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Hamilton: An American Musical vs Hamilton's America
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The Coalition of the Fringes is tearing and fraying more and more by the day.

In response to the public pillorying of Mike Pence, #BoycottHamilton started up. Yes, it’s silly to think a status-signalling display of conspicuous consumption where the dynamic is one of artificially restricted supply designed to insure demand remains unsatisfied is vulnerable to a boycott, but the reactions to the aspiring boycott are useful for revealing to the middle (and the bottom) how much the top despises it:

We can further stir the pot by pointing out how every attack on the middle is an even harsher attack on the bottom. Yes, Republicans are more intelligent than Democrats because of you know who, and yes, more Trump voters than Clinton supporters are able to afford Hamilton tickets because of you know who:

To give the shiv a little twist, keep in mind that Trump did better in flyover country and in rural areas where the cost-of-living tends to be lower than on the coasts and in densely populated areas where Clinton did better. Consequently the Trump voters’ advantage in terms of real standard-of-living is even greater than is their advantage in terms of nominal income.

Here’s another one:

For a figurative backhand, we could point out that Republicans are more knowledgeable than Democrats are about things like current events and history.

Since this is no time for half-measures, however, I recommend we grab the hacksaw instead:

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It's racist and lazy as fuck to assume blacks = Haiti. Who is the smug piece of shit again??

  2. The creator is Puerto Rican. The cast has several blacks and mulattoes. After freeing itself from French rule, Haitian 'emperor' Dessalines led a campaign of blacks and mulattoes to ethnically cleanse (by death, not deportation) any remaining Europeans. The comparison is made neither lightly nor flippantly.

  3. The Left is not used to a Republican President who uses the "bully pulpit" to ridicule their sh**ty behavior.

    That is the difference between a Cuck President like Dubya and trump.

    Trump loves, loves, loves verbal combat and busting chops.

    We can look forward to 8-years of it.

  4. Mil-Tech Bard,

    Social media is the populist's perfect tool. He has the personality, the platform, and now the power for it. It will be fun to watch.

  5. AE

    The Dems are playing to Trump's strength —

    HE HAS A PLANE AND A MEGAPHONE: Trump Would Relish Going After Dem Senators In Supreme Court Fight.

    Schumer’s threat is real. During the debate on Alito, Harry Reid, who was then the Democratic leader of the House, and then-senator Barack Obama attempted a filibuster against him. But far from being intimidated, Donald Trump is likely to relish such a fight. During the annual meeting of the Federalist Society, the nation’s premier conservative and libertarian legal group, a group of its chapter presidents got an inside look at some of Trump’s thinking. Leonard Leo, the Federalist Society’s executive vice president and a leading adviser to Republicans on judicial nominees, told the group that Trump isn’t going to be dictated to.

    Fresh from a meeting with Trump in New York last Wednesday, Leo said that Trump knows the importance of the Supreme Court to the voters who elected him. He noted that exit polls showed that 21 percent of Americans said the Supreme Court was “the most important factor” in their decision about which presidential candidate to support. By a ratio of three to two, such voters went for Trump over Hillary Clinton. “Mr. Trump has a plane and double-digit victories where Senate Democrats are up for reelection,” Leo told the group. “Obstructing his nominees will be a political loser.”

    Indeed, Democrats have 25 of their 48 Senate seats up before voters in 2018. Many are from states Obama lost twice and Clinton once: Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia. Democrat Joe Donnelly of Indiana knows that his state rejected Obama in his reelection in 2012, voted against Hillary, and is home to Mike Pence, the newly elected vice president–elect.

    Four other Democratic senators are from states Clinton lost: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The prospect of a President Trump visiting their states and holding rallies to whip up support for his Supreme Court nominee would make many Democratic senators uncomfortable, especially if Trump supplemented his efforts with TV and social-media campaigns.

    One can imagine.

    Posted at 7:43 am by Glenn Reynolds

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