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NAM as Non-Asian Minority
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… now constitutes the first entry in the Urban Dictionary. Great work everybody!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. There's not one for HBD.

  2. Oh wow, even more important than NAM. Submitted an entry. As soon as it gets approved by the editors, I'll provide a link.

  3. I actually prefer NNAM (Non North Asian Minority) to NAM since there are huge differences between North and South Asians. The average IQ of India, for instance, is only 81.

  4. Xuan,

    Do you know if there is a disparity in the success of North and South Asians in the US? And I'm assuming that North Asia is China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan.

  5. Xuan,

    That's a fair point, although Filipinos and Indians do well in the US, exceptionally so in the latter case. NNAM over NAM is relevant in the cases of Hmong and the Vietnamese though.


    See here for some insight into your question based on research done by the CIS.

  6. The Indians in the US do well so far because they were the far right of the Indian Bell Curve

    But it's a very shallow right side of the curve:

    If you go to India and see normal Indians you will find them to be not much different from blacks in their behavior.

  7. 2009 US census survey

    College rate / Median Household income

    Indian = 70.7% / 90400
    Chinese minus Taiwan = 51.2% / 69200
    Taiwan = 74.1% / 81600
    Korean = 52.7% / 52000
    White = 29.3% / 53100
    Filipino = 47.2% / 78000

    Pakistan = 53% / 61500
    Bangladesh = 49.1% / 46600

    US welfare rate by country of origin

    UK = 7%
    India = 19%
    Canada = 24%
    Korea = 25%
    Philipines = 30%
    Russia = 30%
    China = 35%
    Pakistan = 35%
    Peru = 40%
    Vietnam = 50%

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