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The only major Trumpian issue not being championed, yet, by the Dems is restricting immigration — but then, neither is that being delivered by the Republicans, who control the entire government. Unlike the locked doors of the inward-looking GOP, the gates of the Democrat party have been left open and unattended — so just invade their territory and dig yourself in as the immigration restriction camp of the Dems.

Perspicacity or delusion?

The latter, I’ll argue. Agnostic again:

The GOP is not “going to learn” from the lessons where “Trump taught them how to win”. They are an ossified party at the terminal stage of hegemony. How long can they be given to learn how to win? Trump destroyed their vision back in 2016. If they’re still ignoring his winning platform, they will not be pursuing it anytime soon.

How long will restrictionists have to wait for Democrats to make even the most non-committal, mild gesture in the direction of immigration restriction?

Rhetorical, of course. The only plausible answer is “indefinitely”. There’s no talk of it whatsoever among any Democrats, anywhere. The Bernie Sanders of 2015 is a distant memory.

Sanders has been an entirely unfettered open borders zealot for years now. Among Democrats, it’s zero tolerance for any nuance on the National Question.

Chuck Schumer, concerned he might get Pelosi-ed for working on a budget deal that allows for a few bollards to be placed along thirty miles of the nearly 2,000-mile long southern border, increased the odds Trump will veto said bill by prematurely bragging about how good it is for Democrats [edit: doesn’t look like Trump will be vetoing anything, just whining on Twitter instead] before anyone has seen the thing. That’s how fanatical the contemporary Democrat party is.

Trump’s successful campaign, with immigration as its centerpiece, showed immigration’s electoral viability among Republicans. Jim Webb, in contrast, had something–anything–other than totally-open-borders entirely to himself in the Democrat primaries and he couldn’t even clear 1% support in a field of five people.

Agnostic downplays the importance of immigration to Trump’s success:

I’d be careful about putting too much emphasis on immigration — it’s not the #1 issue for any sub-group of Americans [AE: that is no longer the case], nor for Trump’s winning coalition.

It wasn’t just Trump’s campaign announcement that put immigration front and center. Channeling the bemusement of political commentators everywhere, Nate Silver noted that, after being operational for months, the only policy platform Trump’s campaign website offered was on immigration. Silver figured that since immigration hadn’t ever won before, it wouldn’t win this time, either–and he, like so many others (but not all!), got BTFO as a result.

It is difficult to overstate how bold a move centering a campaign around immigration was back in 2015. To the infinite frustration of those of us who have tried for decades to make the National Question the preeminent one, it has a pretty lousy electoral track record.

I supported Tom Tancredo in 2008. He was the first Republican since Pat Buchanan in 1992 to make immigration a major campaign issue. He went nowhere.

In 2012, Rick Santorum had a damascene conversion on immigration. He didn’t fare much better than Tancredo. In retrospect it looks like he did okay, but that’s because he was the Kasich of 2016–he simply stuck around longer than a lot of other candidates. Santorum never had a chance at the nomination.

In 2016 we finally saw the first successful immigration-oriented presidential campaign (in the history of the Republican party?) occur. And the second most successful immigration-oriented presidential campaign, too–that of Ted Cruz.

This is exactly the wrong time for immigration restrictionists to do an about-face and try to capture the party that NumbersUSA gives over 90% of current congressional members an “F” grade to.

The siege has been a long and grinding one, but we’ve finally captured a few supply lines and a few of our guys, like Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, have even managed to scale the walls. In 2016, Trump avoided CPAC in fear of being run out of town on a rail. A couple years later, speakers favoring open borders were being booed and heckled by attendees, while Marion Le Pen spoke in the conference room next door. All the Republicans who ‘should’ be seeking re-election but have opted not to are almost all open borders cucks of the worst order. Let Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and others with less name recognition leave the party:

Cuban-American and the first Hispanic woman elected to Congress, [Illeana] Ros-Lehtinen announced back in April 2017 that she will retire at the end of her current term. Speaker Paul Ryan afterward called her “a force.” She has clashed with President Trump on transgender issues, deportations, and his travel ban.

To the extent that the answer is political, it is not to scour the country for the phantom Democrat restrictionist, it is to make immigration the only issue that matters and primary any Republican who waffles on it.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. This notion that the GOP "controls government" is simply false because of Rule 22.

