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Z-Man goes off the deep end, claiming that neoconservatism–“an ethnocentric death cult”–is a movement possessed by and obsessed with an ancestral hatred of Russia:

Their singular focus is Russia. Even their opposition to Trump is based on his unwillingness to talk about Putin as you know who. If you list all of the neocon wars and wish-for wars, Russia is the common theme. The defining characteristic of the neocon is a hatred for Russia, viewing it as the Mordor in the great battle between the righteous and the wicked.

Granted, as has been shown here, there may have been some truth to that in the past, when the Ashkenazim in question had just escaped Soviet persecution and their adopted homeland–or the homeland that adopted them, at any rate–was locked in a global struggle with the evil empire.

But that was then. This is now. To carry on about an alleged hatred driving so much of contemporary domestic and international politics today, though, is, well, shamefully anti-semitic!

There, I said it. Whew, that was cathartic. Virtue-signalling is hard work…

Oh, what’s this? It’s a Reuters-Ipsos poll from the previous Current Year. The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, by selected demographics, who say Russia poses either an “imminent” or a “serious” threat to the United States (N = 3,246):

Can’t let this little doozy get out.

Anyway, the Jewish sample is small, at 63, so take it as merely suggestive if you have the turpitude to take it at all! And then take Bill Kristol, John Podhoretz, Max Boot, David Frum, Laura Rosenberger–aw hell, just about anyone with a tribal (((surname)))–as merely suggestive, too, you anti-semite!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Got a number for white Democrats only?

  2. I would definitely agree that the neocons have been very hostile to post-Cold War Russia, especially once Putin denounced the Iraq War.

    What's striking is that the Democrats were moderately friendly to Russia all the way through the 2012 election. During the Bush 43 years, there was no particular hostility to Russia from the Democrats. If anything, some of the old school Marxists remained fond of Russia*. (I get RT on my cable subscription where I currently live, and most of its critiques of the USA and West come from the Green Party and their ilk.) Granted, most Democrats aren't Marxists, but even to this day they're ill-inclined to regard Communism as evil the way they do about fascism. If I had to guess, a disproportionately high number of American Marxists with fond memories of the USSR are, well, (((Marxists.))) As such, I don't know if Jewish Democrats were all that hostile to Russia up until five years ago.

    Of course, the stars aligned in 2013 and now the Democrats regard Russia as the biggest threat to love and peace since Hitler.

    I agree with the claim that recent conflicts with Russia have reignited old, bitter memories of the Cossacks among American Jews. Still, I really can't recall any particular animus against Russia among Jews I've talked to and read until the gay propaganda law.

    * Noam Chomsky is emblematic of this. He's definitely an old school pinko. He stated that Russian involvement in Syria doesn't constitute "imperialism" because they arrived at the behest of the Syrian government. Maybe he has a point, but I doubt he ever said that about American involvement in South Vietnam.

  3. My 2 cents:

    1) As usual, Independents are less full of crap than partisans (who, at this point, still wants to self-ID as a member of either party?)

    2) Millennial opinion of Russia is driven entirely by the post-Cold War paradigm. Whereas the extremely aged still regard it as a patriotic duty to vilify the last empire we defeated (e.g., Russia); these older people are also the last cohort to feel truly connected to their fellow Americans, since younger people grew up amid such high inequality and ethnic diversity that they don't feel as bonded to their fellow Americans. Like, there's rich Americans and there's poorer Americans, and there's native born Americans and foreigners pretending to be American, and there's Americans who are Christian, and Muslim, and agnostic, and atheist…….. Also, to Millenials, modern Russian culture war laws, alleged election meddling, the Annexing of Crimea, the support of Assad, etc. do not provide enough ammo to feel that bent out of shape over Russia. Older people may not get it, but Russia's recent culture and posturing is not the geopolitical or moral equivalent of what the Soviets did several generations ago.

    3) I dunno how many ordinary Democrats cared about Russia before Hilary lost, but certainly John Podesta et al going beserk after Hilary's unexpected loss, and coordinating a blame Russia strategy independent of whatever the hell the Pentagon was in the process of marketing, has tipped more liberals into whining about Russia. And when 90% of Dem pols and journalists (and liberals pay more attention to the media than conservatives do) are focusing non-stop on Russia and Trump's supposedly dangerous ties to Russia, it's going to have some effect.

