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Golden State's Core America Hate
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SurveyUSA commissioned polls in California and Minnesota after the 2016 presidential election. Both asked Clinton supporters if they thought Trump voters were racist and also if they thought Trump voters were sexist. The wording of these questions were identical in each survey.

Perceived racism, by state:

Racist? Yes No Unsure
California 65% 16% 19%
Minnesota 40% 20% 40%

Clinton voters in California describe the basket of Trump voters as “racist” by a 4-to-1 margin. Among Clinton voters in Minnesota, it’s 2-to-1.

Hillary dominated California 61.7%-31.6% while narrowly winning Minnesota, 46.4%-44.9%, so it’s not just that California’s leftists more viscerally hate Core America than Minnesota’s leftists do, it’s that there are a lot more of them, both relatively and absolutely.

The survey indicates that more than 40% of all Californians–not just among those who voted for someone other than the god-emperor!–think Trump supporters are racist. Putting aside the vapidity of that term as a normative descriptor, consider that it is about the worst thing someone can be called in contemporary America.

It’s not as if Minnesota serves as a generic red state stand in, either. It was the only state primary or caucus contest Rubio won (he took DC and Puerto Rico as well). It was also the only state in the country to vote for Walter Mondale in 1984. It hasn’t voted for a Republican since 1972–only the Imperial Capital itself has a longer blue streak. Californians’ hatred for heritage America is truly in a league of its own, as was amply evidenced during the primaries.

Perceived sexism among Trump supporters, by state:

No white fecundity in Cali
Sexist? Yes No Unsure
California 61% 18% 21%
Minnesota 41% 23% 35%

More of the same, albeit marginally milder at more than 3-to-1 in California and less than 2-to-1 in Minnesota.

California is only going to get worse. It is one of 17 states where whites are dying off faster than they’re being born. Those who don’t kick the bucket are heading for the hills–only New Jersey and Rhode Island are losing whites at faster rates than California is. Additionally, it’s one of the least fiscally solvent states in the countr y.

Hadrian knew Trajan’s gains in Mesopotamia would cost more than holding them was worth. Giving it up wasn’t an easy thing to do but it had to be done. There are times when a body part must be amputated so that the entire organism doesn’t die. Let California go.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Be fun to see polling results from normal areas of the country re: california.
    Do you hope an earthquake separates cali from the US and it sinks in the ocean?
    Do you care if cali thinks you're racist?
    Do you care if cali thinks you're sexist?

  2. Sadly, we probably do need to separate. Nevertheless for the sake of bargaining, if for nothing else, we should always talk of negotiating the separation of the State of Jefferson from California whenever Calexit comes up.

  3. I live in southern California, many of the white baby boomers who are retiring are leaving the state, many to Arizona. The elementary schools are nearly all non-white, I mean like 90 percent in a lot of cities. Many of the whites who are staying have already married, or their kids have married Mexicans. My buddy went to the San Diego Zoo the other day, he said all the kids there were Mexican, he was the only regular white family. There are still white holdouts in southern California, but they get smaller and smaller every year.

    What worries me most is that there is nothing in place to prevent what happened in CA from happening in Missouri, or Montana. The US gov will never allow California to separate, that is purely wishful thinking on our part. What I tell every white I see in CA is to get out. Right now that is all they can do.

  4. I'm being pedantic, but out of Trajan's conquests, Hadrian gave up Armenia, Mesopotamia and Assyria, and he kept Dacia. Aurelian pulled the Romans out of Dacia in the Third Century. I'm thinking the best historical analogy to what's going on in California is what happened to Texas prior to its independence-immigrants coming in and overwhelming the locals, changing the political situation entirely.

  5. Life is still awesome here. California is definitely worth fighting for. I'd rather we get rid of the Northeast, New England, Upper Midwest, and the black South, tbh. As a CA resident and Alt-Right partisan, I would prefer that Whites remain in the state and attempt a take-over. A new Reconquista is certainly a realistic possibility. Easy. CWII may well start in CA.

  6. O'er at, there's been some MN bashing lately. For the uninitiated (and the majority of people have spent little to no time in Minnesota if they don't have any kind of roots there), MN is POLITICALLY liberal but CULTURALLY conservative. Got it? The Teutonic Upper Midwest is very left wing from a libertarian perspective because folks here tend to love big government. Yet, as you generally see in the majority of the Midwest, MN is quite conservative on social issues once you get out of the damn big cities. And anecdotally, I grew up in blue collar/middle middle class suburbs that bordered browning/blackening areas and I as well as a decent amount of my Midwestern Gen X-/early Millennial peers are racially aware.

