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KU's Tunnel of Oppression
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Following are excerpts from a letter entitled “A new accountability: We can, and will, be better” sent out to all students and faculty at the University of Kansas. Yes, it was sent out to all students, some of who forwarded it to me. KU’s current enrollment is 28,447.

For readers whose last contact with academia took place a decade ago or longer, things have deteriorated more than you can possibly imagine. If so masochistically inclined, read the thing in its entirety:

Earlier this month, over a thousand students, faculty members, staff persons, and administrators toured the Tunnel of Oppression. Presented by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Tunnel is an annual immersive experience of interactive exhibits. Participants engage with different forms of oppression associated with disabilities, economic class, body image, gender, gender expression, sexuality immigration, race and ethnicity.

Presumably there should be a comma between “sexuality” and “immigration”, but I have to confess I’m not entirely sure it’s an error in punctuation. Maybe it’s intended to be read as written.

We left the tour with decisions to make as individuals and as KU leaders – do we stand idle and tolerate people being treated in a discriminatory manner? Or do we assert our leadership and purposefully act to create greater justice in our part of the world and beyond? We choose the latter and we need you to join us.

Do you accept Colin Kaepernick as Lord and Savior, or are you cast into the outer darkness?

What the Tunnel makes clear is that oppression is violence…and violence takes many forms.

We call opinions we don’t like “oppression”. Then we call oppression “violence”. And then we respond accordingly–all in the name of social justice.

In this tour, for example, we experienced brutality visited upon children by police officers

Hands up, don’t shoot.

… inadequate governmental responses to natural disasters in places such as Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. While these multiple visual scenes of cruelty and subjugation were disturbing, equally difficult was the collective debriefing discussion that followed.

If the phrase “government inefficiency” isn’t perfectly synonymous with “cruelty and subjugation”, I don’t know what is!

Yes, the victims suffered, but we are able to share equally in their suffering now. We are practically being whipped by cruel slave masters as we do this important work fighting oppression.

You see, even University administrators struggle with how to understand and do justice work.

You see, even we high priestesses struggle with Sin. Last week, gays were oppressed. By resisting the creation of intersectional space to share with transpersons, some gays are tragically morphing into today’s oppressors. We must help them learn.

As a global nation …


… we see killings in a Walmart parking lot, a Texas church, Las Vegas concert, New York bikeway, Topeka, downtown Lawrence, and even at sea.

No mention of killings at a Tennessee church, in Dallas, in Kansas City, in San Bernardino, in (big apple) Manhattan, in Boston, etc. Who? Whom?

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center

The $PLC has a larger endowment than we do. They would know.

Like universities everywhere, KU is not immune. We have seen languages of terror scribbled on classroom walls, heard menacing words left on office voicemails, anonymous signage meant to incite our campus climate, and encountered unacceptable campus conduct.

Okay, we don’t technically have any hard evidence of who the perpetrators in these incidents are. Rest assured, though, that our Haters–unlike those losers down the road in Manhattan–are cisgendered white gentiles. With blond hair and blue eyes. Named Haven Monahan.

What you can do today:

Use the newly created Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Calendar to find workshops, speakers, and other ways of becoming informed and engaged on campus. You can also enroll in courses that broaden your knowledge such as the many classes offered through the departments of African and African American Studies, American Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Worth every penny of the more than $1,400,000,000,000 in outstanding student loan debt currently loaded on the backs of America’s baristas and Twitch players.

Let’s hold ourselves accountable for what we do and what we tolerate.

Sometimes to “tolerate” we must accept. Other times to “tolerate” we must reject. Remember, tolerance is about Who? Whom?

Oppression’s harmful words and cruelty occur and persist because political leaders, executives, board members, administrators and managers, supervisors, school superintendents, directors, teachers, students and others make everyday decisions to stay silent, maintain ignorance, disbelieve, foster it and/or leave it to others to address.

I had pop-tarts for breakfast so I’m having word salad for lunch.

Oppression is part of the US system of higher education. It is embedded in the unfairness of financial need.

Surely you did not think I was merely a cultural Marxist, did you? My Marxism needs no qualification.

Engage with any of our offices, such as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, and the Emily Taylor Center for Women and Gender Equity.

If you are a cisgendered white male, ensure your chains are securely fastened before shuffling in on your knees to prostrate yourself at the feet of those you oppress.

Faculty and staff can join the ranks of Social Justice Fellows.

Sounds pretty sexist.

