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Most Black Men Hold O. J. Simpson in High Regard
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More evidence supporting Ben Shapiro’s assertion that skin color doesn’t matter–it’s ideology that does! Opinions of O.J. Simpson (n = 2,988):

That black support for Simpson is more than three greater than white support for him has nothing to do with skin color per se. It’s the consequence of an unfortunate belief–ideology, if you will–in the acceptability of killing white women that just happens to afflict blacks more than it does whites, you see!

The poll portal is accompanied by text describing the sex differences in favorability. It notes that men have a more favorable opinion of Simpson than women do.

The black-white gap is 2.5x the sex gap. Simpson is obviously bad news, though, so pointing out that blacks are fonder of him than whites are would be poor form. Better to portray women as the ones with good sense and men as the troglodytes.

While 2 out of 3 black women view Simpson unfavorably, a majority of black men like him. Pointing out that most black guys approve of a Big Man who pounds a mudshark before murdering her is doubleplus poor form. As such, I sure as hell won’t mention it here!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Bernie Sanders lamented that 1/3 of black men will go to jail. A "fact check" suggested it's more like 1/4. But still, that's unimaginably high.

    None of my family members has been to jail. It's unthinkable I'd be friends with someone who has done prison time. I suppose I knew one guy in high school who went to jail, and I gladly stayed away from that degenerate. He became a joke among my friends when he wound up behind bars – and that experience would probably add 10-20 points to my score on Charles Murray's test about whether I live in a bubble.

    Now, imagine if at least 1/4th of your peers winds up in jail. People who live around bad stenches grow inured to them and become nose blind. So it is with illicit behavior. If a quarter of your peers winds up in jail for dealing drugs, thieving, and every other kind of petty thuggery, then a star football player who kills his wife because she was seeing another man really isn't all that terrible a guy.

  2. He is innocent they proved it!!!!!!!!11111

  3. Sid,

    Right, this is a cultural difference, not a political one. White Republicans and Democrats almost equally disapprove of Simpson (Reps only modestly more so).

  4. The majority of blacks at my job CHEERED when OJ was found "Not Guilty".

    They didn't think he was INNOCENT, mind you. They were just glad the system didn't lock him up.

    OJ's own son was not happy that he was freed. Watch the video.

    Which makes me think he KNEW his dad was guilty… or he did it himself. There's interesting facts around that whole mess. Apparently JR is messed-up in the head, loved knives and (pre-murder) loved knit caps.

  5. It's getting harder and harder to be a blank slate fundamentalist these days.

  6. Michael,

    I distinctly remember being in the cafeteria of my elementary school when the verdict came down. The nice white ladies were horrified. I was too young to have paid any attention to the trail, but the reaction to the outcome is etched in memory forever.

    Random Dude,

    If you have a taste for it, it's correspondingly also becoming easier and easier to make those who maintain that it's true look like fools. I have that taste.

  7. "that Kidnap and Detroit might be vying for the same audience. Indeed there is some significant overlap with both titles’ majorities being females over 25: Detroit is pulling in 44% and Kidnap 42% according to ComScore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak. Originally, Kidnap moved on to this date to grab the female 18-25 demo with Detroit expected to lure upscale arthouse demos and African Americans. Currently percent-wise, Detroit is pulling in the greater amount of African Americans at 40% (its leading demo) to Kidnap‘s 25% and Dark Tower‘s 23%."

    Violent story, mostly male cast….Hmmm, why aren't more guys going to see this? Well, better call Roissy. "A movie about young(er) thugs that superifically is about making people racially and politically hot & bothered, actually is going to make many women (especially single/childless women) sexually hot and bothered."

    That the audience leans older suggests (as does Hillary's base) that Gen X and Boomers are the main audience for "nostalgia" regarding both Mid-Century civ. rights mush as well as the horrendous nature of post-1970 black culture. Remember that poor turnout of Millennial blacks cost Hillary Michigan and possibly Pennsylvania. Those under 40 are not interested in reliving the 60's/70's over and over again. Trump and Sanders are indeed old, but they've got fresh ideas. Late X-ers, Millennials, and Gen Z couldn't care less about the same old same old corporate whore war mongering GOP, or the Dem's stale grandstanding on behalf of "victims" who don't seem to be among the wealthy base that the Dem's have increasingly pandered to.

    Detroit was directed by a Boomer, and many prominent BLM figures are (were?) late Boomer and Gen X mothers.