    I'll grant you that we're not quite as conservative as the South or the Lower Midwest. But we're still much more socially conservative than the West Coast and Northeast. Why does MN go Dem consistently? Pre mid 60's, it was 'cuz the GOP was the Rockefeller elite and Western cowboy party. Post Mid 60's, it's 'cuz of the GOP's small gubmint pandering and hostility towards labor, which alienated the upper Midwest and Rust-belt.

    BTW, the further West you get the more unrooted people tend to be. So you can imagine why whites Out West tend to be the most racially blinded people of all. Points further East, whites would rather not betray their families who tamed these lands.

    Hardcore cultural liberalism fatally undermines communities. California's sense of community has been annihilated since the mid 80's (not that it was ever that strong to begin with. After all, L.A. was only primarily white in the Mid-Century). You've got spoiled elderly Me Gen Jews, central Americans, gaudy Middle Earthers (an ethnic smorgasbord from the no-trust belt of North Africa, the Middle East and Southeastern Europe), and deracinated/childless Gen X/Millenial whites most of whom weren't raised on the West Coast. Yuck. Keep in mind that as Isteve readers already know, many of California's "whites" are not only not Anglo/Celtic/Teutonic/Italian/Polish, they're actually no-trust Middle Earthers. So undoubtedly Cali's already grim demographics are even uglier than they look like on paper.

    Oh, and for the record, if you subtracted the dolts who voted for McMullin, or subtracted Somalis, Hmong, and Mexicans, Trump would've won MN.

  7. "I'd rather we get rid of the Northeast, New England, Upper Midwest, and the black South, tbh"

    Per Exit polls and anecdotal evidence, Trump did much better than Romney among whites in the Midwest and much of the Mid-Atlantic (e.g. NJ, Upstate NY, the Italian parts of NYC, and Penn.). As expected, the GOP did as good as it usually does in the lower South (absent the yuppies in Atlanta and Charlotte) while performing moderately better than usual in Appalachia.

    I ain't gonna defend New England. That's for damn sure. Maine, Vermont, and NH are the whitest states in the country. Like, 1960 white. They don't even have a demographic excuse like the rest of the country (the Upper Midwest included) has for not voting for Trump in greater numbers.

  8. Robert: You're Cali nightmares are not going to be reproduced elsewhere easily or quickly. I think we're in a realignment in which the rust-belt and non-trendy parts of America asserts itself in spite of whatever the dark urban hordes, childless hipsters, or sell-out culturally liberal yuppies think. As AE hinted at, what makes the West Coast, Denver, Atlanta, Northern Virginia, New Jersey, NYC etc. so offensive to the still extant American-born traditional/racially aware Brits, Teutons, Italians, and Slavs is precisely how unusual and un-American these places have become. Compared to the geographic bulk of America that still hasn't been that affected too badly by changing demographics, and compared to what America is like in wholesome non-striving eras (like the late 1700's/early 1800's, or 1930-1970).

    Between a long-overdue reduction in striving and growing crime rates (the trendoids are pushing a massive jail-break and a lighter policing hand), these havens for white striver and New-American alike are going to lose their luster very quickly. And Al Bundy-Americans (surly Boomers/early Gen X-ers tired of 50 years of run-away Left-wing anti-American/anti-Western Euro greatness crap) and modest white youngsters will be rewarded for not choking on a diet of multi-cult cultural/ethnic suicide.

    Meanwhile, out in Cali the remaining elites will become encamped in elite strongholds ala Brazil as the state swarms with gang-bangers and parasites and anti-Western zealots.

    Also, to Laguna Beach, keep in mind that Teutons are perhaps the greatest force for military restraint and civil order. Two things we are in dire need of. Though the dark hordes and interlopers and clueless liberals in Minneapoils, Chicago, Detroit etc. are not of much use right now, don't underestimate the Midwestern hinterlanders as a force for much needed change. Micheal Barone says that the Upper Midwest has been a dove haven for decades. Well, not counting the Left Coast who right now are so off in Left wing cuckoo land as to be totally worthless until such time that they get a clue).