  2. I don't believe Bob Corker is particularly open borders. He's retiring for other reasons.

  3. I'm sympathetic to the argument that the United States would benefit from the implementation of some of Bernie Sanders' ideas (from 2015 of course), but you're not getting that with the contemporary Democratic Party.

    Their leadership is fully committed to The Great Replacement and making us pay for it while it happens.

    On the grassroots level, anti-immigration voices are intimidated and blackballed. Plenty of Democrats disagree with open borders in private but are too scared to voice their views.

    What's more is that the economic populists almost always have shorter legs than the SJWs. Occupy Wall Street took off in late 2011 and dissolved in late 2011. Meanwhile, the "War on Women" of 2012 never went away, it just metastasized into various other forms of malignant feminism.

    Bernie in 2015 wasn't as good as Trump, but he was still fantastic, especially when he had the stones to call open borders a Koch Brothers idea. But that ended by spring 2016, and the Democrats still largely back Hillary's pro-donor, pro-war, and pro-SJW 2016 ideology.

    I don't have as hard of feelings against the moderate Dems that have been winning the Special Elections. They're largely avoiding saying stupid things and are beating losers who never really took a strong stance against open borders. But I don't doubt that when Schumer or Pelosi start cracking their whips, they will cuck instantly on the National Question.

    I am not saying I would never vote Democrat. I made it clear to those around me that I would gladly vote for a Jim Webb or a Bernie over a Jeb! But that doesn't mean there are any viable strands within the Democratic Party who have a reliably commendable stance on immigration. Just the opposite, the party is increasingly dominated by people who couldn't care less about the historical American nation.

    As for now, vote Republican unless they're so bad on immigration and maybe foreign policy that getting rid of them just cleanses the GOP of poison in its bloodstream.

  4. "What's more is that the economic populists almost always have shorter legs than the SJWs. Occupy Wall Street took off in late 2011 and dissolved in late 2011. Meanwhile, the "War on Women" of 2012 never went away, it just metastasized into various other forms of malignant feminism."

    The anti-corporate Left protests that occured off and on, from the 60's-2000's, might as well be ancient history. The Boomer Left, and early Gen X-ers, figured heavily in that era. But later Gen X-ers, and Millennials, the liberals ones anyway, are in the technocrat mold and believe that the "right" kind of corporatists are good.

    We're seeing a role reversal; in the 60's-2000's it was the Boomer Right that championed private enterprise ™ even as said enterprise increasingly embraced cultMarxism. These days the under-40 Right overwhelmingly is disgusted by corporate cucks, as are many "poorly" educated Boomers and Gen X-ers. The elite make-over via radical CultMarxism is complete, and no longer do conservatives blame it on "big government" as they did in the 60's-2000's.

    The Left now goes easy on companies that embrace multi-cult and PC. On the other hand, less elite whites who are now gradually shifting to the GOP are tired of the incompetence and censorship that goes hand in hand with the modern business environment. We know that countless white males were sent to the back of the line for obvious reasons, in favor of "minorities", and we're tired of it. But we can't say anything about, lest we get fired or upset the racial peace. And the minorities are now growing heavily in number, and increasingly affecting areas of the country once thought to be immune from the onslaught. Towns and cities that are still 70+% white now have businesses that insist on bringing in ghetto blacks, Mexicans, and foreigners to do quite a bit of the staffing, and it's usually elite Boomer cucks who run the show.

    Also, The Left which once permitted the NYTimes to editorialize against permissive immigration in the mid-90's no longer exists. And due to demographics (Dem candidates in national primaries and Sun Belt primaries are now chosen by non-whites), it can't exist anymore. The Dems are way too indebted to non-whites and foreigners who want gibs and feel no qualms about agitating against whites and making everything a racial spoils contest. Remember the freedoms are lost amid diversity; even in the 2000's Leftists could still make the case that high immigration levels were corporate welfare at the expense of the working class, nothing more and nothing less. But now the Left sees a non-white future and they don't give a shit anymore about white proles. Due to growing PC that comes from greater diversity, the Left can't complain anymore about foreigners.

  5. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    The Democrats are not going to flip on immigration. The universities need foreign students, and the only reason California and other big cities are growing right now is via foreign immigrants. The native population is moving to the 'burbs or retiring to cheaper cities and states. CT and IL are going to circle the drain before CA, but it's going to take another decade until the blue state model can no longer be denied to be delusional. In the meantime, they're going to howl for more immigrants.