    One reason we ain't living in the 60's is that the 60's had a generational battle field; younger people grabbed the megaphone and demanded changes, and though some older people were on board with that agenda, the older generations still cringed at how obnoxious and violent Boomers were. These days, a lot of middle-aged folk are actually encouraging violent acting out. Back in the 60's, most older adults acted like adults. Whereas maturing Boomers and X-ers have for the last several decades often been loath to settle into genteel maturity. The Boomers and X-ers who run CNN didn't think anything of interviewing a Millennial college fratboy right after he tried to attack Trump during a rally speech.

    It seems more and more that we just can't rely on those born in the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's, to form an effective enough movement to clean things up. Not unlike the post-civil war era, where the generations born in the earlier 1800's, who gave us the civil war, never made amends and society wasn't put back on track until the generations born in the late 1800's proved to be good leaders in the Depression/WW2 era.

    BTW, I'm not dumb; I understand that there are good older people. Problem is, so many fools were born from 1940-1980 that it creates a bad cultural/political center of gravity that good people can never fully escape. Again, not unlike the civil-war era culture; in which there were some people who wanted to reach an amicable solution to racial/regional conflict but their goals were constantly thwarted by sanctimonious crusaders/idealists who rationalized war and violence.

  8. "A movie about young(er) thugs that superifically is about making people racially and politically hot & bothered, actually is going to make many women (especially single/childless women) sexually hot and bothered."

    Right. When it comes to action movies or drama movies that deal with violence, male teenagers and men in their 20s prefer to have violent protagonists between the ages of 35 to 45. You will even get a lot more mileage out of an old hard ass like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven than a movie about an 18 year old thug.

    Even in war movies, an older, authoritarian protagonist like Gregory Peck in Twelve O'Clock High or Leonidas in 300 will appeal to more young men than movies about guys their age in the infantry.

    Older women dig movies with violent young protagonists between the ages of 15 to 25. Women like older men who are economically successful and emotionally grounded, but young men can make up for it with their sheer physicality and aggressiveness.

  9. Right, men–especially young men–look up to natural leaders of men, not hot-headed lone wolves who are emotionally broken. Men like bands of brothers; women like rootless psychopaths.

  10. Yeah, Detroit is more of a faggy drama than it is an action/heroism story. Besides, merely being a victim at the wrong place and time does not a hero make, since real heroes knowingly seek out a dangerous situation and make the best of it.

    WRT to character hierarchies in guy movies:

    – Van Damme had a sensei in Bloodsport when his character was younger, and he becomes friends with a cocky fellow fighter later on.

    – Luke Skywaler had Obi-Wan and Yoda to train with and Luke eventually bonds with Han Solo.

    – Rambo had Colonel Trautman, who trained Rambo "in everything". In the first Rambo, we actually get more camaraderie with the yokel cops than we do with the heroes. In part 2, he falls in love with a native girl who he eventually has to avenge.

    – Arnold is shown learning from at least 3 older men in Conan, and the middle aged villain tries to corrupt what Conan had taken years to learn. Conan bonds with two other warriors, and grieves one of them later in the movie.

    Bravery, loyalty, and camaraderie are things that guys groove on.

    As for the idea that protagonists should be younger, well, older actors do tend to get picked for hero roles, and when the actor is younger it requires certain storytelling beats: Van Damme's bloodsport character is in his late 20's so they have him played by a different and much younger actor in a flashback, and he's cocky and put in his place by a sensei type older man. Luke in Star Wars is impatient and immature, and it isn't until he's older in the sequels that we really like him.

  11. "Men like bands of brothers; women like rootless psychopaths."

    The latter character archetype is the Byronic Hero, and it appeals to women like catnip. "Jane Eyre," which is almost quintessential Victorian chick lit (though it's superbly well written, don't get me wrong), has Rochester as a Byronic Hero is the love interest for the female protagonist.

    Women love the fantasy that they can tame bad boys. I think you had a tweet recently that a woman wants a bad boy who will be good only to her.

    "Bravery, loyalty, and camaraderie are things that guys groove on."

    Men like stories about rootless wanderers, but more as a character arc. Han Solo, Conan the Barbarian, and also Mad Max in "The Road Warrior," start off as deracinated drifters who are able, through force of will and vision, to bind disparate groups of people together, or at least find their place in a greater cause. "Seven Samurai" also touches on this theme.

    The most timeless example of this character type would be Aeneas. He starts off as a patriotic homebody, loses his home in the war, and weathers through the horrors and travails of wandering across the seas before rooting he and his people in blood and soil to Italy.

    Women who read the Aeneid dislike Aeneas, whereas he's inspirational to men.

  12. Sid, they divorced 2+ years before the murder.

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