  9. The last sentence above got a bit garbled. What I meant was that no duh, the West Coast is the most hippie anti-war region of America. But even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Too bad it's also the most pro-drug, pro-porn, and pro-abortion region (albeit New England isn't much better, though New Englanders are more behaviorally conservative/less flaky).

  10. Rich,

    Right. Irreconcilable differences is the thing. Let's apply that progressivism to our relationship with California.




    It's a downward spiral. There is no realistic, plausible way to rectify it. It's time to write off the loss and get out.

    Anonymous Lurker,

    My bad, that sloppiness is unacceptable. You're not being pedantic, you're being accurate and I appreciate that. I was working from memory, faulty memory apparently. Fixed, thanks.

    Laguna Beach Fogey,

    Cali looks like it was one of the few states where Hillary won the white vote. You think atomized old hippies have fight left in them? Would love to be wrong. How about they move to northern California and secede from the new Diversity! paradise that will be southern California.


    Trumpian populism should be viable for the foreseeable then. What explains Rubio's victory? Maybe we can write it off to the vagaries of the caucus process, similarly to Maine? What's your sense of how Minneapolis' Somali ghettoization is affecting Minnesotans' view towards bigger government? Are they connecting the dots that it requires homogeneity–cultural, economic, racial–to work?

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Why does MN go Dem consistently?

    The same reason the Nordic countries go left consistently. When almost everyone is white and Protestant, it's easy to get along and take care of each other because everyone looks, talks, and pretty much thinks exactly the same. This famous economist nailed it:

    A Scandinavian economist once stated to Milton Friedman: In Scandinavia we have no poverty. Milton Friedman replied, That's interesting, because in America among Scandinavians, we have no poverty either.

    [Additionally, it's one of the least fiscally solvent states in the country.]

  12. The biggest concern I have with California is when the next recession hits, California will become totally insolvent and the millions upon millions of Hispanics will just run to places like Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado, turning them all into blue or blue-purple states. Rich white hipsters will flock to Austin, Texas, continuing to purple the state of Texas.

    California is becoming a threat to the rest of the country. We need CalExit as soon as possible and we need to build a wall to seal off the damage.

  13. There are more than enough solid Whites left in CA to execute a take-over. SoCal beach communities, Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Bay Area Old Money–these interests will not allow a bolshevik revolution. If you think the hippies, Mexicans, and Asian colonists are going to mount a credible resistance, you simply don't know CA. This state is much more valuable to the US than the Northeast, New England, Upper Midwest, and the black South combined. The turning of CA from red to blue has been incredibly recent; its reversal is definitely feasible. CA will survive the next downturn, but I'm not so sure about the black-infested areas of the Northeast and South. In fact, CA may serve as a destination for White refugees from other regions.

  14. Laguna Beach Fogey,

    What triggers that takeover? Calexit? The n-H white population is declining not just in relative terms but in absolute terms as well in California. Time isn't on your side. The flip is fairly recent, but that's a relative concept–it's been solidly blue now for an entire generation. What's the formula for a reversal?

    Seems to me that the best hope is the cuck corridor simply based on demography. It's too sparsely populated and too cold for NAMs and it's the only region in the country where whites are procreating at or close to replacement fertility.

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    MN primary wise, I do think we should take the primaries with a grain of salt. Just 114,000 or so people participated. MN has few GOP loyalists, and the caucus process is obscure and time consuming. People were being turned away from some of the locations. A co-worker's family opted to not even bother trying after they approached the caucus site and saw what a zoo it was turning into. The caucus process seems to favor TrueCons and TrueDems who are more willing to invest in getting involved.

    Keep in mind that MN has extremely high turnout in the general election. Which really makes the caucus seem inane and perhaps deliberately elitist.

    I think that if the primary had been held later, conformist Nords would've gone harder for Trump in MN and Iowa. At the same time, the party die hards who dominate the caucus process would've never been that into Trump. It's only been since the actual election that some GOP'ers are finally beginning to warm to Trump.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "This state is much more valuable to the U.S. than the Northeast, New England, Upper Midwest and the black south combined". Can you elaborate on this assertion? Silicon Valley today feels like Detroit was in about 1960–right at the top of the roller coaster. It's also pricing itself out of business, and the information revolution is pretty much over anyway. Next. California used to be the it girl, but that whole dream is gone. As to where the refugees will flee, that all depends where they drop the dirty bomb. Folks will head for the hills, but interior cali isn't particularly hospitable, especially if the water gets cut off.