    In other the sky is blue news, Hispanics as is usually the case side more with whites than they do with blacks or Asians. Most Hispanics are at least partly European, so duh, that explains a lot. Of course, Russia is also a white country. How many Asians supported the war in Vietnam? Not that they'd have been wrong to oppose it, but point being is that non-whites are more ethnocentric and as such are more likely to be driven by "my race is good, other races are bad" thinking. Asians-Americans are more likely to support war against European countries than they are Asian countries.

    There was once a strong conviction among the GOP that Asians who had escaped heavily communist Asian countries would embrace the GOP, but subsequent to 1992 and the decline of the cold war, Asians have moved heavily to the Democrat column. Asians were much more Republican in the 80's and early 90's than they are now.

  4. Sad to think that bigots would imagine that over 80 percent of Jews being obsessed with Russia is a bad thing. It isn't like the Jews have some kind of influence on the media.

  5. The obsession with Russia is a bit puzzling. Granted, there's a lot of historical baggage from the days of the Evil Empire, but still, how much of a threat does Russia really pose? Lets look at 2018 projected GDP (in trillions of US dollars) – USA, 20 ; China, 13; Japan, 5; Germany, 4; France, 2.7; UK, 2.7; India, 2.7; Brazil, 2.2; Canada, 1.8; Korea, 1.6; Russia, 1.5. Hmmmmm.

    How about military expenditures? Again, numbers in billions of US dollars with percentage of total GDP – 611, 3.3%; China, 216, 1.9%; Russia, 69, 5.3%; Germany, 41, 1.2%; France, 56, 2.3%; Italy, 28, 1.5%. Get the picture?

    I've been to Russia a couple of times and speak the language at the so-so level. Things were bad in the 1980's, worse in the 1990's, and have improved steadily until recently. Now they're getting worse again. Look at this (from the American Conservative:

    If we compare Russia’s involvement with Eastern Ukraine to the United States involvement in Kosovo, the hypocrisy is even more striking. At most, Russia is supplying weapons, and encouraging Russian nationals to support the rebels. The United States became the air force for the Kosovo Liberation Army — which had known connections with Al Qaeda. We bombed the entire infrastructure of Serbia — killing many civilians in the process. We promised the Serbs that we would respect the territorial integrity of Serbia, and that Kosovo would remain part of Serbia. We also promised that the border of Kosovo would be managed by the Yugoslavian Army, and that they would be allowed to protect Serbian areas… and then once we got in, we threw all of that out of the window, and then recognized Kosovo as independent.


    In the seventeen years between 1992 and 2009, the Russian population declined by almost seven million people, or nearly 5 percent—a rate of loss unheard of in Europe since World War II. Moreover, much of this appears to be caused by rising mortality. By the mid-1990s, the average St. Petersburg man lived for seven fewer years than he did at the end of the Communist period; in Moscow, the dip was even greater, with death coming nearly eight years sooner.


    The Russians are facing enormous domestic problems and a shrinking economy. Yet Putin is no dummy. He knows very well that most Russians are paranoid about invasions (not without reason). He loves to portray NATO and big bad Uncle Sam as bent on Russia's destruction. Yet Putin is clearly overplaying his hand, just as the Soviets did. He is spending a much higher amount of his (rather modest) GDP on the military than most of his rivals. This spending is coming at the expense of ordinary Russians, who are facing a declining standard of living and life expectancy. How long will this last? Who knows, but it can't go on for ever. And as someone (was it Herb Kahn?) once said, if something can't go on forever, it will stop. The real danger, of course, is that war will erupt over nothing. Trump should play a waiting game and not try to provoke the Russians. Time works for him.

  6. I'm going to countersignal and say that Czar Nick probably got what he deserved – but that all the atrocities after that were uncalled for. Why couldn't they have executed him and then be done with it?

  7. I am with Sid.

    Leftist rage with Russia is related to World War G (Sailer's term). The left was perfectly fine with Russia right up until the moment he crossed them with his law saying you can't propagandize homosexuality to kids. You could not make this stuff up it would be so unbelievable.

    In relation to world war G, reason #4542 why neverTrumpers are morons is that they think Pence will be fine if Trump is impeached. Pence makes the left even madder than Trump does because G.

  8. "Leftist rage with Russia is related to World War G (Sailer's term). The left was perfectly fine with Russia right up until the moment he crossed them with his law saying you can't propagandize homosexuality to kids. You could not make this stuff up it would be so unbelievable."

    It's all phony. The gentry Left "allowed" Obama to oppose gay marriage before the 2010's.

