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Like Most International Terrorists, Mutallab and Hassan Were Well Off
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Umar Mutallab and Nidal Hassan, the underwear bomber and Ft. Hood shooter, respectively, are two more recent, highly visible affirmations of former CIA officer Marc Sageman’s finding that rather than coming from the dregs of society, international terrorists tend to be more educated and affluent than is most of the population in the countries they come from:

Most people think that terrorism comes from poverty, broken families, ignorance, immaturity, lack of family or occupational responsibilities, weak minds susceptible to brainwashing – the sociopath, the criminals, the religious fanatic, or, in this country, some believe they’re just plain evil.

Taking these perceived root causes in turn, three quarters of my sample came from the upper or middle class. The vast majority—90 percent—came from caring, intact families. Sixty-three percent had gone to college, as compared with the 5-6 percent that’s usual for the third world. These are the best and brightest of their societies in many ways.

Mutallab’s father is a former bank executive and one of the richest men in Africa (though his father is not a villain–he warned the CIA that his son had cut off communication with him and was a potential threat). Mutallab was in college on his dad’s dime. Hassan is a second-generation Palestinian who grew up in a Virginian middle class household where his parents owned a restaurant. These guys are not mired in destitute poverty, adopting ‘extremist’ views due to a lack of prospects for the future. Their comfortable lives are not exceptions to the rule–they are the rule.

Sageman also found that most (73%) were married, although Randall Parker and Dennis Mangan, among others, showcase compelling arguments that sexual frustration may play some role as well:

In Israel we have much experience with Arab suicide bombers and violent street mobs. One of the most effective remedies to the Intifada suicide attacks was to limit work permits in Israel to Palestinians over 40 and married. (That was improved upon by building a fence around Israel, which completely stopped that phenomenon). We cannot stop them coming to pray in the Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque, and every Friday prayer used to end in bloody confrontations with the police.

So now, when the Arab street gets excited, Israel allows the entrance of only people over 40 and married. About 50% of the Palestinian girls are married by the age of 18, while men usually have to build their house to marry, which is around 30. Marriage is generally an exchange = you have to supply your sister in esxchange for a bride. That’s why “honour killings” are so common – if the sister does not agree, she “brings shame on the family” and the brother cannot marry. Whores are killed by the “morality police”. The consequence is that sexual perversion (goats?) and murderous acts of running amok are quite common in the Arab society, but who cares? They are never reported not here nor in the USA which is OK. I am sure if Major Hassan had been married he would have reacted with less violence.

An assessment similar to the the one done by Sageman based on more recent terrorist profiles would surely be informative.

Parenthetically, the contemporary stigma surrounding men who are sexually frustrated is such that serious discourse on the subject rarely takes place. It is almost inconceivable in contemporary Western society that a well-off, healthy guy with a moderately prestigious occupation whose agoraphobic social awkwardness has left him sexually frustrated could be seen as more deserving of sympathetic pity than a chronically unemployed, uneducated cad who’s been in and out of jail. The former is a loser deserving of ridicule while the latter is to be coddled and cared about, despite the fact that the burgher who can’t get laid does a lot more good for society than the prolish thug who can’t hold a job does. Yet for most people sexual fulfillment is one of the three most important elements (health and wealth being the other two) necessary for realizing contented happiness.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. "It is almost inconceivable in contemporary Western society that a well-off, healthy guy with a moderately prestigious occupation whose agoraphobic social awkwardness has left him sexually frustrated could be seen as more deserving of sympathetic pity than a chronically unemployed, uneducated cad who's been in and out of jail."

    That's surely wrong. If you told your chick friends that you had a friend who was well-off, healthy, and had a prestigious job, but who was socially awkward and needed a date, would they laugh in disgust or try to help him out, either through advice or trying to set him up with a suitable match?

    Then tell them about your unemployable ex-convict cad friend, and see if they feel pity. In reality, they'll say "Wow, what a loser." A high-status, never-been-to-jail cad is one thing, but not a lumpenprole who makes his rounds through the trailer park skank pool.

    It's only the Comic Book Guy type that people rightly despise. He's barely hanging on financially, a bloated slug, and he has a joke job.

    To the extent that he mentions his lack of sex, it's in an indignant or whiny way, rather than being more cool-headed in his expression about something no one else can be expected to care about, as they won't get pleasure from him getting laid.

  2. Agnostic,

    Yeah, I overstated that. Criminal behavior doesn't receive much sympathy from the public (elite opinion is another matter). It probably would hold up better if the second guy is a working class man of middling intelligence who is smooth operator.

    Despite the presumption that women hate betas, I suspect they are more likely to feel sympathy for the guy who can't get laid than men are.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "Olatunde"] says: • Website

    Mr. Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab appears to be a typical CIA MK-ULTRA victim, who was abducted, drugged, hypnotized, and tortured into saying and doing anything that his handlers want him to say or do.
    This technique came out of the office of Strategic Services' OPERATION PAPERCLIP after World War II. The US Senate had tried to shut it down, but merely drove it underground.

    The founder of Scientology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, accidentally uncovered the programme in 1950, and even wrote about it in one of his books (SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL: The Prediction of Human Behavior).
    He was working with optimizing the conscious mind by making people systematically recover their lost memories, and stumbled upon a considerable number of people who testified to remembering being MK-ULTRA processed, and rigged with Handler Triggers. Some were ordered to spy join groups and befriend people, only to spy upon them and report their findings- with no memory of having done so afterward.

    There was inadequate public response to this, and afterward, L. Ron Hubbard was attacked, and his books and apparatus seized by unauthorized government agents. To protect himself and his discoveries, L. Ron Hubbard was forced to declare his system a religion, and demand constitutional protection in 1954, creating SCIENTOLOGY. Therefore, they have been the victims of every sort of infiltration, frame-up, set-up, propaganda smear and what-have-you, to remove from public use the one system that could expose and counteract use of Mind-Kontrol Ultra hypnotism on unsuspecting members of the public.

    This system has been used on your American, United Kingdom, and Australian citizens at various times, to turn them into suicide-soldiers acting completely out of character to viciously murder friends and neighbours, schoolmates and co-workers, and then murder themselves too, so there would be no explanation later. These formed the prtext for government gun-grabbing, which has always preceded successful dictatorship. The FBI has a track-record of offering guns and bombs to people who didn't have any, and may have just been a little free in the mouth, so that it can arrest them and claim to have done great work uncovering a "new Domestic Terrorist Plot."

    For instance, in the 1992 Ruby Ridge seige of Mr. Randy Weaver, who was made a fugitive because he had had a sawn-off shotgun that was about an inch shorter than the legal limit, it emerged that the "friend" who sawed it for him was the FBI asset who turned him in.
    Over this, their sniper, one Lou Horiuchi, shot his wife between the eyes, for coming out holding that most deadly weapon of all- a baby.

    In the 1993 Branch Davidian siege at Waco, Texas,it turned out that they also had an inside informant, and that they even shot their own agents to blame it on the church, whose members were massacred by the FBI/BATF after weeks of torture, and the crime scene bulldozed to hide the evidence.

    While I just want to say, that the USA is bringing this Circus of Death to my country, on my watch, over my dead body, given what happened to the man who put me on to some of this information- Mr. William Cooper- who was shot min his own home on his doorstep, the Police falsely claiming that they had pursued him in a running gun battle- a man who had only one leg- things do not look so good for my side!

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