  17. "Seems to me that the best hope is the cuck corridor simply based on demography. It's too sparsely populated and too cold for NAMs and it's the only region in the country where whites are procreating at or close to replacement fertility."

    Whatever it's faults may be, The South, outside of the striver havens of NorVirginia, Atlanta, and Charlotte (as well as interloper dominated college towns)gradually developed segregation between whites and blacks to keep the peace. The lure of factory jobs and generous welfare eventually attracted a flood of blacks to the urban North, and us northerners still haven't figured out what the hell to do with them. The ongoing civil rights era means that it's basically impossible to outright codify living arrangments or even police dangerous black ghettos.

    The "good" news is that white strivers don't have much use for blacks, which is why so many are shiftless ghetto dwellers or have (best of all) moved back to their ancestral Southern territory (the fevered swampy lowland South is where blacks belong). Bad news is that this necessitates importing taciturn Central Americans and drone Asians to act as cheap labor for white elites who are too striving driven to do chores or even actively raise their kids.

    Long story longer, we need a massive overhaul of ethnic association patterns, immigration levels, and striving. We've been overfed diversity and multi-culturalism. By whom? Primarily the Silent Generation, the most spoiled generation (and most American, as in American born) generation ever. And too many Boomers glibly pushed ideals about "freedom", "rights", and "choices". Mind you, many Boomers in the 60's and 70's believed that one should be able to choose whether to defend one's country or not, one should have a right to opt out or opt into whatever they feel like. The racial conservatives (e.g. real conservatives) of various recent generations have of course been muzzled ever so tighter, to the point that most Americans especially younger ones believe that the only people who opposed 60's/early 70's rights legislation were barbaric rednecks. In fact, lower-middle class whites were justifiably concerned that rights radicals and agitators were making their schools, trains, and neighborhoods more dangerous. In the 20's-50's, teachers, pastors, and cops were respected and sometimes feared. By the early 70's, it was criminals, welfare cases, and rowdy teenagers who gained the upper hand, making a mockery of nominal authority.

    And strivers of all generations need to knock it off. Striving for greater status invariably alienates you from a sense of responsibility towards your community. I think striver havens end up celebrating diversity because as we all know, diversity frays communal bonds. It's all the more easy to get caught up in status wars when your competitors have few to no ethnic ties to you.

    The autistic press is totally clueless about what makes a place great. We hear that Clinton voter-heavy striver agglomerations account for much economic activity. Um, what kind of activity are we talking about? How many things of lasting value get made? Who really benefits from the post-modern economy? What happens to the middle class in these areas? How much scab labor is used? Do people genuinely trust each other?

  18. I think a did post over at Agnostic's once, about who belongs in each region of America.

    Northeast: WASPS, Italians, Slavs
    Appalachia: Scots-Irish
    Lowland South: West African Blacks
    Rust-belt/Great Lakes Midwest: Teutons, Slavs
    Plains: Indians, Teutons, Scots-Irish
    Southwest: Mexicans, Indians
    Northwest: Hippie whites

    You see, it's not even about whiteness per se. It's also about making sure that each region of America retains a certain ethnic sub identity. The era of intense striving turns too many of us into ersatz Jews with no sense of deep long-term roots in a specific area. Silents and Boomers unwittingly shredded the psychological and spiritual grounding of the two subsequent generations by encouraging an extremely narcissistic climate in which hedonistic individual desires always came before long-term stability and tradition. Next thing ya know, we're not even supposed to cast disapproval towards foreigners who abandon their homeland in hopes of striking it rich in a distant land of nihilistic apathy towards communal integrity.

  19. "What's your sense of how Minneapolis' Somali ghettoization is affecting Minnesotans' view towards bigger government? Are they connecting the dots that it requires homogeneity–cultural, economic, racial–to work?"

    Outside of New England and the Pacific, non-striver whites seem distressed by the avalanche of diversity we've been hit with. If we get a commander in chief who stands up for proles and appoints law and order/nativist/race realist types to various branches of government, that ought to be the signal that we no longer have to put as much effort into complying with PC and diversity mandates.

