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Mexico vs. Israel
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This match will determine which nation is the greatest on earth!

Repeating a point he’s made on several occasions, Steve Sailer recently noted:

Mexico gets relatively little coverage in the United States English-language media despite its immense importance to the future of our country.

To assert that the major media are entirely ideologically driven without regard to consumer demand would be hyperbolic, but when it comes to the seemingly inordinate amount of coverage given to a small country on the other side of the Atlantic with fewer people in it than Virginia has relative to the amount of focus given to a country we share a border nearly 2,000 miles long with and that has a population three times that of California (and 14 times Virginia’s), supply isn’t adequately addressing demand.

The most recent Google Trends data shows that for every search in the US including the term “israel”, there are nearly four searches including “mexico” (with searches containing the word “new” excluded to avoid counting the US state in the country of Mexico’s column).

There are, not surprisingly, large geographic variations in search interests. New York leads all states (plus DC) in conducting the highest percentage of searches including “israel” in them (as does New York City when cities are evaluated instead of states), while California leads the pack in the percentage of searches containing “mexico” (sans “new”), followed closely by Texas and Arizona.

What do The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, and countless other major media outlets have in common? Why, headquarters in NYC, of course. Parenthetically, the nation’s capital, home to NPR and The Washington Post, comes in fifth among states in terms of the percentage of searches originating there that include “israel” in them.

The following table ranks the states by their ‘favoritism’ towards Israel over Mexico in terms of percentages of Google searches that include either of the words in them, comprised by simply taking the “israel” search index number and subtracting the “mexico” search index number from it. The index figures used are on a 100 point scale for each term individually, with the most interested state setting the top value of 100 and the figures for the other 50 states being calculated in reference to the top search state in both cases separately. Consequently, even in Massachusetts, the most ‘pro-Israel’ state, searches including “mexico” still outnumber searches including “israel” in absolute terms. Search data are not case sensitive:

State IS-MX
1. Massachusetts +63
2. New York +53
3. Maryland +28
4. New Jersey +26
5. District of Columbia +23
6. Connecticut +17
6. New Hampshire +17
8. Pennsylvania +16
9. Rhode Island +13
10. Hawaii +12
11. Maine +8
12. West Virginia +7
13. Florida +5
14. Ohio +3
15. Alabama +2
15. Delaware +2
15. South Carolina +2
18. Tennessee +1
19. Vermont 0
20. Kentucky (1)
20. Oklahoma (1)
22. Montana (2)
22. North Carolina (2)
24. Alaska (3)
24. Mississippi (3)
26. Georgia (4)
27. North Dakota (5)
28. Louisiana (6)
29. Indiana (7)
29. South Dakota (7)
31. Arkansas (11)
31. Iowa (11)
31. Kansas (11)
34. Michigan (12)
34. Washington (12)
36. Missouri (13)
36. Nebraska (13)
38. Idaho (14)
38. Minnesota (14)
38. Oregon (14)
41. Illinois (16)
41. Wisconsin (16)
41. Wyoming (16)
44. Utah (18)
45. Colorado (24)
46. Nevada (29)
47. New Mexico (34)
48. Virginia (38)
49. Arizona (47)
50. California (48)
51. Texas (54)

A visualization of the data is available here.

The Virginia data may be corrupted, but I don’t want to arbitrarily dismiss them outright without good reason. There are no metro areas in which the “mexico” index score is anywhere close to the state’s total, while the city of Sterling, home to Dulles but fewer than 30,000 residents, comes in at the top spot for all cities in the entire country when it comes to looking up Mexico.

Excepting the Virginia anomaly, the geographic differences are stark. The Northeast, and especially the media establishments therein, are far more interested in their brethren–what? No, no, I meant that in a brotherhood of mankind kind of way, no ethnic insinuations from me!–than the rest of the country is, while the Southwest shows an unbecoming amount of interest in our neighbors to the south.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Part of the reason for the discrepancy is the fact that we live in constant mortal dread of Islam. We're all piddling our collective panties in fear that Islam is going to Conquer the World. This means that Islamic countries – and Israel, right in the middle of Islamic countries – gets a monstrously disproportionate amount of attention.


  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I love to watch "Jeopardy" on TV, have for many years. In the last two or three years I've noticed that questions involving bibical Jews or recent Israeli history or evil Nazi memes come up in virtually every contest. This was formerly not the case. It is consciousness-raising, and elevating the affairs of Jewish people to high rank. In this way it is similar to the observation that there should be more mainstream media stories on Mexico compared to Israel.

  3. Do Mexican-Americans watch "Jeopardy?"

  4. Peter,

    The "we" in this case referring to New Englanders in particular or to Americans more generally?

  5. A lot of Jews, especially alte kocker Jews, watch Jeopardy!. Although it is has been seriously dumbed-down in recent years, it is still a program for those with above-average IQs, good verbal ability, and a passion for trivia, especially about verbal topics (history, etc.). That description screams "Jew", and will never include large numbers of the vibrant diverse. Alex Trebeck out to do ads opposing the Schumer-Graham amnesty bill for his own self-interest.

  6. White gentile Americans care so darn much about Israel (well, not really, but we have been conditioned to care) because of Holocaust guilt and ahistorical, heretical Christian philo-Semitism (in that order of significance). (BTW, I hate the terms anti- and philo-Semitic, but for the latter I am not sure of an alternative: Hebrophilia?)

  7. You can blame one of your fellow anti-Semites, Wilhelm Marr, for coining the term.

  8. "The "we" in this case referring to New Englanders in particular or to Americans more generally?"

    He doesn't have any idea. This is just a scripted comment that he's been leaving on blogs for the last 10 or so years – with the exact same phrasing.

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