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Oh Maria Muriel
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This PRI’s The World report is delightfully painful to listen to. The show’s host, Marco Werman, is an archetypal SWPL who has NPR’s breathy unctuousness to a tee. In typical mainstream media fashion he is gently guiding the correspondent at the RNC into insinuating that Trump supporters at the convention are one overly zealous mark away from lynching the next Mexican they see.

The correspondent, a Celt named Maria Muriel, starts off well, noting how “bizarre” it was that the crowd “aggressively” chanted “USA! USA!” or “Trump! Trump!” whenever a speaker who had a family member murdered by an illegal immigrant made a point.

One of the speakers, Sabine Durden, whose son was killed in a vehicular accident by an illegal who was drunk at the time and had been arrested twice on DUI charges–but never deported–emphasized that she chose to refer to those here illegally as “illegal aliens”.

Werman surely smiled nefariously as Durden’s remark triggered Muriel, who, taken aback, reacted thus:

That was especially strange for me because I’m a journalist and in our newsroom our style is not to say “illegal immigrants”. The term we use is “undocumented immigrant”. So it was kind of jarring to me to be in a place where the term ‘illegal immigrant’ was used so often and so aggressively. Being an immigrant myself, I felt also at points uncomfortable being there because the crowd would just get so pumped up.

Which of our 21 guest worker visa programs did this SJW journalist get in on? Don’t we have enough of them already?

We’re now almost three minutes into the five minute story. So far, so good.

But then Muriel goes off script:

Werman: So is the GOP drawing some kind of distinction between German, Slovenian, and European immigrants [on one hand] and people south of the border and everybody else [on the other]?

Muriel: I don’t know that they’re doing exactly that. What I have heard from talking to people here is they’re drawing a very clear line between legal immigration and illegal immigration.

Oh Maria, why would you introduce what the people you’re putatively reporting about actually said? This isn’t a news story, it’s an exercise in virtue signalling. Come on, of course they were insinuating that white immigrants were good and non-white immigrants were bad! [AE agrees with the thrust of what she was supposed to say, incidentally]

Werman gives her another chance only to be disappointed a second time as she manages to blow it twice in less than two minutes:

Werman: Listening to the crowd, did you feel any disconnect when Sabine Durden or Melania Trump got up to speak that these were also immigrants?

Muriel: You know what? I actually didn’t. I feel like from having spoken to Trump supporters that they’re logic is “if you are a legal immigrant you are fine and we welcome you as long as you follow the law”.

If you don’t listen to any other part of the clip, at least listen to the last ten seconds as a weary, despondent Werman wraps up the report in defeated resignation.

Muriel, who appears to be a millennial, has marinated in the CultMarx SJW academic and journalistic stews for her entire adult life. She probably doesn’t even realize that to most Americans, even NPR-listening SWPLs, the distinction between legal and illegal immigration is not merely semantic.

Werman, a veteran, understands this. He tries to get her to go beyond relaying the quite reasonable problem Trump supporters have with the nation’s immigration laws not being enforced and illegal scofflaws given free reign to run around killing Americans and instead to guide listeners towards a conclusion that the real reason Trump supporters are getting so riled up is due to their barely controllable hatred of non-whites.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. This is a gem. The uptalking "Ya know wut?" is fatal.

    It helps to imagine "Curb Your Enthusiasm" music at the end.

  2. How about a federation of the Anglosphere? Australia & New Zealand, Canada, UK & Ireland, all join the USA as (partial) states. You guys get an extra 100 million Anglo Whites voting in your politics to offset all your minorities.

    The Anglo Federal system will just have power over borders and immigration, maybe defence as well, so in order to open up migration from a country outside the federation, you need support from all the countries. And in order to migrate within the federation, you would need a visa, but residency and citizenship is streamlined.

  3. Anon,

    I can see Werman looking down and sighing as she answered that question (with a meaningless upspeak question of her own to start it off).


    That's probably fantasy but the idea of each 'state' having a veto over opening up migration would be great!

  4. Dan says:

    "The Anglo Federal system will just have power over borders and immigration, maybe defence as well, so in order to open up migration from a country outside the federation, you need support from all the countries. And in order to migrate within the federation, you would need a visa, but residency and citizenship is streamlined."

    You'll have to count America out. Our corrupt leftist overlords always find a way. They generally ignore laws they don't like. In addition, they use the courts to overcome the will of the people. When the people still don't comply, they elect a new people.

  5. Sadly, the whites in those other countries are even bigger cucks, so America would become gayer and more liberal as a result.

  6. "the whites in those other countries are even bigger cucks"

    The British just voted for Brexit and Australians only permit migration from skilled migrants. Asylum seekers illegally travelling by boat get scooped up by our Navy and dropped off in detention centres in Papua New Guinea.

    Doesn't sound very cucked to me.

  7. >>Doesn't sound very cucked to me.

    And you complied with national gun confiscation.

  8. Very few Australians had guns to give up. We don't have a big gun culture down here like you have in the US. We don't have a 'right to bear arms' amendment in our constitution. And if you really want a gun it is pretty easy to get, you apply for a licence, you go to a community college to take a gun safety lesson and then you store the rifle and bullets in separate vaults in your house (this only takes around 3 months). The only people who cannot legally get guns here are criminals, the mentally unsound, and people too poor or too impulsive to afford the licence and class and wait the few months it takes to get/do them.

  9. Although I'm not a fan of an Anglosphere superstate, a 5Eyes free trade zone makes more sense than NAFTA or most of our other "Free Trade" agreements.

  10. New Reuters poll out today, it is down to Clinton +4.

    They are now sampling 43% D / 32% R

    What could justify such drastic changes in methodology from week to week?

    Maybe next week, they'll put it back to 51% Democrat, Clinton will be back to +11, with the headline "Trump loses momentum…"

  11. Cicatrizatic,

    The site only shows up to July 19th and shows a 7 point spread between Trump and Hillary. It's a 5 day moving average and the just released poll covers from the 16th-20th. That means the data from July 20th must be really good for Trump.

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