    Imagine if Trumpian government incorporates E-Verify, shreds EEOC laws and compliance enforcers, begins rejecting "humanitarian" non-sense about welcoming all and sundry into America (and it's set-asides, emergency rooms, welfare rolls, homeless shelters etc.), and swiftly ejects die-hard civil rights agitators/enablers from various agencies.

    We can start breathing a little bit easier, not having to worry about being accosted for hiring and promoting people we actually like and respect. Right now Trump is focusing, rightly so, on badgering auto companies to stay in America (he knows they aren't as loony and stubborn as other industries are right now). Imagine if he started threatening tech companies with reprisals unless they began hiring Americans and stopped importing cheap labor and foreign made goods.

    This is the kind of big-government that the Great Lakes region can get behind.

  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Recall that I have attempted to point out this is madness before….now directly:

    You would surrender our priceless geographic advantage of an ocean on east and west flanks to ..Mexicans? Or anyone? We prosper not because we are White [or in certain people's case LILY] but mainly because we have ISOLATED large rich lands.

    We're an island. You would surrender that to avoid a fight?

    What stops them from taking the rest of the country? Certainly not you.

    If it comes to war and you are foolish enough to muster hold your tongue at every council, you'll be shot for cowardice or at least beaten for stupidity.

    All of you.

    Surrender ? Our priceless geographic advantage? To preserve the purity of our Lily, Coward skins? Well it will fail at that. There's no barrier better than an Ocean or for that matter the Southern Deserts within the United States. BTW the same argument can be made for basically abandoning vast internal areas of the country.

    Majority doesn't matter. Are the Mexicans a majority? Are any of the minorities?
    They simply smell pussy and they're taking it.

    If you won't defend CA [richest state in the Union] you won't defend anything.
    And as far as your having babies to compensate: CHILDREN ARE A WOMAN'S ANSWER.
    NOT A MAN'S WEAPON. Not to mention cowardice like bravery may be inherited-so don't.
    We don't need more cowards.

    And if you're women hear this rapidly "your" children will be rather brown, black.
    Also probably more useful. I'll take an 90 IQ brave man over a 165 coward.

    I'd rather wish you all a Happy New Year but this needs to be crushed.


  21. From my (unscientific) investigations over the decades, European-Americans in Southern California tend overwhelmingly to be Germans, Scandinavians, and English (and Scots) from the Midwest and South.

    The Southern infusion in SoCal is not something that's widely known. It's something I'd love to look into in more detail. I do recall that there were some Confederate gangs in the inland areas during the War. SoCal was mostly pro-South.

    You might be interested to know that SoCal is still getting a lot of White transplants from other states, but I don't know their ethnic profile.

    "Time isn't on your side." – Dude, time is running out for all of us. There's nowhere to hide. Stop pretending that rejecting arguably the finest state in the Union will shield you and yours from the coming storm.

  22. Anon,

    Re: Silicon Valley as the new motor city at its peek, that seems intuitive, but it's seemed intuitive to me for a decade now and yet close physical proximity still seems to enjoy a huge premium. I don't know enough about it to attempt an informed comment, but it's interesting.


    the Silent Generation, the most spoiled generation (and most American, as in American born) generation ever

    Is there a Turchian-style cyclical process at work here? Are we entering a time where the foreign-born population will decline again for a generation or two? It's easy enough to make it plausible fit, but the logistics are… less plausibly obvious.

    Paeans for Diversity! are a way for leftist strivers to avoid meaningful conversations in social settings. I've noticed it with extended family members over the holidays this year. My extended family on my maternal side are all SWPLs–a couple actually work in DC, one for Claire McCaskill and another for some sort of organization that advocates on behalf of gays and lesbians (though not other non-binary alphabet soup, I was modestly glad to find out)–and they really turned it on this Christmas. Last year I wore my Trump hat at the same time back when it was commonplace to hear that he wouldn't win a single state in the primaries so I had fun this year with the same hat and a WikiLeaks shirt so I guess I triggered it to some degree, but it's something I've increasingly come to notice.

    Re: Trumpian Republicanism and the cover it'll provide nice Midwesterners who aren't loons and have voted Democrat for the reasons you laid out, that cuck corridor does in fact become the place to be Core America rebooted, or as close as we can get to it.


