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Single, younger women vote Democrat and older, married women vote Republican, of course.

If we adjust for age and number of children birthed, though, I bet Trump’s women are aesthetically better than Hillary’s are.

When we’re talking about activist-types, or at least the ones who’ll get campaign gear and go to rallies, Trump’s girls crush Hillary’s, no contest.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Not too hard to figure out why–feminist ideology is against gender roles, so the ladies aren't going to invest as much effort into looking good. The converse is true for Republicans (and Trump supporters are going to look more and more like generic Republicans at this point).

  2. SFG,

    We could extend it to include masculine men on the right and low-T 'males' on the left. The masculine women, effeminate men v effeminate women, masculine men will be another electoral divide to go with the globalist v nationalist, fringe v core, non-white v white, etc.

  3. Audacious Epigone

    Trump knows "Sex Sells!"

    Every Trump victory speech has Melania, Ivanka and one of his son's pretty wives framing "The Donald."

    This is a comment to me from a buddy of WRT Trump's visuals versus the Democrats

    Okay, I can't not say this any longer.

    Who do YOU want to stand with?

    The grinning rich guy standing in a crowd of half-naked Miss Universe gals?

    Or the two cranky old tyrants surrounded by screaming hairy maniacs?

    It's nothing short of amazing that the Dem numbers aren't even worse!

    Bill Clinton in both his elections — and Obama in 2008 — were sold as sexy candidates to single white females.

    Hillary is the anti-sex feminist leading a party of prudes wanting to put pervy penis' in little girl's rest rooms and to take men's guns with an oipen spot on the Supreme Court.

    The down ballot effect of this on Democrats in the South will be Pompei-like outside the majority minority districts.

  4. This is ridiculous. Beautiful young women are obviously going to vote Democrat. They win the non-married women time and time again.

  5. On campus the divide is Greeks (frats and sororities) go Trump, and independents go Bernie. I don't need to tell you which of those groups is culturally more influential.

  6. Mil-Tech Bard,

    He never misses an opportunity to trot his beautiful family out for all to see. He gets the gene thing.


    This shouldn't be taken that seriously.

    If we adjust for age and number of children birthed, though, I bet Trump's women are aesthetically better than Hillary's are.

    Also, when we're talking about actual voters, sure. But when we're talking about activist-types, or at least the ones who'll get campaign gear and go to rallies, Trump's girls crush Hillary's. It's not even close. Bernie's are a mixed bag, but uglier than average from my experience.

  7. >>He gets the gene thing

    And the 'strong alpha men get the hot women' thing. We have not seem a Presidential candidate signaling with a hot wife and cute kids since JFK.

    Hells bells, "The Donald" openly jokes about liking women more than men. He is simultaneously advertising he is available — like Bill Clinton — but you have to be enough of strong but submissive to Donald hot female to meet his standards.

    That is straight up Alpha male PUA signaling there -might- be an opening in my harem…if you are worthy.

    That sort of ploy is psychological catnip for high end female groupie behavior.

    The contrast between Trump and Hillary here is a large reason why Trump is up 35% with white men over Hillary.

  8. Yes yes yes! Image isn't everything, but it's sure as hell not nothing!

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think it is a confidence/ self-reliance vs. insecure, dependent vibe.

    Trump supporters are very confident people.

    Beautiful women will be more confident on average than less beautiful women, and more likely to support Trump. They are outliers of course (insecure beautiful women), but as a general rule it a near tautology that higher SMV = higher self-confidence, ugly or fat women will be more insecure than beautiful women.

  10. Or extraverted liberal american women who are likely to become a activist tend to look masculinized or just ugly (without talk about ''celebritchies'') and extraverted conservative american women who are likely to become a political/public activist tend to look… women.

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