    Elites typically never really care about moral issues, and thus don't care about cultural issues. It's all about money, power, and status.

    Elites want us to get swept up in sentimental stuff and moral arguments so as to distract us from material concerns that should horrify us. Like white male wages being stagnant since 1973, and national and household debt being at historic highs, with accompanying trade deficits.

    The Soros types (and their Right wing globalist counterparts) began to get spooked about Russia in the 2010's because they fear the rise of new Eastern bloc that doesn't play by the rules of Western globalists. Globalists briefly got to take a dump on Russia in the 90's, but Slavs, like Iranians, were determined to make Western influence short-lived. Russia and Iran remain stubbornly outside the sphere of Western influence, and thus that's why the media (in concert with neo-cons and globalists) acts like they're such terrible nations run by maniacs (in reality, the Western powers habitually ignore the terrible things done by countries which ostensibly are our allies).

    It never really is about good and evil, it's about strategy and goals. We entered WW2 because fascist Germany and Japan were huge assholes invading and otherwise harassing countless other nations . If these countries limited themselves to being assholes on their own turf, so what? It's none of our business. Prior to Pearl Harbor, many Americans had reservations about getting involved in WW2. If we once had the good sense to be cautious about fighting Nazis and Japs, and could sensibly debate the long-term logistical and political costs of being entagled in foreign conflicts back then, than there's no reason we can't have a similar attitude about all matters of war these days.

    The idea of picking a fight with a country based on gay crap is absurd to people like us, but you have to realize that when a nation is picking these fights any excuse will do for the sake of persuading people that we're the good guys, and they're the bad guys. And like I say, the important thing is to remember that (arrogant and corrupt) elites don't really give a shit about the culture wars; they really want every obstruction to their schemes removed.

  9. "By the mid-1990s, the average St. Petersburg man lived for seven fewer years than he did at the end of the Communist period; in Moscow, the dip was even greater, with death coming nearly eight years sooner."

    Some of this due to behavioral controls being relaxed. Under communism people feared to even consider doing certain risky things, then all of sudden, the government is much weaker and the culture becomes more free-wheeling. Some of the rise in mortality can probably be attributed to people doing stupidly dangerous things, not unlike how drug ODs and car crashes soared in America after about 1967 because law enforcement, parents, and religion were no longer enforcing discipline like they once did. Strauss and Howe did research which indicates that society periodically relaxes standards of discipline and behavior; for example, drinking in the US rose as the 60's and 70's went on, then finally plateaued around 1980, then in the 80's parents, politicians, cops, and social pressure groups (like MADD) began to focus on how drinking causes poor judgement and often hurts people….Especially children who can't escape dysfunctional families and dangerous neighborhoods.

    I suspect that Russian Gen X-ers of the 90's are not unlike American Boomers of the 70's, in so far as how both groups came of age during a period of dramatically lowered standards of socially acceptable behavior.

  10. > What's striking is that the Democrats were moderately friendly to Russia all the way through the 2012 election.

    Along with the gay issues mentioned here, the Democrats also became a lot more anti-white after the 2012 election. It is tougher and tougher to vilify yellows, browns, and blacks. Whites are open season, especially whites who aren't aligned with neoliberal progressivism. So now non-white dictators are no longer just independent actors or siding with other non-white terrorist groups, they are now puppets of evil white men.

    Russia is a sweet target because they sometimes stray away from neoliberalism and they got a lot of natural resources that are ripe for the taking. That's what the Yeltsin years were: just blind plundering of all the resources by the west and (((other interests))). For the low information voter, Putin is an easy villain because he supposedly hates gays and now he is an evil dictator ruling over poor, oppressed brown people by proxy. A lot of narratives can be invented here.

    I'm not saying Putin is an amazing guy and Russia has a lot of problems and will likely always have a lot of problems. Russia has never been known to be anything else. However I don't think a pro-Euro, pro-gay leader who allows (((firms))) to start plundering natural resources 1992 style is going to make anything better.

  11. Random Dude,

    The Dem triumphalism after 2012 was what sent me into the dissident Right. No GOP leader condemned the nakedly anti-white sentiments expressed by several Dems in Congress and the media. There was a blog called "white people mourning Romney" that perfectly expresses them rubbing it in.

    I don't see Russia referred to as a "racist country" by the left. Chechens are white, and thus politically inconvenient for the left's claim that Islamophobia is a proxy for racism. Blaming Russia for defeating Clinton has had a positive affect on the average Russian's sense of national pride.

