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Via Google Trends, the places where the share of searches for “Ben Carson” are the highest. By country:

And by city:

Baltimore is 63.3% black, DC 49.5%, Atlanta 54.0%, Charlotte 35.0%, and Houston 23.7%. The United States as a whole is 11.8% black. Nairobi and Lagos are Kenya’s and Nigeria’s most populous cities.

The late Lee Kuan Yew:

In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.

Unlike those occurring prior to 2008, this presidential election has a chance of being the third historic one in a row!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Two thoughts:

    1. Ben Carson is a smart guy, but it's clear whenever he speaks that he doesn't know much about policy. It's especially bad when he talks about international affairs.

    2. At least Ben Carson is actually black. He'd be the first president whose ancestors were slaves.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    If you haven't noticed by now, your race is which ever part of your ancestry that has the lowest status. If you are 99% White and 1% Black, you are still Black. Race is both a biological and social construct. Left wingnuts can't admit that race has something to do with DNA; right wingnuts can't admit that people like David Cameron are 15/16ths White (he is 1/16th Jewish and racists love to only talk about that 16th of his ancestry).

    As for Ben Carson, I support him because he manages to piss off both the extreme left and the extreme right. He’s a Black man who doesn’t need handouts from White taxpayers to be successful. He’s also against affirmative action, is a member of the Republican party, and has conservative values. Those things piss off extreme left wingnuts. He’s also a Black man who has a higher IQ than most White men. That alone pisses off extreme right wingnuts.

  3. Anonymous, my point was more about how Barack Obama didn't really fit into African-American culture until he won Iowa in 2008. Obama is half-black, which in the US would make him an African-American, but his father was Kenyan. As such, Obama never really looked too black, except for the texture of his hair. (When I saw his speech in the Democratic National Convention in 2004, I wondered what his racial background was.) His upbringing was certainly unique, and throughout "Dreams of My Father" he writes about his struggles with associating with American blacks.

    Once he won the Iowa primary in 2008, the question of, "Is he black enough?" disappeared. Black people were happy to adopt him as a winner.

    In contrast, no one doubts that Ben Carson is culturally, ethnically and racially African-American. He had a DNA test done and it turns out that he's 80% black and 20% white, but most African-Americans have that kind of racial admixture.

    I like Ben Carson personally. He has a cool, steady temperament and it's clear he's a very smart guy and not an Affirmative Action appointee. That said, whenever he speaks about policy issues (especially when it comes to foreign policy), I lose confidence in his ability to be President. His answers tend to be nonspecific and vague.

  4. Carson is appealing to the movement conservative douche who wants to prove to people that he's not a racist. Fox tries to paint him as some kind of non politician, but in reality he's the quintessential pol. He has that remarkable ability to talk and talk without ever actually saying anything at all. His article in the USA Today a couple of weeks ago about BLM was pathetic. He didn't question the premise of BLM, didn't condemn their tactics, and didn't even have the balls to defend the police. He just went on with his PC schmaltz about BLM's "divisiveness."

  5. Anon,

    your race is which ever part of your ancestry that has the lowest status

    I'd amend that to say "your race is whichever part of your ancestry is the fringiest". People who are 1/4 Jewish and 3/4 non-Jewish Euro are a lot more likely to identify as Jewish than people who are 1/4 non-Jewish Euro and 3/4 Jewish are to identify as goy.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    I hope you realize that only part of it is about getting victim status. Of course, it is useful to identify as Black/Jewish/Hispanic/whatever when you are in the company of the leftist establishment. But the other part of this is that if you go to the most extreme racist sites, some of the creatures who comment there absolutely do lump 1% Colored people in with the 100% Colored people, even if the 1% Colored person in question identifies as White, is generally supportive of White American people, votes Republican, etc.

    If the WNs ever take over and form a White racist state, they will first kill or deport the Coloreds in the area. They will then genetically test every single seemingly White person. People with small percentages of Colored ancestry, even if it's 0.1%, will be relegated to 2nd class status, if not worse.

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