a "minority" to get cheaper loans, not much different than the honor system used by colleges WRT student applications.

  28. Yeah reacting to/mocking current events is like the cornerstone of comedy. Dumbass

  29. You don't like what's being done then why don't you try making your own. Otherwise shut the hell up.

  30. Humour has gotten better overtime. The fact that it no longer appeals to your bigoted worldview is a good thing should be taken as a sign that our culture is improving.

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