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Majority of Republicans Favor Punishment of Women Who Have Illegal Abortions
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Since the beginning of April Reuters-Ipsos has conducted a daily tracking poll asking respondents what penalty, if any, should be given to a mother who chooses to illegally abort her fetus. Among Republicans, a modest majority, 55.8%, favors some sort of punishment for the woman to the 44.2% who do not think she should be punished (n = 1,114). Even among Republican women a slight majority, at 51.5%, favors punishment to 48.5% who do not (n = 748). Punishment is a minority position only just among likely general election voters, with 44.0% favoring some sort of punishment to 56.0% who are opposed (n = 2,414).

In Wisconsin, following an allegedly seriously damaging remark (that offered the only remotely consistent moral position for those who see abortion as tantamount to murder), Trump for the first time performed equally as well with women as he did with men. In every other state with exit polling data so far Trump has fared relatively poorly with women.

This isn’t to cheer the injection the Culture War into an election that has been mostly devoid of it. Far from it. It is, however, a gentle reminder for those on the Trump Train that it’s okay, often even politically advantageous, for our man to go with his gut, to let Trump be Trump. His instincts are good, and his supporters are the most committed of any candidate by far. When he steps off in an unexpected direction, he’s not putting his support at much risk while simultaneously snagging some Cruz or Kasich voters who are less committed to their guys.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous [AKA "Shapiro Sucks"] says:

    With Michelle Fields and now this, Ben Shapiro has been unmasked as the blowhard that he is.

  2. The absurdity of many of the attacks on Trump from the Official Pro-Life spokespeople caught me off guard because it's not an issue I engage with actively. The moral bankruptcy of the movement was eye-opening to me as I'm sure it was to others.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "CuckFree"] says:

    What's the figure for pro-life Republicans? It has to be even higher than this yet Cruz and Kasich supposedly were speaking FOR the pro-life position when they jumped on Donald for this.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Stupid poll question invented by democrats masquerading as pollsters.

    The abortionist should get the punishment. That is the only effective vector for limiting such behavior.

    Surely we can imagine that a woman under duress might consider abortion. Also, how many abortions would she have? Not more than one a day.

    However, the abortionist is under no duress. And he would commit a dozen or more abortions per day. Those who promote access to and commit abortions are the ones who would be the obvious loci for enforcement. Bucket of duh.

    We don't enforce the prohibition on the sale of other contraband by primarily targeting the consumer/victim. When a girl is forced into prostitution, the real offender is the pimp and his customer, not the girl although she is also involved. Same for drugs, gun running etc. The dealers, distributors and providers are the most obvious target of any enforcement efforts. Leave it to lying democrats to craft a devious and stupid question. And leave it to stupid republicans to fall for it. So annoying.

    I am waiting for pollsters to ask what if any punishment would be due abortionists were it illegal.

  5. @Shapiro Sucks —

    Shapiro epitomizes why the right always loses. Many correct instincts but the following terrible blindspots:

    (a) Shapiro doesn't understand that the enemy of my enemy is friend (e.g. Trump).
    (b) Shapiro seemingly doesn't understand even as the great conservative state of California was lost to liberalism, that demographics is destiny.
    (c) Shapiro has personally struggled with being shutdown as the Overton Window shrinks and shrinks, and yet he piles on as an SJW when others (e.g. Trump) open the Overton Window.
    (d) Shapiro is a stupid neocon of the dumbest sort, who really believed that overthrowing every stable government in the Middle East to let primitive Islamists vote would immanentize the eschaton.
    (e) He seems to completely miss that the Republican party *needs* populism if it is to be electorally viable.
    (f) He squawks "racist" as a way to win arguments, apparently too dumb to realize his own vulnerability.

    When I found out his dad was leaving Breitbart at the same time as him, and that his dad had been writing under a pseudonym, I wonder how much his dad has been helping this young prodigy along, along the way. How much more exciting was a young, sharpish conservative boy than his dad would have been. Shapiro has a bunch of books to his name. To what extend was his dad involved?

  6. Should be "Shapiro Cucks" followed by the set of reasons the right always loses.

    Podhoretz, Kristol, Shapiro–am I cherry-picking or is this type of "professional intellectual" inheritance fairly typical?

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