  6. In just a couple tweets, Trump wrecks the neocon plans for WWIII with Russia.

    Clearly, he is the puppet of nobody. His neocon inner circle tried to get him to read these lines about how much America hates Russia and why Russia is the worst country in the world and he easily explained in a few moments to the world why that thinking is retarded.

    Britain desperately hates Russia (and I presume the true reason is that Russia is the antithesis of psychotic British political correctness) but they won't lead a war that America isn't interested in.

    I can't imagine how frustrated the neocons are. They think they have him completely surrounded (which they do) and its no use. Obama, a strong antiwar pacifist in his personal belief, was pressured into the Libya fiasco, so it seems Trump is more his own man than Obama.

  7. bates,

    They could go to the mat on immigration, though, and they won't. It's becoming a more salient issue, but it's the defining issue… yet.


    He's in a safely red state. He'd have had little to fear electorally if he'd been out front on immigration like Jeff Sessions was. He's been more of a disappointment than a despicable quisling over the course of his career, though, I'll concede that.

    Looks like Trump isn't going to fight it. Too bad. It will be interesting to see if how the invaders respond to some peanuts for (restricted, quasi-)wall spending.

    No DACAmnesty, at least. If there's a silver lining, that's it.


    Likewise, if for no other reason than to make it increasingly difficult for an open borders R to get elected.

    I'm getting impatient waiting for the Coalition of the Fringes to start whining about how all these Ds are moderate white men. The worst thing for immigration patriots is for Ds who say little about immigration but do nothing at all to retard the demographic replacement to start winning everywhere. We need to either turn the heat up to 300 degrees or turn the boiler off. Increasing the temperature by a couple degrees at a time gives us the worst long-term odds.


    Indeed. This was really driven home to me when the SCOTUS ruled same-sex marriage to be the law of the land and within minutes every company on the DJIA had released rainbow versions of their company logos. The pozzed convergence is real, and the new left loves it.


    Encouraging. Great, too, for it reveals in opposition–the people who've never seen a 'refugee' whose entire family they didn't want invited into the West are now suddenly crying waaaaycism at Australia.


    Agree. There is no deceleration for them on the great replacement.


    With a Hillary Clinton, we'd probably have that war. Worth reminding ourselves now and again.

  8. "Indeed. This was really driven home to me when the SCOTUS ruled same-sex marriage to be the law of the land and within minutes every company on the DJIA had released rainbow versions of their company logos. The pozzed convergence is real, and the new left loves it."

    I myself am not so much a believer in "traditional" conspiracies as I am a devotee of group think and mass psychology, which can become mass delusion and mass psychosis.

    The cultural Left needs desperately to be back-handed into submission; the problem is that since the mid-70's cultural conservatives will not, I repeat, will not, mass together for collective action designed to shame and intimidate the cultural communists. At best, conservatives think that the most they can do is protecting their castle and family from the worst kinds of bad guys while not consuming too much Left propaganda. There's just no appetite to take to the streets and declare a war against the sickos who want children to "choose" their gender.

    It should also obvious from the cyber war and campus non-sense that we're fooling ourselves if we think that retreating to the hinterlands is gonna work in the long run. Remember that within the last couple years the Left and cultural elites have suggested that all internet commenters do no deserve the shield of anonymity. And comment sections have been stripped away from many sites. They don't even want us to feel camaraderie or progress in the internet realm, let alone physically band together.

    Paul Kersey said that Hillary's bruised ego over the 2016 campaign and growing Marxism among elites would've sparked a government involved crack down on dissident Right culture, had she won. Since all modern left wing elites really do believe that they don't deserve to be ever questioned, criticized, or embarrassed (not unlike a revival of the commie Politburo), their tolerance for dissent of CultMarxism is declining by the day. The reservations about growing elite decadence and mania that some commoners feel should be kept in mind; before every descent into tyranny and elite arrogance, it's all too common for some to dismiss the idea that things would ever get THAT bad. Rarely, if ever, do we see a lot things coming, at least not to the degree that is necessary to ally and fight the lunatics before they run the asylum.

