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Moribund Marriage and Leaning Leftward
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Heartiste on single women pushing America to the left:

The real reason single women — pre-marriage and post-divorce — more strongly support the Shitlib Party is because they are biologically compelled to seek a male provider and his resources when they are mate-less. If no dependable or asset-rich man is available, then single and divorced women, and especially single moms with future juvenile delinquent and roadside stripper mouths to feed, will seek resources from the best available alternative: Big Daddy Government.

I wondered if that has become increasingly true over the last couple of generations as the perpetual accretion of the welfare state continues unabated. Has the Marriage Gap widened over time?

The GSS provides an avenue to pursue the answer to that question with data going back to the mid-seventies through to the present. The following graph shows the mean political orientation of married and unmarried (defined as separated, divorced, or never married–widows are excluded from the analysis) white women from 1975 through 2014. Political orientation is on a 7-point scale, the lower the value the more liberal the orientation, with 4 as “moderate”:

That white women both married and unmarried have become marginally more conservative is of little comfort in a country that is becoming less white by the day.

If we smooth out the year-to-year fluctuations among the unmarried, we see that the political orientation gap has widened only very modestly over the last four decades.

That, of course, doesn’t undercut Heartiste’s point. To the contrary, it underscores it. While on average married white women remain conservative and unmarried white women liberal, the former is a dying breed while the latter is in the ascent. In consequence, the American female ratchet keeps moving to the left.

The percentage of white women surveyed in the GSS who were married and the percentage who were separated, divorced, or never married, by year:

Forty years ago for every unmarried adult white woman there were four married adult white women. Now there are fewer than two married women for each unmarried one. At the rate things are going, in another generation or two marriage will be the exception rather than the rule.

When women marry the state instead of the fathers of their children, civilization suffers.

GSS variables used: SEX(2), YEAR, RACE(1), POLVIEWS, MARITAL(1)(3-5)

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Does the change in the frequency of unmarried White women track political changes, though? And is one in any way causal to the other?

  2. The lib/con split among whites has been steady through the eighties to today. It looks like white men have moved slightly to the right (up through '08, but it has slid back in the last couple of rounds of surveys).

  3. This is a very unsatisfying situation for single women: Daddy Obama's got way too many girlfriends to give you much money, and Michelle won't let him give ANY love (assuming he likes that sort of thing).

  4. Ron,

    That is actually a pretty big assumption in this case!

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I can tell you for sure that in my own community, young unmarried women do NOT seek the money of the government. heartiste's crap only applies to prole women. Young, unmarried women where I live depend financially on their FATHERS, and sometimes grandfathers and uncles. Divorce, single motherhood, and welfare dependence are for low IQ proles. In the Belmonts of America, we still live like it's 1950.

    Life-long marriage is, and will continue to be, the rule among upper class and upper middle class Whites. Every person over the age of 30 who lives on my street is married to their first spouse. Certain groups of Colored people in the United States are also living their family lives like it's 1950.

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