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James Holmes Attractiveness Due to Status, Shooting People, or Both?
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Parsing this sort of thing is difficult, but I stand by the original CH formulation. In a list of male attributes ranked in descending order of power over the female libido, fame is at the very top. Fame brings all the girls to the yard. There are a couple posts in the archives featuring videos of pranksters in the field (i.e., a mall) pretending to be someone famous. Once word spread, women flocked to them. Next in the ranking, raw power/dominance. Violent psychopaths exhibit a form of raw power/dominance, and that is likely a big part of their visceral appeal to women.

Heartiste’s comments on Colorado shooter James Holmes’ aspiring harem begs the question of whether or not status, rather than cruelty and violence, is the predominant driver of the female sexual desire on display.

Does Peyton Manning–a physically unattractive, salt-of-the-earth niceguy–attract the same volume of mail attention from women that Holmes does? I have no idea. While it almost certainly doesn’t comprise as high a percentage of the total mail Manning receives as it does Holmes, in absolute revealing photo counts, I’d guess Manning gets more. As a greater beta, that’s what I want to believe, anyway, but I’ll defer to the discerning devil on this question if he deems it worthy of taking up.

What about (relatively) low-profile murder compared to status? Does Manning attract the same volume of mail attention that a less notorious murderer does? How much of the lusting is driven by the implied high status that comes from attention–of any kind–and how much is driven by violence and psychopathy per se? Both factors are contributory. The question is one of degree.

Whatever the distribution, modern WEIRDO treatment of its societal miscreants perpetuates the socially harmful boost in attractiveness these miscreants receive as a complement to the attention that comes their way. We see them in well-dressed and in good health smugly smirking in a courtroom surrounded by authoritative men in suits who are paying attention to them.

The ancients knew better. When Caesar defeated Vercingetorix, he kept him on a subsistence diet in solitary confinement without access to the most basic hygienic services for years before revealing him to the public–bound and broken–and then force marched in humiliation in front of jeering crowds before being ritually strangled. Vercingetorix must have been more of a sex symbol before Alesia than he was half a decade after it.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Not a perfectly fair comparison since Manning gets the +1 for holding a leadership position in a team sport.

    Kind of surprised you didn't pick Tony Romo as an example, given your team loyalties. I'm no expert on what women find physically attractive but he seems to have kind of a goofy looking smile to me. It certainly didn't stop him from blazing a trail through several blonde celebrities, though.

    I guess Holmes isn't technically guilty until the court finds this to be the case, so we can't totally rub his face in the dirt, but it would be nice if the wheels of justice could turn more quickly.

  2. Jokah,

    Peyton is a safer bet than Romo both for exemplary behavior off the field and for lack of facial attractiveness.

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