    BTW, at the Unite the Right rally, Clinton bagman Terry McCauliffe, among others, deliberately pitted the Alt-Right and Anti-fa against each other. The Left understands street marches and gathering camaraderie, and have used it well themselves for the last 50+ years. And with each victory the Left has gotten, it's become more and more rare for the Right to even consider using these same tactics. Trump's rallies began to to change the vibe among the Right….And the Left knew it. And that's why we're not going to see large scale Right gatherings ever stay unmolested, from here on out. They want the Right to stay inactive and isolated, just like the good "old" days. The Left has had an unchallenged monopoly on tactical mass organizing since the late 70's (Kent State et al represented the last dying breath of traditionalist elites maintaining order and getting in the faces of bratty Leftists). The best thing we can do is not be intimidated, not be deterred from collective visible action. Unfortunately, the Right turned on itself after Charlottsville, because too many of us still believe that we're above getting our hands dirty. Mad Max LARPing isn't going to cut it. Unless we show that we can fight back, as a large team, the CultMarxists will continue running this country into the ground and inventing more Right wing thought crimes.

  9. (((Illeana Ros-Lehtinen))).

    Sephardic Chosenite. Her mother's parents immigrated from what is today Turkey to Cuba, and her mother "converted" to Roman Catholicism in order to marry her father.

  10. The new extremism on the left on immigration is crazy. It is like they have gone worse than full Communist. I truly believe that they do not deeply think about the future on their own but try solely to go against Conservatives. Since Conservatives try to keep civilization from tumbling down, Democrats have become committed to its destruction.

    This needs to be countered with vicious rhetoric:

    "Democrats believe your wages should drop to zero."

    "Democrats hate it when urban blacks have jobs."

    "Democrats are America last."

    "Democrats are the reason your wages have been stagnant for the past forty years."

    "Democrats believe American citizenship should be given away for free. They believe that being an American is worth nothing."

    I have tremendous hatred toward people like Paul Ryan who occupy 'conservative' positions and not only squander it utterly, but get in the way of people who might be helpful.

    I sometimes think that Conservatives should just step back and let Dems own the destruction for Dems to see sense, except that the left seems capable of going very far down a path of ruin. Look how far they took things under socialism. Look how they still cannot see what is happening in S. Africa.

  11. Damn it.

    What path is there now?

    He couldn't pull the trigger when he had the chance.

  12. By pull the trigger, I mean of course veto.

    The military spending verses the spending on US national defense… Is this some kind of joke?

  13. The Swamp is going for broke. Resident Gump just signed the Death Warrant of this Rump State. Right now, heroin and stolen oil is propping up a Failed State that is running on fumes. Is it fracking, or is all that oil stolen from Iraq and Syria? Afghanistan is about heroin. Much like the British Empire made opium in Afghanistan from the poppy fields to keep their massive Failed State going, so too does the Land of Lincoln rely on illegal drugs brought in by CIA to keep the lights on in the Failed Bubble of the Swamp.
    The debts are no longer sustainable. Even the interest is outstripping their budgets. Its all Falling Out. Underground bunkers for the top. The useful idiots are going to be hung out to dry. No escape and no reset possible. Blowing up the World seems Crazy, unless you have to wipe out a LOT of Angry Victims wanting REVENGE. Blow up the World, and Hide in a Hole. Count da Money as THE WORLD BURNS DOWN.
    Seem improbable? Is it Impossible? Occam's Razor cannot split this. No one can be this STUPID. There must be EVIL here. NO ONE IS THIS DUMB…

  14. "The new extremism on the left on immigration is crazy. It is like they have gone worse than full Communist"

    On an Isteve blog, some one posted a video from 1986 of Joe Sobran fighting off the PC hordes, after William F Cuckley caved to the Israel lobby. One caller said that "these days" name calling is getting worse than ever before. PC really first became an issue in the 80's, it's just that super elites did it first in the 80's and it didn't really filter down to the middle or working class until the early 90's, at which point there was fairly broad negative reaction to PC (Hollywood even made a 1994 movie ridiculing PC, and it's called….PCU, the name of a fictional college depicted in the movie). Rush Limbaugh came up with stuff like "feminazi" in the early 90's, and he gained a huge following of middle class white guys who felt harangued by busy body liberals and affirmative action. Peak opposition to affirmative action came in the early 90's. The period of about 1988-1990 saw stuff like "white privilege" and so forth gain a lot of traction among neo-Marxists and gentry liberals, and it came off as so loony and smarmy that most people who were "poorly" educated (e.g., no college or a lower level grad) thought it was stupid and didn't mind saying so. The Left relaxed and shut up for a while, in the late 90's and 2000's, focusing more on tradLeft issues like corporate corruption and war excess. But in the post-Obama era most traditional liberal issues have been jettisoned in favor of wholesale CultMarxist ID politics.

