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La Raza Cancels KC Convention
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La Raza isn’t hosting its annual convention in Kansas City next year. Despite major local media pressure (talk radio excluded) and admonitions against ‘costing’ (in the economic sense) the metro economy $5 million, KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser refused to offer the septuagenarian grandmother who serves as one of five commissioners of the all-powerful Board of Parks and Recreation to the mob.

A couple of things to take from this: First, the ululations of the protected class crybabies. Look forward to progressively more whining as current demographic trends continue. The largest Hispanic advocacy group in the country cannot suffer a city mayor appointing a person to a local position if that person is member to a group that has the support of most of America, and that has, despite slanderous lies by La Raza members, done nothing illegal (in contrast to the lawbreakers it is helping law enforcement track), if that group’s aims are deemed to conflict with the political goals of ‘the Race’.

Secondly, La Raza has made obvious, well, the obvious–that it is a racially-partisan organization. The organization makes a strong effort to destroy the public career of a unassuming citizen for joining a group that goes to (ridiculously) great lengths to show that it is not racially motivated, for a perceived sleight to Hispanics, the ethnic group it exists for. No similar outcry over the appointment of Amaju Webster, founder of the local chapter of the National Black United Front, which advocates reparations and separatist education for black Americans. Warnings about hyphenated Americanism come to mind.

Mayor Funkhouser, a Democrat who was initially praised for shaking up the WASPy Parks and Rec board, earned a reputation for indifference to media opinion. Perhaps more accurately, he deserves a reputation for showing deference to public opinion.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Maybe they could hold their convention in Mexico City. I am sure that they would be much happier there. No horrible Anglos around and since it was the Aztec capital it has a historical sense of place.

  2. It is a mendacity far beyond the sun dance of a crybaby. There is a naked hostility toward the European man, by an explicitly racist group. These assassins are whaling not but for monies, nor special treatment, but for dominance. The more time that passes before confrontation, the more likely the trend becomes irreversible.

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