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In a recent Taki’s column, the Derb parenthetically notes the unfortunate competition for primacy of the acronym HBD that the phrase “human biodiversity” shares with the phrase “happy birthday”.

Nothing against congratulating people for managing to survive another year, but the former phrase is enhanced by the abbreviation while the latter is cheapened by it. Human biodiversity doesn’t have a wikipedia page yet, but HBD does have an urban dictionary entry, albeit a shared one.

I’d grown complacent after human biodiversity easily attained the top spot shortly after its debut over a year ago, but subsequently (possibly as a result of the tripe Derb examined in his article), happy birthday retook the summit, in large part due to a slew of negative votes for human biodiversity. Help keep our version of HBD on top by dropping in to vote human biodiversity up and happy birthday down.

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe a name change is called for. "Human biodiversity" is too often confused as a synonym for simple ole "diversity." The "bio," the most important part of the phrase, is oft-ignored.

    "Genomic diversity" might be closer to the evolutionary truths that we had hoped HBD would suggest but it's true that "genomic" is not as all-encompassing as "bio" and therefore, maybe not as accurate, but it gets the idea across to the uninitiated, don't you think?

  2. Co-opting the term "diversity" is a near must, I think. Does genomic sound too scientific to be broached often in informal, personal conversation?

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    human allelic variation…
    genetic variability…
    allele frequency differences…
    mankind variance…
    nonrandom genomic scatter…
    breed variance…
    human varieties (malloy's blog!)
    i like "human biodiversity" – i was in the field long before the name & i was pleased the day i first saw it called "HBD."

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