    Russophobia is most effective at gaslighting Boomercons into opposing their only international ally. It appears that Shinzo Abe in Japan will be forced out on corruption charges and a pro-immigration warmonger Ishiba installed. It has a secondary factor that allows Podesta & co to dodge responsibility for losing an election to a man that admitted to sexual assault.

  12. Grabbing pussy is not sexual assault if it is consensual.

  13. chris,

    The vast majority of our society operates under a feminist ethos, I don't like it any more than you do. The people are not going to accept "boys will be boys" unless the "boys" are black and/or Muslim.

  14. I wish I could have included soundtrack of hoof beats with my post.

    I have an armchair psychology theory on this. As a high achieving, but marginalized minority, Jews obsess over inclusion. Across the spectrum, Jews in America have fought against anything smacking of exclusion, private and public. This makes some sense from their narrow point of view.

    Russia remains the great enemy, even over Germany, because Russia physically isolated Jews in the Pale of Settlement. Germans merely discriminated against Jews, but not too much compared to other people of Europe. Therefore, Russia remains the forever enemy of Ashkenazi Jews.

  15. I’ve been struck by the bacterial precursor to pneumonia. Sleeping 16 hours a day plus antibiotics. Hope to rejoin the world of the living soon.

  16. Z,

    People who shall dwell alone was the title of MacDonald's first book.

    Inclusion is ironic

  17. IHTG,

    74.6%, so as is often the case, Jews are extreme SWPLs. Of course not all Jews are leftists, so the fact that Jews as a whole are still more antagonistic towards Russia than white Democrats are is remarkable.


    the stars aligned in 2013 and now the Democrats regard Russia as the biggest threat to love and peace since Hitler.

    It has been striking to watch. I'm not sure how we decelerate from here, either. There is a lot of psychological/emotional energy on the left tied up in hating Russia now. It's a cause that, more than ever, needs a reason, yet the legitimate reasons are lacking.


    Russia has become a scapegoat. For the left to admit that Russia is, at most, a distraction, is psychologically crushing. They've gone on about Russia for years now. They can't just walk away from Russia now. The only way to save face for the left may in fact be to ignite a hot conflict with Russia somewhere in the world. They're trying to light the match in Syria, but there will be other opportunities. If we're 'at war' with Russia, well then, you don't support Russia, do you, traitor?!

    Black Death,

    That Russia's GDP is smaller than Canada's is a very rhetorically useful fact. Thanks.

    Random Dude,

    Russia is the perfect enemy. It's relatively illiberal, white, and they're accents sound evil. Plus people think modern Russia is somewhat similar to the Soviet Union–powerful! Oh, there GDP is less than Canada's? Can't let that one get out.


    Killing millions is bad, but exclusion–that's worse!

  18. Let me explain it to you. You have to know a LOT of history and background to understand this one. The "Jews" are from a place on the Steppes of Russia. The "Kingdom" of Khazaria, which Today is called Kazakhstan.
    These buggers were bad news throughout history. They were usurers, extortionists and founded the NOTORIOUS ASSASSIN'S GUILD. They ran afoul of Ghenghis Khan when he warred across Asia heading to Europe. The Assassin Guild threatened Ghenghis Khna and demanded tribute. That was their LAST MISTAKE. The Great Khan went up the the mountains. The Assassins hid amongst the populace. Gheghis Khan slaughtered EVERYONE. The Assassins were never seen or heard from again. Their cousins in Khazaria fled into Europe.
    The Ashkenazim and Russians have an ancient blood feud. The Tsarina bought the Russian translation of the Infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion from a maid who cleaned up a meeting place in Eastern Europe and found the Yiddish journal of the minutes of the meeting. The Cossacks were constantly having to deal with the crimes, like murder and sex slavery, of these Ashkenazim.
    After the Bolshevik Revolution, the Ashkenazim extracted a horrible revenge. Stalin didn't trust them and many fled West when he tried to purge them. When the Soviet Union's economy croaked through mismanagement, they fled West and looted Russia's remaining industries. "The Russian Oligarchs" are all Jewish. The EU is run by ex-Soviet Jews with Western Jews. An "unelected" committee. Putin isn't hostile per se. He is a former KGB Major that has to live under the Russian Oligarchs that also run "The Russian Mafia".
    The Rothschilds are upset that Russia and China set up BRICs. The Rothschilds are old and fallow. They seem no longer to have firm control. The Sanhedrin anticipates their Messiah returning SOON. The reappearance of "Israel" and rebuilding their Temple is the Begiining of The End Times.