It also negates the lived KU experiences for those minoritized and marginalized student, faculty, and staff populations that are persistently and disproportionately subject to varied forms of oppression and its harmful effects.

There is nothing more minoritized than a six-figured ($173,730 last year) black lesbian female professor of American Studies and African Studies and African-American Studies like myself. Despite the harmful effects of varied forms of oppression, I have three majors. I should earn seven-figures. That I do not shows how much work we still have to do.

Oppression hurts us all, some more than others.

Orwell spins in his grave.

Sometimes the weight of hardship makes it hard for us to get past the obstacles, but that is not a reason to stall progress. We can, and will, be better.

Si, se puede.

We are enhancing resources for KU’s queer, trans and non-conforming gender community; undocumented students; students with disabilities; and those who are confronting food insecurity.

So we are enhancing resources for the mentally ill, foreign invaders, affirmative action babies, and land whales (no one on an American college campus has food insecurity brought on by a lack of food; it’s the insecurity regarding the maximum weight load of the elevator that is at issue here). Got it?

Jennifer Hamer

Vice Provost for Diversity and Equity; Professor, American Studies and African and African American Studies

Vice Provost with a triple major and I can’t even make a million dollars a year? Only in the oppressive states of America is this sort of exploitation be tolerated.

We can be better, we must be better, we will be better!

++Addition++Steve Sailer notes it’s the middle-tier State U.s on down that go for this Hall of Oppression dreck. The top-tier schools don’t touch it.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Hopefully when conservatives run the Supreme Court, whites/men can start using anti-discrimination legislation to get these departments shut down on the basis they create a hostile environment to whites/men on campuses and spread racial/gender hatred/resentment.

    • Replies: @Jim Selb

    We can only hope! Either way, this nonsense on campuses must stop.

  2. @chris
    Hopefully when conservatives run the Supreme Court, whites/men can start using anti-discrimination legislation to get these departments shut down on the basis they create a hostile environment to whites/men on campuses and spread racial/gender hatred/resentment.

    Replies: @Jim Selb

    We can only hope! Either way, this nonsense on campuses must stop.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "jim steele"] says:

    Oh, there is a way to take care of the problem children..

    • Replies: @Ward Dorrity

    Why yes. Yes, there is.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It'll only stop when the Fedgov stops subsidizing these commies through their "no questions asked" student loan program. The Fedgov is on the same program with the Federal Reserve. Imagine your lenders saying to you borrow as much as you want and then borrow more to pay back the old loan. We don't care how high your balance goes. When students actually have to start paying for their education then it'll stop. Until then we can look forward to ever more nagging BS by pompous hags like this one.

    Hell will freeze over first I'm afraid.

  5. Alles klar, kommissar.

  6. @Anonymous
    Oh, there is a way to take care of the problem children..

    Replies: @Ward Dorrity

    Why yes. Yes, there is.

  7. pray for nuclear armageddon

  8. Kansas is 86.6% American.

    The Kansas county map looks like a white-male-only-suffrage USA.,_2016

    Governor, Senators, Congressmen: 100% American, 100% Republican.
    State legislature: 2:1 Republican (or better).

    Doesn't the Kansas government control funding for KU? Forget Federal intervention. All it would take is for cuckservatives to actually go to war for their equalist ideology. "We will not tolerate the glorification of victimhood or the denigration of Americans, American culture, or American history. Grow up."

  9. Chris,

    Trump is said to be doing a great job filling federal bench vacancies with deplorable conservative white men. Get Ginsburg out and the stage is set, at least.

    Ward/Dissident Right,

    A Kobach governorship probably would not be okay with this. Don Junior has been campaigning with Kobach. He needs to be elected. There's a lot he'd be able to go after with support from the top.


    Lenders need to be put on the hook for loans that are not paid bag. The responsibility in lending does not rest exclusively with the lendee–the lender also has responsibility not to make bad loans to those who can't pay it back. More substantially, universities should be put on the hook–state what the degree should bring in the market, and if the graduate can't get some percentage of that, the university pays.

  10. "Trump is said to be doing a great job filling federal bench vacancies with deplorable conservative white men. Get Ginsburg out and the stage is set, at least."

    Before his recent troubles, Al Franken was promising to obstruct Trump's MN circuit court nominee. Chuck Grassley evidently tweeted or said that getting him nominated got a lot easier with Franken's job and life in turmoil. Somebody on 4Chan is claiming that Trump and the "white hats" in LE are sowing the seeds of chaos among the liberal elite as long-overdue payback for all the treasonous and obstructionist conduct manifested against the president and his supporters for several years; not to mention the fact that Trump is turning the tables on the elites who tried to witch hunt him with bogus accusations and constant slander and libel regarding the "grabber" tape (in which Trump said that he hypothetically could touch any women, he never said that he actually did it).

