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Gracious Trump Contrasts with Cruz Combustion
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I’m probably using the adjective “presidential” for the first time in my life here but Trump earned the descriptor today if ever he has up to this point.

Cruz appeared to snap this morning. It looked as though he was on the verge of a full blown mental breakdown. He seemed unhinged as he savaged Trump.

The conventional media perception of Trump is that he can’t take what he dishes out. When the invective is directed at him, he loses it.

This is, parenthetically, far more myth than reality. You don’t climb to the top of the byzantine world of Manhattan real estate by being a lose cannon with a short fuse who nobody likes. But it is a broadly held perception nonetheless.

Well, Trump blew that narrative apart in his victory speech tonight. He praised Cruz and his “beautiful” family on multiple occasions and also spoke of Cruz’s great future:

Trump is no Sulla. He’s more Julius Caesar.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Audacious Epigone,

    The first "American Sulla" was Pres. Andrew Jackson. Trump is very much in that template as a "Jacksonian candidate."

    First, barring someone killing Trump before the GOP convention, the San Bernadino Muslim immigrant terrorist attack and its immediate aftermath guaranteed the Republican nomination for his candidacy.

    Second, this election campaign isn't about numbers.

    Hillary is very sick. (internet searches with "Hillary illness" and "Breitbart" as search terms will get a good article on this) Hillary's doctors released a report that Hillary had a massive internal head trauma from a fall. That fall seems the proximate cause of her leaving as Sec of State and there has been seen in a few photos with what looks like the outline of a medical device in her oversized pant suits.

    Since then Hillary cleared the Democratic field so there is no one else as a viable alternative. (Bernie isn't)

    She is also running a very low tempo campaign, with very few closely controlled events, and had a very noticeable break in one of the Democratic debates that is rumored to have been health related.

    Now Trump has been upping the tempo of his campaign in attacking Hillary and labeling her as "lacking the stamina for the presidency"

    NB: Trump wants to force an intense and protracted marathon Presidential campaign on a sick woman to push her medical collapse before Nov 2016. And Trump had this templated and staffed prior to his announcement back in June 2015.

    There are a lot of reasons I see Trump as an American Sulla, one of them is that his taste for political combat quite literally includes a lust for real blood.

    As for public policy as President, Trump has a lot of anger to work with.

    American elites have been sticking it to the American middle class for generation with increasing levels of bureaucratic political oppression and European style disregard for the will of the governed.

    What you are seeing with Trump is a 2016 echo of the 1825-1843 Jacksonian populist political uprising with the most purely Jacksonian American leader since Curtis Lemay.

    The 1825 Jacksonian populist revolt killed the 2nd Bank of the United States, precipitated the Bank Panic/Depression of 1837, mortally wounded/killed the rump of the Federalist Party, and set the stage for the "War between the States" over slavery with "Natural Sovereignty" for new territories leading to "Bleeding Kansas."

    The American branch of the Transnational Left, it's Wall Street Oligarchs allies, and the fat cat owned GOP elites have no idea of the cultural forces they have unleashed here any more than Putin did with the Ukrainian people in Donbass.

    I do know that the Jacksonians have bought more top end semi-automatic firearms in the last 7-years than in the previous 40 years, while Pres Obama has been pushing executive measures for gun control in the face of that.

    Nothing good will come of this Obama effort, but this is pure American identity politics at work.

  2. Trump as Sulla to Obama's Marius? Interesting.

    Anyway, my analogy wasn't meant to (necessarily!) be broadly applicable. I was referring specifically to Sulla's proscription lists and expansive purges of his enemies, and the friends of his enemies, and the people he didn't like, and the people he assumed he probably wouldn't like, etc to Caesar's notorious clemency.

    Trump need not ever walk to the Capitol building alone, and Lewandowski better not ever let himself be separated from Trump by some sniveling congress critters when he is around them.

  3. >>I was referring specifically to Sulla's proscription lists
    >>and expansive purges of his enemies, and the friends of his
    >>enemies, and the people he didn't like, and the people he
    >>assumed he probably wouldn't like, etc to Caesar's notorious


    You have not considered the awesome power of the Presidential pardon as a tool of proscription.

    Go download and read Tom Kratman's dystopian book 'Caliphate' from the Baen Books free e-book site.

    It is a alt-future book of the USA after a Muslim terrorist nuclear attack where the Presidential pardon power plays a huge role.

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