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Those of European descent do not have an ancestral claim to any unique evil. Slavery, colonization and conquest, subjugation, natural resource extraction, war–these are all just things Euros have done more effectively than non-Euros have, often at the expense of other Euros and often at the expense of non-Euros.

The one exception to this assertion is our conception of a morality universal in scope and application, a universality detectable in the history of Western philosophy and of Christianity, a catholicism ultimately the consequence of several centuries of outbreeding.

This universalizing tendency, often referred to as pathological altruism, has increasingly come to be seen as the source of many of the existential problems the Western world faces today. Excepting some fringe groups like the Amish, Euros aren’t becoming less outbred, but we’re being pushed to the limits of what that universalism permits us to tolerate.

The royal “we” in this context refers to Euros generally. For those plugged into the dark enlightenment, this realization isn’t a new one. But it is for an increasing number of ordinary whites, Brexit being the most spectacular illustration of as much.

Survival requires we not fall victim to an is-ought problem. Just because something feels natural to us doesn’t mean it isn’t destructive. It is unnatural to those pouring into Western countries and we are, collectively, beginning to realize that side-by-side coexistence means an erasure of our way life. Either they go or we get a rigid police state. Liberty, equality, or diversity: Choose one.

More than one-third of Labour party supporters voted to leave the EU. This is an admonition for Hillary Clinton, one she will ignore to her own electoral detriment. The parallels with white Democrats crossing over to Trump in November are obvious.

As the Cathedral sees signs that the faith is wavering everywhere, it lets loose volleys of opprobrium and invective at skeptics. But like the Fed when interest rates are already at zero, there aren’t any arrows left in the quiver. The -ists and -phobics suffixes don’t have the chilling effect they used to. Virtue-signalling becomes ineffective when the priors that make the belief appear virtuous are increasingly questioned.

The Cathedral disdains badwhites who are so lacking in virtue-hygiene that they don’t even realize what reprobate they are, but reserves Its most visceral hatred for those who know the framework but not only refuse to play along but instead attack that framework, carving it apart at the joints. The next generation of weapons it will deploy include commanding security forces to stand down when badwhites are physically assaulted and surreptitiously shadow banning those espousing intolerable views.

Parenthetically, here’s Trump on Obama vis-a-vis Brexit and the supreme court ruling:

The alt-right is leading where Conservative, Inc has perpetually failed to, the opening video being but one of many, many examples. It’s imperative we not yield or apologize–most especially when we are commanded to by CultMarx vengeance seekers–and that we not make enemies of those we deem more ‘extreme’ than ourselves. There are plenty of roles that need filling.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. "I actually think his recommendation perhaps caused it to fail."

    LOL shiv through the ribs and into the heart!

  2. Anonymous [AKA "A. Saidt"] says:

    Whining about Joos is unhelpful the point about no enemies to the right being what it is. It turns off smart people who are looking for a way to defend against Muslimizing like, you know, jews. Fine do not apologize for nazism but then don't expect any one else to say sorry for blasting Germany? This internal fighting is counter productive. The same goes with alienating Jews who should be allies.

  3. Here’s a different take on the UK’s referendum result, one provides an harmonious counterpoint to much of what you’ve been saying here lately: “England’s Green and Pleasant Land”

  4. "Whining about Joos is unhelpful"

    JIDF please go.

  5. "Whining about Joos"

    Joos whining is even worse since there's so much more of it.

  6. Anon,

    That excerpt is golden. He verbally body slammed Obama, and he did it so effortlessly.

    A. Saidt,

    If I had to be dropped somewhere randomly in MENA I couldn't do any better than landing in Israel. I don't blame Israel and its lobbies for trying, pretty successfully, to manipulate the rest of the world for its own benefit. Instead, I have begrudging respect for it. Jewish survival is inherently precarious because of the numbers alone.

    That said, Jewish concerns are not our own and there is no legitimate reason that any deference should be given. Israel is not the 51st state. If it became so, that'd actually probably be a demotion. We've already given way too much. Regarding Jewish cultural influence, it's the acts of omission, not commission, that I find deplorable. Yes, Jews suffered in Germany. But non-Jews suffered in the Soviet Union in large part because of Jews. Sailer's quip from several years ago illustrates: "Stalin and Mao killed tens of millions more in the name of inequality than Hitler did in the name of equality."

    It's a mixed bag, but it's presented to us as all good.


    Definitely more nuanced than my own take!

  7. Stay strong. Things are escalating.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The sleeping giant is awakening. The muzzies, the feminists, the social justice warriors, the Good Whites – they have all struck too soon. They thought the pot was boiling fast enough so they cranked up the heat. Cranked it up so much the frog noticed.

    There will be a reckoning.

  9. we, slavic untermenschen, will not apologise for anything – but we will remember what nazis were doing in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia…

  10. Things are escalating.
    The sleeping giant is awakening

    Yes they are, and yes it has.


    As well you should. We're informed by the past and we learn from the past but we are not morally bound by the past.

  11. Audacious Epigone,

    The biggest threat to the progressives is a white population that sees charges of racism as a form of tyranny.

    The phase shift in White opinion seems to be going there, starting with the White Male Working class.

    The reality model here is what happens to drug law enforcement in in urban black areas.

    Most prosecutors in such areas now don't even bother with pot law enforcement because black juries don't convict.

    There are always one or more Black jurors that refuse to convict and exercise "jury nullification," even if they don't have the (sub-standard public school) education to know that that is.

    Federal civil rights laws require the consent of the governed in order to work, and if 10% of whites simply refuse to enforce civil rights laws whenever they are on a jury. It is game over for the progressive enforcement state.

  12. Mil-Tech Bard,

    Wow, it hadn't occurred to me how vulnerable the jury system is, at least theoretically, thanks.

  13. The fact that the charge of racism has been so over used for everything means it is increasingly useless at invoking white guilt.

    See this
    Reflections on the Revolution in the UK: Part 3: Farage’s Poster Is Racist

    Farage was called a racist (and worse [1 minute mark]) for this poster.

    Yet, no one claims this photograph was a fake, i.e., a staged photograph made with actors and props. No one claims that it was photoshopped. No one claims that the skin tone of the people in the photograph was altered or, even, darkened. No one claims that the photograph was out of date. And no one claims that the picture is not representative of the pattern of large scale immigration coming into the European Union (here, Slovenia—an EU member state) from the Third World.

    In other words, if you reproduce a photograph of an actual, recent event, you are a racist. You can even be reported by your political opponents to the police for allegedly inciting “racial hatred,” and then the press will dutifully take notice. See Heather Stewart & Rowena Maso, Nigel Farage’s anti-migrant poster reported to police, The Guardian, June 16, 2016; Jonathan Jones, Farage’s poster is the visual equivalent of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech, The Guardian, June 16, 2016.

    Orwell’s Ministry of Truth is jealous.


    This photograph does teach us something about bigotry, prejudice, and stereotyping. There are some in the Remain camp and the elite media who think many U.K. voters are racist or dumb or both, particularly if they have the “wrong” ethnicity. Exactly who here is the racist?

    Is it any wonder that so many have voted “Leave”?

  14. Audacious Epigone

    REMAIN's Project FEAR was a classic Warner Brothers cartoon exploding cigar, complete with black face.

    See the posters REMAIN politicos were looking at and thinking about using before Jo Cox got assassinated in the BREXIT campaign.

  15. Mil-Tech Bard,

    Who? Whom?

    Reality is racist.

    That basically sums it up. It's increasingly summing everything up.

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