  19. Joshua,

    I thought the Assassins were a Shia splinter. They were contemporaneous with the Crusades, which puts them millennia past the beginning of Judaism. Where am I off?

  20. Did you get that from Wikipedia? You won't see the word Jew used badly on that site.
    Consider the infamous Mossad Assassination Squads. The KGB had some sneaky assassins too.
    I don't believe in coincidences. Maybe you do…

  21. Z – I have an armchair psychology theory on this. As a high achieving, but marginalized minority, Jews obsess over inclusion. … Russia remains the great enemy, even over Germany, because Russia physically isolated Jews in the Pale of Settlement. Germans merely discriminated against Jews, but not too much compared to other people of Europe. Therefore, Russia remains the forever enemy of Ashkenazi Jews.

    Germany spent the last half-century on its knees begging Jews for absolution. Russia did not.

    Jews are willing to partially forgive an enemy that abases itself like Germany does. Mystery solved.

  22. Black Death,

    I mostly agree with your analysis. I think one reason why Putin has been so intractable to the US and EU during negotiations is that he knows his being tough and obstinate is one of the few cards he can really play.

    In contrast, Xi Jinping of China deescalated the trade war by promising to lower the tariffs on US automobile imports. He can be more flexible because he (and probably most Chinese) understand they can win over the long game. Russia doesn't have that luxury.

    Nominal GDP is an essential metric to apply to economic production, but a point Anatoly Karlin often makes is that, by PPP, the Russia economy is roughly on par with Germany's. Whether nominal or PPP GDP is the more valid metric in this case, however, is debatable.


    I appreciate your vote of confidence! I also agree that if Pence were to become president, the left would come to loathe him about as intensely as they hate Trump. The hate they heaped on Romney in 2012 was almost as vitriolic as what they have for Trump today.


    In my experience, people come to genuinely believe in whatever benefits them. The Democratic Party has created a lot of "moral high ground" for itself by harping on gay marriage.

    So from our point of view, the promotion of gay rights in Eastern Europe is just a cynical ploy, a plot to extend our power and influence ideologically, now that the Cold War is over and a new ideological system is necessary for us to contrast ourselves with big bad Russia. But from their point of view, it's all good.

    Random Dude,

    I agree Russians being white (or "huwhite") makes them great adversaries for the modern Democratic Party. During the Bush 43 years, the left often bemoaned how Americans were "stereotyping" all Muslims or Arabs as exploding terrorists. In contrast, you'll never hear them complaining about stereotyping Russians as a race of cruel, untrustworthy, and unfeeling race of monsters.

    The deep state became livid with Russia once they gave asylum to Snowden. The Democrats were mad at Russia for the gay propaganda law, but it was the Snowden affair which raised the deep state's hackles. The fact that Putin intervened in 2013 and allowed Obama to refrain from bombing Syria in 2013 angered them too. Once the Maidan protests were underway in Ukraine, the deep state was gleeful about having an opportunity to mess with Russia.


    I would say some historians of the Soviet Union (such as Timothy Snyder, Anne Applebaum) would regard Russian attitudes to countries like Ukraine and Poland as being "racist." Heck, the main thesis of Timothy Snyder's "Bloodlands" was that Stalin killed fewer people than Hitler, but he was similarly racist and hence wasn't much better at all.

    Of course, in the Current Year, Europeans being racist against other Europeans and Eurasians isn't all that "problematic." It's really only when someone is racist against brown or black people that it's racist and thus bad!

    SJWs usually consider anti-Muslim attitudes to be "racist," however, even if the Muslims are pale-skinned Europeans. As such, the Russian campaigns in Chechnya and their current bombing campaigns in Syria (against the Sunni Syrians) qualifies as racist in their minds.

  23. Z,

    Jews were well integrated in Wilhelmine Germany. Most Jews appreciated it and were loyal to the state. Granted, they did face some restrictions and hostility in different quarters, but who doesn't? Most Jews were quite loyal to the German state. In fact, one reason why Britain promised the Zionists the state of Israel during and after World War I was that they wanted to undermine Jewish support for Germany.

    When you read Jewish reflections of the Holocaust, they often lament that Germany was the "most civilized" country in the world before it descended into Nazi barbarism. They often use this to declare that Hitler and the Nazis were worse than Stalin and his cronies, because Nazism fundamentally spoiled something good, whereas Stalin just continued a barbaric tradition.