    BTW, there's a lot of talk in the Sobran interview of homo issues. Gay rights were a niche issue in the 60's and 70's, seldom taken all that seriously by anyone although obviously being gay was no longer as sanctioned as it once was. It was really the rise of AIDS, and the increasing power of muh feelz Boomers, who uhh, thrust gay issues to the forefront in the 80's. The vast majority of middle and working class Americans were if anything just about as homophobic as ever in the 80's, but that horrified live and let live gentry liberal Boomers who were living among an epidemic of people wasting away before their eyes. Sobran tells it like it is and says that promiscuity is the defining trait of gay life; he also "gets away with" saying that he doesn't think homosexual behavior is right. And he doesn't act like a cuck and claim his belief comes from religion. The "gay lobby" (as Sobran calls it) would have you believe that only irrational religious zealots have a problem with gays. The reality is that the vast majority of people from the 1930's-early 1990's had a visceral instinctive distaste for gays. Only during times of decadence (like the late 1800's/early 1900's, or our current era) do we think that it's irrational superstition to be against gays.

  15. The interview also has a lot of thoughtful insight into surging PC Mcarthyism, smearing, and ad hominem attacks that we've all come to know and….Not exactly love. Sobran says that people who say "socially heterodox" things are swarmed by the PC police, and the person guilty of crime think and crime talk has to go to great lengths to clear their name as they deal with bad faith adversaries, who know that they're suppressing discussion of matters that certain people would like to keep under wraps. Go figure that Sobran already is using the term "hysteria" to describe the PC police and the cuck Right that didn't effectively fight back. If the Right had gone down Sobran's road, standing up for itself and making well-reasoned arguments no matter who they offended, we'd be better off. But over the last 30-40 years the Right allowed itself to be bullied into taking the W.F. Cuckley stance of turning red-faced when accused of "bigotry" and relying on "stereotypes" (often following the utterance of scientific facts, and following extrapolations from said facts).

    Of course, gentry liberals were overjoyed when Cuckley made a "bold" stand in the late 60's/70's by ridding "respectable" conservatism of alleged bigots who claimed that Marxists, of whom many were not founding stock Americans, were gradually infiltrating elite power centers in America. By the time that the Me Generation (who grew up fighting "the man") attained great power in the 80's, there no longer was virtually any backbone left in the mainstream Right, who gradually withered away in their influence on elite culture. After basically 35 years of institutional dominance by neo-Marxists, who now run most corporations (!) and are now "norming" more and more women and trannies into taking on more duties in even the military, it's safe to say that we now really are the USSA. The "older generation" that Boomers bitched so much no longer has any remaining effect on institutional culture in the West.

    I hadn't heard about the late Sobran in a while, but now I get why the cucks kicked him to the curb in the 90's, after seeing that 80's video. The "respectable" Right (and of course the Left) was frightened about an articulate Midwesterner talking common sense. Why, maybe you aren't a stark raving nutter if you think that elite Western Leftists really do believe that the Soviets had "the right idea", it was just the execution that was off. And perhaps an entire generation being posioned by Marxist clap-trap in the 60's, and taking over major sections of Western life in the 80's and beyond, was going to have a profoundly dangerous impact on the health and functioning of Western life. Western Boomers were conditioned to hate their own culture, to hate themselves, to feel tremendous guilt at the notion of keeping things small, local, and tribal. No, everything had to be expanded and be more "inclusive". We can't let whites, or men, or native-born people keep all the good stuff. Of course there were plenty of Boomers who hated this crap, but they lost the battle. And furthermore, at least Leftist Boomers could act together, to some degree. Whereas conservative Boomers often bristled at team-work, both within their generation and particularly with other generations. The "I'll just have to retreat to my castle and regroup" mentality is what really destroyed Western conservatism.

