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In Government We Trust?
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Just in time for the bipartisan, full-court amnesty press, Pew provides some insight into why our political class is so eager to elect a new people. The research center surveyed people in the US on the levels of trust they have in the federal government.

Guess which group was the most likely to say that they can “trust the government in Washington to do what is right”. This group reports higher levels of trust in the federal government than blacks or even self-described liberal Democrats do. Hint: The GOP’s response to Obama’s state of the union address will be given by an invade-the-world, invite-the-world neocon who will be delivering said response in both English and Spanish.

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  1. The spike of trust in the 18-29 range is pretty peculiar. It may just be a symptom of the election of a new people. I know Steve Sailer, though, has also talked about evidence of a stronger desire to submit to authority among the younger generation.

  2. The spike shouldn't surprise anyone. Between helicopter parents and jail-schools many in that generation have no real idea of what Liberty is.

  3. These trust-in-government surveys need to be taken with a whole salt shaker. The subgroup demo numbers fluctuate wildly based on who is in power, as well as transient events such as unemployment levels, 9/11, and the debate over the PPACA:

    Click on "Trust by Party" to see what I mean. I could not find historic data on race for Pew surveys, but since NAMs are overwhelmingly Democratic, you gotta figure their numbers spike during Dem administrations and plummet during GOP ones. Also, I noticed a graphic from a Pew t-i-g survery from early 2010 showing Hispanic trust at 20-something.

    I don't think Hispanic trust in government is consistently high relative to other groups. They could be thinking right now that the political winds are blowing in their favor, or maybe they perceive our economic "recovery" as good for immigrants (it's been better than for native Americans, certainly).

    Democrats and Indies track closely historically, and are pretty cynical: Dems couldn't even manage to crack 50 on the trust meter during the halcyon days of the first First Black President. The Stupid Party, by contrast, goes gaga over its Dear Leaders, and then goes into a bipolar crash when liberals reign.

    Overall, trust in government has never recovered from Vietnam. The numbers before that war went really sour are astounding.

  4. Noah,

    Yeah, I should've noted that trust levels fluctuate by partisan affiliation based on who's in the white house, though I have hope that the GOP side has experienced a permanent downshifting from how the financial downturn was handled (by Republicans). Republican had really tanked by October 2008. Do you have a link to the 2010 survey?


    Scroll most of the way down to "The Current Trust Landscape." Same graphic as you have in this post, but from March 2010. Hispanic trust at 26. The other demos similar to now AFAICT.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Overall, trust in government has never recovered from Vietnam. The numbers before that war went really sour are astounding.

    Do you wonder if liberals are peeved that by the time they got to the helm of the American ship, it no longer could be steered? Imagine lying cheating and stealing to get to the top of finest machine ever made only to find it was a bucket of bolts now and could no longer perform.

  7. Seeing as how Republican's, let alone conservative's days in power are entirely numbered, I suspect trust in government will continually grow in tandem with the nation's cyclonic descent into the abyss.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I noticed a graphic from a Pew t-i-g survery from early 2010 showing Hispanic trust at 20-something.

    If anything that is even worse news for the GOP. But since the leaderships response to bad news to stick their heads in the sand, it won't make any difference to them.

    I've seen survey's showing that Hispanic Republicans are more in favor of bigger government than are white Democrats. (Naturally the figures are even worse for Hispanic Democrats) So that would tie in with Hispanics having more trust in government when the Dems are in power.

  9. Noah,

    Thanks. There does seem to be quite a bit of noise between the two years (ie conservative Dems vs liberal Dems is as expected in 2010 but not 2012).

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