    So for the ((())) types, Germany in large part redeemed and restored itself to its former goodness by taking in the refugees in 2015, whereas Russia since 2013 or so has proven itself to be fundamentally evil. As such, you're seeing the blue-check marks dialing down on the anti-German rhetoric while incorporating and increasing the anti-Soviet/anti-Russian Cold War rhetoric.


    I think that leftist antipathy to Russia will remain while Putin is president. One reason why Obama and Hillary pushed the reset button was that Medvedev was president and they hoped they could work with and empower him. I think Putin will want to step down after this term and guide Russia as an eminence grise while leaving the daily management of affairs to his associates.

    Similarly, it will be difficult for Trump to pursue rapprochement with Russia. I think he wants to do that, but the Democrats and deep state become downright feral whenever he throws the Russians a bone.

    As such, I think the time period from roughly 2013 to 2025 will be remembered as a second Cold War. I hope I'm wrong though, since a deescalation of tension between the US and Russia would be good for us both.

    Joshua Sinistar,

    I find the Khazar theory to be intriguing. Gregory Cochran (and others, but he has such a memorable way with words) has stated that there's little genetic evidence the Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars. The way he puts it, they're largely Levantine men who took Italian wives at some point in the past and went throughout Europe. What's your take on that?

  24. Do you really TRUST "Official Sources"? I sure don't. Israel does a genetic test to apply for citizenship. This idea they are European seems odd, since Europeans don't get offered citizenship. They must be racial aliens if they use DNA tests and Europeans don't pass them, wouldn't you say?
    These Ashkenazim are ALWAYS passing themselves off as other people. Some people say they only object to being identified as Jews. They are constantly passing themselves off as Italians. I'm Italian myself, but not the Guido variety.
    Its an "Inconvenient Truth" for Jews that they are genetic aliens and try to stay away from the miscegenation they want for others. Their plan is to mongrelize EVERYONE ELSE and stay as PURE AS POSSIBLE themselves it seems. Israel actually HAS ANTI-MISCEGENATION LAWS.

  25. "I agree Russians being white (or "huwhite") makes them great adversaries for the modern Democratic Party. During the Bush 43 years, the left often bemoaned how Americans were "stereotyping" all Muslims or Arabs as exploding terrorists. In contrast, you'll never hear them complaining about stereotyping Russians as a race of cruel, untrustworthy, and unfeeling race of monsters."

    Where I've lived, in a lower scale part of a Midwestern metro area, the attitudes have changed a lot since the early 2000's. Back then, initially after 9/11, it was common for white Americans to talk all kinds of shit about Muslims and the Arab world in general. And from about 2002-2005, people were less uptight and less PC than they were in the late 80's and 90's.

    People started to sour in 2005-2007, when our "progress" in the Middle East was exposed, and a lot of people started to question Bush and our government's (and media's) integrity and effectiveness. Then the economic crises started in Obama's first term, and Obama did nothing to allay people's concerns or restore economic fundamentals (folks, all's Obama had to do was put more elites in jail and everyone would've been elated).

    Then the SJW shit went overboard in Obama's 2nd term. Also, by the 2010's many areas were clearly undergoing changes, demographically speaking. In the 2000's the suburb I lived in, and most of the surrounding suburbs, were 80-90% white with the remainder being American born blacks. You could talk all kinds of shit about foreigners and Muslims and nobody thought anything of it. Over the last 4 or 5 years there's been a fairly big influx of people from the MENA, and some immigrants from Asia and Eastern Europe. There still aren't all that many Mexicans, though (The upper Midwest and upper New England having had very little historical or cultural ties with Latin-America, so Mexicans mostly seem to be drawn to the Sun-Belt and to places on the coast that need cheap labor). The rising level of diversity inevitably has a chilling effect on speech, and I would argue, one's feeling of camaraderie with the locals. Until we have a government that explicitly supports Western Christian identity, tradstock Americans will feel like they have to stay muzzled even as they grit their teeth about the ongoing invasion and efforts to erase identity. These demographic issues, and issues of expression, have already been on the agenda in the Sunbelt since the mid-80's (when huge numbers of Latin-Americans settled in California, Texas, and Florida), but it used to be that these things were the price you paid for living in better weather. Nowadays, many areas of the Midwest, Upper South, Northeast, and Pac. NW are now having to deal with their demographics changing from white/American black natives, to increasingly rainbow-hued and foreign accented.