    Don Jr. has a bright future, and he's one of those people born in the late 70's/early 80's who just wants to cut the crap, start winning again, and doesn't give a damn about fighting the wars of the past. Not unlike Trump himself, but Jr. won't have any of the baggage of the 50's/60's/70's to get in his way.

  11. Feryl,

    I have high hopes for Junior. He got in on the ground floor of the meme wars. He sees a lot of the alt right. What he lets on is just the tip of the iceberg.

  12. where to start with this madness. I mean who came up with the idea of creating diversity sinecures? I mean it could theoretically be a way of appeasement but as Gregory Hood once wrote
    "The worst part is that the Parasitic Class contains within it a kind of self-reinforcing growth mechanism. The more money you throw at this Class to make them go away in the short-term, the more resources you provide them in the long-term to churn out activists who have no skills beyond screaming about new forms of oppression."

  13. Jennifer F. Hamer is a disgrace to KU and proof positive that our Legislature needs to drastically reduce funding to the University.

  14. Anonymous DissidentRight said…

    Kansas is 86.6% American.

    That we are and it took over 30 years of hard grass roots work to turn the State deep red. The greatest hurdle was beating down the Rockefeller RINO's of Johnson County.

  15. AE, I agree 100% that the university should be on the hook after 10 years or so. We’d finally see a lot fewer of those worthless “Studies” majors.

    I also don’t get why someone with outstanding student loans is entitled to a monster tax refund. The government should just apply that directly to the principal of the loan. That would help the lendee get out of debt and the government would recoup its money. Win-Win.

    Also, I finally know what to get you for Christmas: your own copy of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Calendar! I’m sure you’ll proudly display that in your home!

  16. "We can be better, we must be better, we will be better!"
    Stuart Smalley said it better.

  17. Andrew,

    Introducing that market force into the equation would drastically change the incoming demand for various majors. All the intellectually easy cultMarx crap offerings ending in -studies would be cut drastically by universities who would be unable to afford indulging in them.


    Touche. The "we" in this context is about you, not her, but the entire presentation is about her.

  18. Kobach has shitlord face.

  19. Krusty,

    From a comment to the post on Gab:

    "When you give blacks degrees they didn't earn, and jobs they cannot perform, all they can do is replicate their path to 'success' for other blacks to follow. Eventually the blacks run out of other people's money and so they kill you for what you've got instead."

    Is that South Africa I see way out there on the horizon?

  20. DissidentRight,

    He is incorrigible. He's great.

  21. This "tunnel of oppression" thing is a Jewish invention, created almost 20 years ago at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles (I used to live across the street from it.) South Park made fun of it almost 10 years ago! The fact that this is now a "thing" in the sticks of Kansas is hilarious.

  22. MatinLA,

    Hilarious if not so indicative of our civilizational rot. LA is expected to be a modern day Babylonia, but the American heartland? Yep, here too.


    Maybe real professors were scared away by what happened to real professors who toiled at KU

  24. AE – what I find hilarious is the whole potemkin village and/or cargo cultism that affirmative action sometimes leads to. In a way, this is how communism happens. Not by a bunch of thugs announcing that they are communists but a rather carbon monoxide type of way where the people pushing it don't even consider themselves communists.

  25. Orwell said the image of the future is a boot endlessly stomping on a face. My boot – her face.

  26. Krusty,

    Maybe it'd be funnier if I didn't have young children. These people are lunatics and they're in influential positions–keep in mind this was sent out to 30,000 people–with quite a bit of prestige.

  27. Haven't you heard? "Sexuality Immigration" is a new intersectionality point, where non-white bodies are retroactively entitled to sexually 'own' a white body for an undetermined period of carnal time. It's all part of The Ledger of Atonement.

  28. Earlier this year one of the Iranian refugees living in Reno was worrying he may never see his family again and then he moved to KSU where he works on the theory of complex adaptive systems disruption and counter-measures.

    OK, I just coincidentally ran across this today looking at applications of LSTM RNNs in control systems theory and thought it a bemusing confluence.

  29. Logical Meme,

    Whew, now I'm all caught up… until tomorrow.


    I feel like I'm my toddler and you are me. I hope I'm being extreme with that analogy, but I'm not sure I am!

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