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La Raza, NAACP Consider Leaving if Semler Does Not
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The Semler saga drags on, still mostly under the national media radar. The absurdity of the groups attacking Semler and her supporters is too blatant for leading leftist sources to delve into. It’d be a repeat of the New York Times incredible obsession with the presumed guilt of the three lacrosse players involved in the Duke rape hoax, albeit on a less serious scale (trying to ruin a career instead of entire lives).

But the country’s two largest racist groups are thinking about taking their annual conventions elsewhere if the 73 year-old grandmother’s head doesn’t roll:

The nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization is warning it may move its 2009 convention from Kansas City because of a controversial city park board member.

The National Council of La Raza is already looking at other cities after the appointment of Frances Semler, an anti-illegal immigration activist, said Janet Murgua, La Raza’s president.

City Councilmembers have also heard concerns from members of the NAACP, which is expected to hold its 2010 convention in Kansas City. The city hasn’t heard directly from officials of the national organization.

The city government is simply too racist! Nevermind that the Minutemen painstakingly (and painfully) make it a point to show that the “Minuteman believes that just as ethnicity, race, religion and all such factors are incidental and do not affect our God-given, constitutional equality as American citizens, such factors are also irrelevant in the debate over illegal immigration. There is no tolerance among Minutemen for racism or bigotry – E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One.” Nevermind that most Americans (54%) have a favorable opinion of the Minutemen, while relatively few (22%) disapprove. Nevermind that an overwhelming majority (66%) of Americans feel current immigration levels are too high, while a paucity (2%) believe they are too low.

It’s common knowledge that La Raza translates into English as “The Race”. Uh, huh. The evidence of Semler’s criminality, besides her membership in the local Minutemen chapter, is her affinity for Pat Buchanan. That is, of course, worse than openly encouraging and helping organize massive protests by hundreds of thousands of illegals in open defiance of federal law. It’s clearly worse than inviting Hugo Chavez to speak to your constituency, as La Raza member Jose Serrano (D-NY) has done.

The NAACP’s position is more ambiguous. Black America is hardly fond of unfettered Hispanic immigration. The KCMO Democratic party is hardly an antagonist. After all, Mark Funkhouser replaced a WASPy former crew for one that the minority activist groups were cheering just days before Semler’s dirty little secret was made public:

Mayor Mark Funkhouser today took a slap at the parks department for decades of ‘elitism and cultural divisiveness’ in naming his appointments to the Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners.’

The commissioners have often been chosen from among the city’s wealthiest,’ Funkhouser said, pointedly making his announcement in Troost Park in the city’s poorest council district. ‘In fact, the reason the parks board is separate from the city management structure at City Hall is because the city’s elites wanted it to be free from the influence of regular folks. With the appointment of this board, I am signaling a change.’

One of the other newly-minted commissioners, Ajamu Webster, is a founding member of the National Black United Front’s local chapter. The NBU Front’s homepage describes it as “a coalition made up of individuals and organizations working together for the benefit of all people of African descent.” Among the NBU Front’s major causes are support for reparations payments and African-centered black separationist schools (in the US!).

Apparently, this not-so-subtle racism does not concern either group like Selmer’s explicitly non-racialist racism does.

Returning to the NAACP’s hesitancy, how the silence of Semler, appointed to be a Board of Parks and Recreation commissioner, will stack up against the words of Julian Bond cannot be something the group’s national leadership is eager to find out about. Talk about the kettle calling the porcelain “black”!

I do not care that these two groups are more ‘racist’ than the Minutemen. Nor do I care that they are entertaining the idea of holding their annual conventions elsewhere. Well, actually, that’s not entirely veracious. I’d love for them to go elsewhere. But I do want to point out the hypocrisy in attempting to extort a leftist mayor for alleged ‘racism’ that cannot be found and only insinuated when the groups behind the extortion are so blatantly involved in what they allege Semler should be censured for.

As a racial realist, I also want to point out how, in the US, renowned for its egalitarianism and universal acceptance, multiculturalism is a constant engine of strife. Racial and cultural diversity inevitably lead to less freedom of speech, thought, and representation. Those clamoring for open borders and more biological diversity for the sake of biological diversity want less harmony and less amiability towards the free-flow of diverse ideas.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Kind of off-topic, but… is there a standard definition of race realism anywhere?

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    The term has also been used to describe the claim that races are real rather than social constructs, and that racial distinctions are enduringly important because racial groups differ by nature (genetically) with regard to such important behavioral tendencies as intelligence and impulsiveness. This claim holds that racial distinctions are real and measurable, and further claims those measurable differences are based in science instead of idealism.

    Examples of scientifically demonstrable racial distinctions are said to include different decision and reaction times, intelligence, crime rates, and medical characteristics, such as differing tendencies toward diseases such as osteoporosis or sickle cell anemia.

  3. Anon's definition serves well. It is, in the way I use it, not an ecumencial values systems, but an attempt at objectivity through empiricism rather than quixotic idealism.

  4. I watch all the major Dem candidates and Sheep-in-sheep's-clothing Reid cower as the ad goes uncondemned by all senior Dems save Nancy Pelosi. She deserves credit for standing up to graymail or blackmail or whatever.

    The KC case looks similar. The careless thuggery of ultra-left big constituencies [besides these two are NEA & the big unions] is destroying any semblance of integrity among the members of a party I belonged to before it went far south in a handbasket.

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