    Keep northern California and the rest of the West coast–access to the oceans isn't surrendered, but a bunch of deadweight loss is removed and there is a place for Diversity! lovers to go. The evidence is pretty clear that white Californians won't fight for California–non-Californians who do will be seen as occupiers. Better to have an outlet to export those most opposed to civic/ethnic nationalism outside of the country than causing it to implode from within.

    As for the vast areas of the interior, those are the only places whites breed. Procreation isn't a sufficient answer, masculine or feminine, but it is a prerequisite. Don't reproduce and the land can't be held.

    Hypothetically, if Calexit happens, do we send in the feds to keep it from separating?

    Laguna Beach Fogey,

    Re: time running out, indeed, but orientations are changing, too. Young whites are more likely to be identitarian than older whites are, considerably so, despite being more leftist in orientation. Richard Spencer is a good archetype. Buying 15 years could conceivably be the difference. Californians aren't doing anything to give the rest of us any encouragement. Even cuck states like my own are producing guys like Kris Kobach.

  23. Could you do a chart of the states by diversity X fiscal solvency?
    Thank you.

  24. Anon,

    Sun people (or non-white) percentage x an insolvency score for a dyscivic index? Could be interesting.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yes. But not necessarily sun people driven.

    Hawaii is # 5 on fiscal insolvency in the map provided but does not have the traditional "sun people" (unless Pacific islanders are considered sun people).

    It may be the distrust and tendency to leach off different groups that is at work in Hawaii.

  26. Three things:
    1) The northern 100 miles and eastern half as far south as Barstow is pro-Trump. Carve that out, merge it with Nevada, and expel the rest as a dystopian Mexifornia.

    2) CA went "Trump" in 94 w/ Pete Wilson, Prop 187 & again in 96 with Prop 209. The media HIVE has spent the past 22 years vilifying, shaming & pathologizing the electorate's actions from 94 to 96, and this should be examined closely. They used the judiciary to subvert the electorate's will, and despicable media organs of NEOCON GOPe did their best to reinforce this. CO, AZ, NV, IL & OR will be "Californicated" next unless this is understood.

    3) There is somewhere between 4 & 15 million non-citizens in CA. 80%+ are illegal aliens. This population is affecting both poll data & election outcomes. We need to revisit this issue in 2019 after 3M have been deported, and millions more have self-deported with E-verify pressure. Our potential allies in CA are cowed. Let them be liberated by real immigration enforcement, and some cannon ball shots thru the Libmedia HIVE's narrative fortress.

  27. FlyingHigh,

    That'd really be devastating for Democrat prospects. Not only would they lose California, they'd be at risk of losing Nevada as well.

    Trump has an opportunity to rally the troops that Laguna Beach Fogey is referring to, assuming they exist in sizable numbers. Hit California hard with targeted deportations and see how the heritage populations react. If they rally to the flag, maybe there's hope.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It is irrelevant if White Californians want anything.
    It's irrelevant if they fight or if they lay down and die.
    It's irrelevant how anyone votes when it comes to vital geography.

    What is relevant is the terrain. Forget the people look at the map.

    You are thinking like someone who's never seen war and who's country has never been conquered. Well both are happening now and your answer is to retreat further into the flat invasion plain of the Midwest. Your plan makes the heartland into Poland – you know the classic East/West invasion highway of Central Europe.

    "Hypothetically, if Calexit happens, do we send in the feds to keep it from separating? "

    I don't care if we kill every man, woman, child regardless of color or creed.
    We keep the west coast. This is how wars in this case a civilization stakes war are won or lost. We didn't take California in 1847 to make it the Gold Coast. We took it to anchor ourselves on the Pacific. It's a desert. Let it return to the desert.
    Or let it be a radioactive parking lot as long as it's ours.


  29. VXXC,

    Thinking in terms of 3G warfare isn't relevant. NAMs can't field functional conventional armies, they've never shown the capacity for it. On our side there is simply no will to crush them. We can tilt at windmills while what happens to California happens to the rest of the US or we can take the pragmatic steps needed to realistically preserve core America.

  30. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Anyone who'd surrender the West Coast due to "lack of Will" won't summon the will to preserve "core America." Which is indefensible in every category above all it seems will.

    And really you need to read up on war and geography.

    In any case Calexit isn't likely to happen.

    If if does people like me win all the arguments. You'd better hope we're White.


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