  26. I hear some skeptics say, "what's the big deal with a little more diversity"? Well, it is a big deal. In the 80's and 90's, most parts of the suburban and small town Midwest usually were over 90% white and American born. You got used to everyone looking and sounding fairly similar to you. You wouldn't hesitate to ask a stranger how the local football or baseball team was doing. You wouldn't hesitate to help them jump a dead battery. I grew up in a neighborhood with one Mexican dad, and everyone else on the block, and probably several blocks over, was white. I have a hunch that a lot of the Millennial shit-libs grew up neighborhoods like this in the 80's and 90's. The Millennial generation, and their Gen X and Boomer ancestors, is too damn white to be that woke about the downsides of diversity. Gen Z will be the first generation of American whites to feel "up against a wall" from the time that they were young.

    The massive waves of immigration that happened in the 2000's and 2010's have brought us way too close to the highly foreign and decadent vibe of the late 1800's and early 1900's. Us older generations can be glib about it, or even defeatist and depressed about it, but those under 20 will have to reckon with how to run a society that's much less white and native born than it used to be. They'll have less margin for error than older generations, which hopefully will spark the right action.

  27. This is NOT THE DAY OF ROME. Transportation and Communications are Far Faster. Its not weeks to go a thousand miles, not anymore. A Single Day and you can get there.

    FEDGOV cannot go on. Its debts are too extreme. They cannot even make the interest soon. You may waste your time listening to the predictions, but worthless they all are. The decades are to squeeze you out, not for The System to FALL.

    You must realize they are lying. Even the dumb can sense it now. The whole thing is already crumbling. Let me tell you the game Citizen trump plays, and now what I say is true. His strategy is delaying and the delay is aimed at YOU.

    Another Banker War is what they have. Syria, Iran or North Korea. Rothschild gets Trump's ear and more. He cares less than nothing about you and yours. The time winds down, and Trump has less than he needs. Mexicans are what AIPAC is trying to recruit. The recruitments are down to hardly none, and the time runs out quite soon.

    Its no longer a question of IF but WHEN. I'd say its fairly SOON. The debts are 200 Billion THIS MONTH The budget is in RUINS. Russia and China know what they are doing. Trump is in the dark. They attack his Rothschild Bank, and Trump has Bush League Leftovers.

    The petrodollar is the Keystone that HOLDS FEDGOV UP. When Bretton Woods is OVER, Uncle Sham is FUCKED. If you've got a bug out bag, use it now and soon. Anyone who doesn't see it must be a raving loon. The Shit Is About To Hit That Fan, and you don't want to wait. There is no such thing as Luck, and you can't wait for Fate. People who want others to help them, get out far TOO LATE. You supported Trump and all you got was a hat. He's not the guy you thought he was, but at least he's still quite fat.

  28. The Jews have gone off the deep end with not only Russiaphobia and Putin as the devil but also on many other topics such as whites as the source of all problems, any restriction on immigration as evil and the jihad du jour (e.g., any questioning of whether genders are fluid) because Jews have created an echo chamber:

    1 Jews have convinced most whites to worship them and Israel and to in large degree define themselves as good people by opposing anti Semitism. Whites have a form of Stockholm syndrome when it comes to how they view Jews

    2 Not only do Jews control most of the traditional media, they control much of social media director and what they don't control directly, they increasingly do with the ADL, SPLC, etc.

    3 Jews have been successful in getting any opposition to their agenda labeled as hate

    4 Now we are at the stage where Jews are criminalizing disagreeing with them. First it was anti BDS legislation that has been passed in 24 states and now South Carolina has a bill they are considering that outlaws anti semitism which is defined in detail as pretty much anything Jews don't like that is said about them.

  29. Sid,

    The left is escalating tensions with a nuclear power for political gain and there is no clear way towards deescalation. Maybe in 2020 with a Democrat presidential victory, though that could just as easily be what brings the neocons happily on board–the promise that Kamala Harris will be tough on Russia!

    Al Du Clur,

    anti semitism which is defined in detail as pretty much anything Jews don't like that is said about them

    A concise, always-applicable definition of anti-semitism is "anything the 2% disagrees with".

  30. "Russia remains the great enemy, even over Germany, because Russia physically isolated Jews in the Pale of Settlement. Germans merely discriminated against Jews, but not too much compared to other people of Europe. Therefore, Russia remains the forever enemy of Ashkenazi Jews."