  16. Oh yeah, what's that…..The Left is marching to the tune of 6 digits to protest gun rights. Righties want to think it's all an elite conspiracy, well-funded. Well, sure it is. But what's to stop the Right from countering with similar protests? It's not a lack of funding; It's a lack of nerve, and the product of 40+ years of backing down. Also the Right needs to get a clue; all movements have leaders. It almost smacks of jealousy when Righties complain about Left elite leaders. The Right actually is embarrassed and insecure that their own leaders never accomplish anything greater than sucking the CoC's dick. The Right's leaders, such as they are, still are not capable of summoning legions of marchers. Trump being the obvious exception, but right now he's in serious danger of reneging on so many promises that "let's build the wall" might do to his 2020 re-election what "read my lips" did to Bush in 1992. Of course, if Kamala Harris or whoever runs in 2020 and can't stop whining about white privilege and male to female earning ratios than perhaps Trump will win again by default.

  17. So why did the East and West switch roles over the last 30 years? To Eastern boomers, the "older generation" created the Politburo. To Western Boomers, the "older generation" were indifferent to enthusiastic about rigidly defined social, racial, and gender roles which were part and parcel of an All-American (or All-British, or All-Australian) bourgeois capitalist life, which Boomers in their revisionist history is often depicted via well-mannered male elders (and with Boomers, it's always the men of the older generation who are put down) with Klan robes in his closet. As is often the case, what's fashionable to older generations is rejected by their kids and grandkids. It should be noted, though, that to Gen Z the "older generation" is the Boomers and even early Gen X-ers to some degree. Heck, even among Millennials you see embarrassment regarding the excesses of Boomers and Gen X-ers. That's the generational rhythm at work. However, the arrogance and destruction wrought by a generation that got way too big for their britches may not be repaired easily, or perhaps not repaired at all. Ancient Egypt fell, Ancient Rome fell, the Spanish, Dutch, French, and English all lost their empires, etc.

  18. It's been a while since I read Agnostic's blog but even before I stopped reading it, it seemed that his dream was the Berniebros taking over the Democrats, much like the nationalists were/are trying to take over the Republicans. As a former Democrat myself, it pains me sometimes even today to stand up for the Stupid Party but these days, I'll take the Stupid Party over the Evil and Insane Party.

    Even though Trump's immigration plan in 2018 is softer than Bill Clinton's immigration plan in 1995, the Democrats have put all their eggs into the demographic change basket, at least since the mid 2000s. There's no turning back as the Democrats do whatever they can to light any bridges with the white working class on fire. They laugh when whites die and when caught, they just shrug their shoulders and talk about the noble oppressed pee oh cee. Until Trump, the working class just checked out or occasionally put their hope into a Blue Dog who talks a good game but ends up voting with the rest of the Democrats once they get elected (they will find this out with Conor Lamb in PA).

    The Democrat party of even 15 years ago is gone and I think it's a waste of time to hope that an immigration restrictionist wing forms while party leadership is talking about doing whatever they can to push through full amnesty of the "11 million" (read: 25+ million). The Republican party is the White party and it's better to focus efforts in getting Republicans to advocate for white issues than a party who has made it clear that they don't want white people to vote for them.

  19. Jonathan,

    I couldn't argue against you on a day as disastrous as this one if I tried.


    This was teed up to be a "defining moment" in Trump's presidency. In a sick way, it still is–but the definition is all bad.


    Pat Buchanan's speech at the RNC in 1992 is similarly striking to Current Year ears in its reference to homosexuality. He mocks Clinton/Gore as the "most pro-gay and pro-lesbian ticket in history". In case the context is unclear, it was emphatically not meant as a compliment.

    Random Dude,

    Well put as always. It's a case of the grass being greener–or, at least not as dried out and yellow–over there, when in fact the grass is a little healthier where we already are than it is on the other side.

  20. Arguments have their place, but I'm just bringing up facts. All that happy talk and Trump as some sort a savior seems childish to me. Why do you need a savior? I thought Christians already had one of those? Donnie the "sophisticated international playboy" and his whore-mongering are hardly Messiah material.
    This democracy and voting is worthless. Just admit it. They are LETTING illegals vote. How much longer are all of you planning to wait? Until you are a hopelessly outnumbered minority like the Boers?

    Seems like waiting is BAD for you, and good for your enemies…

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