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Nothing Left to Conserve
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Charlotte empowers a fraction of 1% of the population to rub their insecurities in the faces of the 99% and change who find sex-segregated restrooms a uncontroversial aspect of civilized society. The state of North Carolina responds by mandating sex-segregated restrooms, legally overriding Charlotte’s tranny triumph.

The state law only applies to schools and other government organizations so private companies are still free to enforce restroom usage policies as they see fit. Big businesses will happily allow trannies to do whatever they want to do, but smaller businesses may object to a tranny testing the water in an opposite sex restroom before being blasted to kingdom come by the full weight of the Establishment and their ever-zealous volunteer thought police. This is another skirmish in World War T, the ultimate outcome of which should not be in doubt.

Social conservatives will lose here, just as they lose on everything else–prayer in schools, abortion, same-sex marriage, drug legalization, and on and on. Going tit in reaction to the progressive tat always fails. The left’s thesis is met by the right’s antithesis and the new synthesis is somewhere in between where things were and where the left ultimately wants them to be. Then from the new location another tat brings on a tit. This happens time after time all over the place and after awhile the left has gained every inch of ground it was fighting for. Then it sets its sights on something new. It’ happened with same-sex marriage and now it’s happening with the trannies.

The federal apparatus has found or is in the process of finding a right not be discriminated against for every self-asserted identity no matter how deviant or absurd the putative identity is (heterosexual white male goys excepted). This inalienable right has marched through nearly every institution in society. When some retrograde entity objects, these institutions converge on said entity and crush it to smithereens. And that CultMarx institutional alliance isn’t merely nationwide, it’s global. Great Britain has issued a warning to people travelling to North Carolina in response to the bill.

Instead of trying to clumsily react to the left, the North Carolinas of the world should champion the right to free association as the ultimate liberty worth protecting in a free society. Or at least they should have. That ship sailed a long, long time ago.

Parenthetically, the attack on Trump for waving off North Carolina’s reaction–from the same cucks who piled on him for asserting that if abortions are illegal there should be consequences for initiating them–is much ado about nothing.

Trump doesn’t care about the Culture War stuff. This would be a non-priority in a Trump administration, and they all know it. He only talked about it because he was asked to. Revealingly, his biggest concern was one that shouldn’t be unexpected from a business magnate, especially a person in construction–could this issue, like the incalculably wasteful boondoggle that is the ADA, end up requiring businesses to install additional tranny restrooms that will end up being used about as often as the handicapped parking stalls right in front of QuikTrips’ entrances are?

The people leading the assault on North Carolina style themselves “progressive”. It’s more semantically precise than “liberal” since this is hardly about maximizing personal freedoms. A handful of people are free to invade the comprised space of the vast majority of the population that no longer finds itself free to abide by an overturned social custom that until last week everyone in America found perfectly agreeable.

Those of us on the right, broadly defined, should take a cue and ditch the term “conservative”. There isn’t much left to conserve, and every day that cache dwindles down further. Harriet Tubman’s importance, such as it is, is symbolic. What she allegedly did–helped several slave families escape slavery–while impactful on an individual level, was historically trivial. It is utterly dwarfed by comparison to the lives of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, or Franklin.

But she was brave, courageous, and suffered some hard knocks. Okay, well Jackson was nearly sliced in two by a captor’s sword when he was a teenager. He put his life on the line in New Orleans to beat a larger British force when it wasn’t even necessary to do so. Then he was elected president of the United States. He took it to the merciless Indian savages at a time when the country was pushing relentlessly westward. He was a larger-than-life character, a populist who obliterated the second national bank and a pugilist who stared down a bullet in the chest before returning the favor, replete with lethal enhancement.

He’s a racist white Southerner, though (excuse the triple redundancy there). She’s an oppressed twofer. And so another bit of American heritage worth preserving is relegated to the dustbin of history.

What, exactly, has occurred over the last six-plus decades that is worth conserving? The demographic replacement of America’s founding population? Abortion on demand? Deficit spending? An ever-growing welfare state? Affirmative action? Sanctified buggery? Messianic democracy-spreading? Really, what is there? Dropping the sarcasm for a moment, maybe lower marginal tax rates for individuals? Yes, we’ll trade that for the house in a heartbeat!

Conservatism is fast becoming synonymous with cuckservatism. As Heartiste so eloquently puts it:

Republican pundits, pols, and voters who surrender to leftoid race equalism premises in order to curry favor with the gatekeepers of polite discourse. Rhetorically, cuckservatives sell out their children’s and their nation’s future, and their ancestors’ pasts, on the altar of liberal dogma, in practice “raising another man’s ideology”. And they do so oblivious to the humiliations they visit upon themselves.

“Nationalist” is problematic for similar reasons. The nation is all of the things listed above. Many of us have become barbarians living inside the gates. “Antiquarian”, perhaps? That could extend back to a conservatism that predating living memories, but fetishizing things like the Constitution are losing propositions, too. We’ve had the Constitution from the beginning and now Bruce Jenner has the right to walk into the stall next to your five year-old daughter. “Identitarian” is okay but it’s difficult to articulate succinctly. “Citizenist” is more actionable. In the meantime, Alt-Right serves as a great placeholder, or even a larger umbrella term under which several like those mentioned above will exist.