    Germany is part of the cultural West, which Ashkenazi Jews have had dominion over since the end of WW2. As part of atoning for their contributions to fascist culture and science, the Western countries have embraced greater and greater levels of PC and cultural Marxism. People like Marine Le Pen are effectively marginalized from being able to steer their countries away from cult-Marxism and towards policies designed to maintain trad. demographics and culture. And the new-school Leftists (Soros etc.) realize that once a certain level of minorities (esp. ones from the ME and Africa) establish a beachhead in say, France, elites in these countries can't legislate "solutions" to demographic problems without being accused of Nazism. The Slavic and Baltic countries can be accused of bigotry and miserliness, but keeping out interlopers from other tribes is much easier than attempting to quell them after they set up shop within your borders. Furthermore, the sting of fascist accusations doesn't have the same effect on Eastern countries which never contributed ideology or science to the underpinnings of Western fascism.

    I do hear people like Macron acknowledging that certain things must be done to head off greater cultural instability, but moderate measures to restore stability are generally accepted by the Western elite; what isn't permitted at all is suggestions that Islamic or African culture is so disagreeable as to warrant a total immigration cut-off applied to the 3rd World.

    An additional anchor holding us down is the colonial rap. Countries like France and the Netherlands have to accept a certain level of people from their former colonies, because, well, it's the moral thing to do. How unjust to say that the tribes of your former colonies ought to park their ass in their homelands and stay out of Europe.

    The Soros types must realize, on some level, that the primary motivation for greater diversity in the 1st and 2nd world is to make ethnocentric policies more difficult to implement in erstwhile white countries. If 15-20% of French population isn't white anymore, then, well, I guess statemanship will have to include managing and placating the non-whites. So as long as CultMarxism is embraced by Western elites, we will have to preoccupy ourselves with both making our countries less white while expending greater and greater resources trying to figure out how to defuse the tensions that go along with greater diversity.

    I only see two ways out of this:

    1) An economic collapse puts an end to this deracinated foolishness (resource scarcity makes people more tribalistic, that's why lower-econ. status is usually associated with opposition to immigration)

    2) Old school Leftists regain a lot of power, and as part of their commitment to the (native born) underclass, they agree to weaken PC and lower immigration levels.

    Of course, both things could happen simultaneously. I certainly don't foresee the conservative parties in the English speaking countries relinquishing their commitment to cuck inc. any time soon. Not when such parties have, since the late 70's, been more concerned with economic growth than they have been concerned about the long-term future of their native cultures. For that matter, the Leftists of the 1970's are positively barbaric shit-lords in their opposition to mindless economic growth (of which high immigration levels are an important feature). The New School Left has totally buried stuff like Cesar Chavez opposing Mexican immigrant workers coming to California and depressing wages and worsening working conditions.

  31. Feryl,

    I don't see the Old School Left regaining power. The Old Left was based in unionized industrial workers. The New Left has been based in the public sector and the cultural elite. Trans-Left like Sanders and Corbyn are based in indebted students, in Germany free college renders this kind of politics impotent. The "precariat" that the Trans-left aims to serve pays the least attention to politics. Automation is likely to clear out the retail, fast food and Amazon warehouse workers by 2030, along with truck drivers. Bezos is already moving to establish his own private welfare state. A Dem Congress will get the minimum wage doubled, which will only accelerate this transition.

    An economic collapse is certain by the 2040s, given the certainty that the pensions and entitlements will go bust. Mass automation might head this off, if a basic income is feasible. Peak oil doesn't appear to be the danger it looked like 10 years ago.

    Basic income in the West would only fuel immigration, we will eventually have to pay off the Third World governments to restrict emigration. Most of Japanese foreign aid policy is based on this premise already.

  32. The Old LEft is as relevant as ever…if it existed. The Rregressive Left are literally elites masquerading as charity folk through non-economic and non-political causes, claiming victim status as millionaries because they are anti-White.

  33. Anonymous [AKA "Mr. Jew"] says:

    How did you get those numbers? The poll doesn't show those numbers and when I tried to extract the numbers by computing the difference between 'Other Protestants' + Jews and 'other Protestants' alone I got a sample size of 89 (with 68% serious or imminent threat), other computations (e. g. Catholic+Jews vs Catholic alone) show a sample size of 108-109 for Jews.
    Bottom line, the numbers aren't clear and you can't really rely on this poll.

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