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I recently asked if Mormons are alone among sizable population subgroups in the US in experiencing eugenic fertility patterns.

I failed to even evaluate Jews (there go my alt right credentials!). My thought process was the orthodox have lots of kids while secular Jews don’t and the former are dullards while the latter have the highest mean IQ in the world. Ergo, Jewish fertility must be dysgenic.

There are limitations inherent in the GSS data on the 2% that make those assumptions difficult to put to the test here. Of the total Jewish survey sample, only 5% identify as orthodox. A plurality identifies as reform with the rest being conservative or “none of these”. With only a handful of orthodox responses to work with, they can’t be reliably separated out from the rest of the Jewish sample.

There is also the issue of Jewishness as a religion, an ethnicity, or some combination of the two. The survey only asks about Jewishness in the context of religion, not of ethnicity. Consequently, some portion of ethnic Jews surely identified as having no religion rather than as Jewish. Yet a lot of irreligious Jews must also be religiously identifying as Jewish as well, because the survey’s contingent of religiously-identified Jews is, much to Isaac’s relief, not particularly godly:

That said, among the mostly reform and conservative Jewish sample (n = 449), those with more on the ball make more out of their balls. Their fertility pattern is directionally similar to Mormons, but the Jewish fertility curve is shifted considerably to the left of the LDS one. For good measure, those who indicated they had no religion (n = 3,167) are also included, but only a fraction of this group is ethnically Jewish. To avoid language fluency issues, responses are restricted to those born in the US:

GSS variables used: JEW, RELIG(1)(2)(3)(4)(9), BORN(1), WORDSUM(0-5)(6-7)(8-10), GOD(1-2)(3-5)(6)

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Have you been following the Frame Games/AltJew contretemps?

    I'd love for Andy Warski to host this debate.

  2. chedolf,

    I've not, but would like to listen if it's arranged.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe being so overly tipped into an urbanised community with such a high median wealth and degree-holding rates they are less able to adapt to lower standards of living that come with less success in that area with lower IQ and so are less inclined to start a family earlier until they achieve a certain living standard or are wasting resources not realising they won't achieve a certain standard of living. In the areas Jews compete in, IQ is of much more importance.

    It's not IQ specifically that is causing the low birth rates but the delaying of family until a certain level of wealth is achieved as well as the amount of prime years people spend delaying their lives and settling down while in higher education. That correlates with IQ in white gentiles (Though maybe not if you restricted to people whose parents at least had a middle class income and live in cities) more because all white gentiles don't go so directly into areas where IQ to success or live strictly in cities with high rents and a smaller proportion of white gentiles go to higher education and or take on post-graduate degrees.

    If you restricted to people who had the same amount of time in education, I'd say IQ is eugenic since those people are doing better than the lower IQ people in that environment.

    The proportion of Jews participating in a lifescript of long periods in higher education where higher IQ will tend to lead to better success is much higher than for white gentiles who don't have as much of a tradition of this and for which a smaller upper chunk of the IQ bellcurve participates. That time spent effectively delaying life is where the most harm is done to birthrates but within that cohort engaged in it, higher IQ leads to higher birth rates relative to the others but not compared to those taking a different lifescript.

  4. "Among Jews, those with more on the ball make more out of their balls."

    Someone somewhere is stealing the Nobel prize for literature that is rightfully yours. Truth wrapped in poetry. Is this not great literature's highest aim?

  5. Anon,

    Yes, there is some detectable truth to that in the GSS. It's educational attainment, not intelligence, that inversely correlates so strongly with fertility. Among men, in fact, intelligence may correlate slightly positively with fertility.


    Ha, thanks, but let's not kid ourselves, there are no Bob Dylans here!

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    The lower the IQs of the men you are studying, the less you should believe their answers to "how many kids do you have?"

    If you want to know how many kids a group of women have with 100% accuracy, you just have to ask them.

    For men, even for high IQ, educated, elite men, you'd only be 99% certain at most. If you get a very large group of high IQ men (like 10000), there's bound to be at least one who does not know about a child he sired via a fling or one who does not know that his wife cheated on him and laid her mister's egg.

    With low IQ prole men, they might be underestimating the number of kids they have sired by 10% of more.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Don't Orthodox Jews run diamond businesses? That's not a stupid people occupation. Also, the social support network they have built is very smart:
    (See this comment and a couple others by Meglet.) An excerpt: "OJs have their own college programs, free of left wing politics and optimized to be fast and cheap ways to get marketable credentials."

  8. OJs in the US are usually fairly high IQ, but in Israel they have issues with inbreeding and the IQs are not so hot. I would imagine since a small amount of that occurs here, and people should not automatically assume that they all have high IQs across the board. This is just not the case! If you've ever worked in a school system w/a wide variety of children, you quickly learn (If you aren't purposefully wearing blinders) that the blanket idea about ALL Ashkenazi being several standard deviations higher or Eastern Asians for that matter, not the case. *SOME* are, maybe 75-85% but that's it.

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