Secession, nullification, poolside.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. "Nationalism" may mean nothing to you because you the Anglos think "nation" is something different from "ethnicity". E.g. I am Polish and I will be Polish no matter whether I would acquire US citizenship and no matter how many years I would live in US.

  2. "Nationalist" is rhetorically powerful, you mustn't give it up even if you feel it's semantically inaccurate.

    That said, what about good old "reactionary"?

  3. I feel like political conservatism is actually counterproductive in a way.

    The left is so rabid to have men in women's restrooms precisely *because* it is an irritant to the right.

    If the right was concerned about people dressing immodestly then there would be a rush to make nudity legal.

    The right could fix the restroom thing easily if they had any sense. Just have a bunch of hairy dudebros hang out in ladies' restroom in places where important people hang out with giant signs announcing that they are a woman.

    Mocking, ridicule and civil disobedience are the tools of the disempowered, not the political process. The right needs to learn that lesson from the left of old.

    That registrar in Kentucky who was willing to go to prison for her belief in marriage made more of a difference than all the campaigners combined.

  4. Mitt Romney hasn't done much in these culture wars although he is supposed to be leader of the party.

    If anything he has come down on the side of political correctness when religious freedom stuff comes up, shooting at his own side such as when the Arizona religious freedom bill came up.

    The least he could do would be to make clear that the left are bullies punching down.

    I take some comfort in the fact that sometimes conservative trends can win out anyway, such as how divorce rates are coming down or youth promiscuity is coming down, or teen pregnancy, with no help from the law.

  5. I see the bathroom thing as an assault on women and girls. Perverts and mentally ill men being given intimate access to women is misogynistic pure and simple. Obviously men are at little risk in the restroom if some tranny used to be girl comes in there. So it is not an attack on men, rather on women and especially girls. No safe space for our girls. Our new nobility are even more predacious than the old nobility.

  6. I have lived in Montgomery County Maryland, where people who pretend to be a gender they are not could use the incorrect bathroom for some time now.

    My experience is that it is not a practical problem. That is to say, this situation is exceedingly rare in practice. It is a humiliation to conservatives, but the reality is that this is a problem similar to lightning strikes, at least for the time being. I bet the public overestimates the incidence of 'trans' by a factor of a hundred or a thousand.

    As opposed to, say, the National Question, which is rather more impactful.

  7. Szopen,

    Good point, this is written from an American-centric viewpoint. If Cascadia seceded then nationalist could work for us again.


    Reactionary is okay but it suggests the thesis-antithesis-synthesis thing is part and parcel of the program. React to the decline, slowing it down but not stopping it.


    Brilliant idea regarding virile young studs taking over high salience women's restrooms. This is all symbolic–it's hard to imagine someone trying to enforce the North Carolina law by kicking a presumed tranny out of a restroom (unless it was causing a disturbance, but that doesn't require the tranny law to be activated to resolve). Cuckservatives need to go the Alt-Right route on this, like they do on so much else, and use it to stick the CultMarxists in the eye.

    Silly Girl,

    Right. Doing what Dan suggests will make that obvious and undercut the tranny movement as a consequence.

  8. Merciless indian savages??

    Can you white nationalists not help yourselves? It is shit like this that makes it hard to take whatever you say you are seriously.

  9. Declaration of independence (yes, Jefferson should be removed from the $2 ASAP!), excerpt:

    "[King George III] has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    RECURSIVE RIGHT WING FAIL WARNING: Don't knock Nationalism. It's working.

    >"Nationalist" is problematic for similar reasons. The nation is all of the things listed above. Many of us have become barbarians living inside the gates. "<

    Whoa. Nationalist is working again – or more importantly working NOW. This is what we have to work with …. screw pure definitions or intellectual honesty [lol]. Nationalism has started working again. If you're going for Secession kindly get your Army and grab some territory before complaining about what's working – when something is working at last. That's like complaining about Trump's manners. Rough edges are fine, even desirable both in definitions and approach.

    As far as barbarians within the gates: the census numbers don't support that. If you mean your neighborhood then move, kick ass/cleanse or learn to live with it. But DO NOT wave the White Flag. We already made that mistake in the cities 50 years ago. Now the savages and barbarians come to the suburbs and even rural areas. No place left to back up.


  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    PS– there may be nothing left to "conserve". But there's everything to fight for and so much to fight against…best there's so much to FIGHT WITH….

    there's no argument or posting, position, reason or facts that can be gathered to talk our way out of this…talk except to organize is a mistake. Probably always was..

    Our enemies are about power and that's all…that and hatred of us. so simply reciprocate initially until we're strong enough to end it.


  12. VXXC,

    Points well taken. Poolside is better than resigned engagement or tacit consent, but now is the time to fight like hell. Victory begets victory.

    Re: barbarians, I'm increasingly talking about us as the barbarians, Germans living inside of 5th century Rome.

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