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In Britain, White Men Need Not Apply at Fire Department
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It’s hard to believe that this same country produced Cecil Rhodes, Frances Drake, and Isaac Newton:

White men have been banned from fire brigade recruitment sessions because bosses want to hit their diversity targets.

Four out of five “open” days held by Avon Fire Service were restricted to women and ethnic minorities.

Critics last night accused the West Country brigade of discrimination. An MP said the move would fuel resentment and undermine race relations. …

In the latest incident, five “have-a-go” days at the brigade’s Bristol HQ were set up to allow potential job applicants to try out firefighting equipment.

They also had the chance to chat to staff and learn more about selection tests ahead of an application deadline next week.

Two of the six-hour sessions have been limited strictly to women and ethnic minorities. Another was for women only and a fourth was laid on exclusively for ethnic minorities.

Only today’s event is open to everyone, allowing white men to attend.

Tell aspiring young men that their local fire department doesn’t want their service because they’re the wrong color, restrict the number of applicants and consequently downgrade the capabilities of the brigade in fighting fires, and put a cloud of suspiscion over all of the women and non-European males on the force so that people perpetually wonder whether they are qualified for their positions, or if they were merely given the job based on their demographic profiles in an effort to fill a quota. Sounds like a formula for propelling civilization forward to me!

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