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Give Up Your Guns, Goy
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Reuters-Ipsos polling on gun control ran for a couple more weeks after we first visited here. Sample sizes for certain populations of interest subsequently became large enough to allow for a more fine-grained analyses of the results.

As a preface, consider Heartiste’s rather bold assertion made last week:

“Gun control activism” is spearheaded by jews who wish to disarm White Gentiles.

Say what? No, deplorable anti-semite! It’s the kiddies who are leading this thing, and they’re merely demanding–pleading!–to be kept safe. Is that too much to ask?

The following graphic delivers a fully-automatic machine-gunning to the mendacious (((media))) narrative on gun-grabbing. It shows the percentages who strongly favor “banning semi-automatic weapons”, by selected demographic characteristics (N = 7,858):

The archetypal gun-grabber is an old Jewess, not a bright-eyed high schooler. Do not be fooled when the yentas say otherwise.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. So Jews are a whole -four- percentage points higher than Democrats as a whole?? Wow, I guess that does mean that gun control is a giant Jewish conspiracy.

  2. Hispanics like guns more than whites, how about that.

  3. The penultimate sentence, is, of course, assuming that these traits add up linearly. Which does not have to be the case…

  4. YIH says: • Website

    Remember this? Ted Nugent posted this anti-Semitic image on his Facebook page. (Ted Nugent via Facebook). With picture. Other things that are ''anti-Semitic'': 2+2=4, water being wet and the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. When the complaints about Ted telling the truth started coming in, he cucked out harder than Rod Dreher.
    Why is ''anti-Semitism'' on the rise? Because Da Goyim Know.

  5. AE, off topic again but this really is a big story that is just starting to percolate on the normie conservative outlets:

    On Monday, there's going to be a big push to start calling/jamming up the White House phone lines to ask for Trump to seal up the border for this new Honduran Horde that is coming our way. Since you have a good reach, you should please consider having this up as a blog entry as well.

  6. Next Poll: "Percentage of Americans who actually know what the fuck semi-automatic means."

  7. Jig,

    Not all Jews are Democrats, of course. The sample sizes are too small to break Jews down politically, but presumably we're looking at 90%+ of Jewish Democrats strongly favoring a ban, compared to roughly 50% of non-white Dems doing so.


    Karl Rove was right all along–they are natural conservatives!


    Touche. Sample isn't large enough to drill down further but it's a reasonable enough assumption to make. What is clear is that there is not some groundswell of teenagers clamoring for gun control.


    Anti-semitism, pithily defined — Any action, belief, or behavior disapproved of by the 2%.

    Random Dude,

    Will do, thanks.


    The percentages will be lower across the board.

    This poll is useful not for its precision in terms but as a general gauge of gun-grabbing sentiment.

  8. AE

    Agreed. I wouldn't expect the general public to have much in the way of specific knowledge. I'm just curious what the responses would be if the question was presented as "Do you support ownership of guns in which only one round fires per trigger pull?"

  9. Whatever.

    Boys, stock up on high cap Mags and if you haven't already done so, get an assault rifle. I'm an AR guy, but that's just me. Whatever happens, DON'T register your guns. All it takes is 30% of us to refuse to comply… And this idiocy dies.

  10. Glen: Some important reading: You'll be surprised and sickened about how much ''goy control'' has already been implemented.

  11. Random Dude and AE,

    This will be the big test.

    Jerry Brown will try to attract all of the Central American migrants he can.

    If Trump thwarts them, he will have proven himself.

    If he doesn't, we'll vote for a Paul Nehlen protest candidate in the primaries.

  12. Guys, in all honesty, the prerequisite for taking this survey should have included a question to determine if the subject even KNOWS what a semi-automatic is. It is obvious that many women do not (wife for example) and many people who do not own a gun have no idea.

    My neighbors think if you hold the trigger down, a semi just keeps firing; one is a 40ish woman and the other is a 35ish male, neither own guns. I had them both call locals on me when loading an AK and an AR in my 4×4 to take to my farm. It wasn't a big deal, but when confronted both were entirely ignorant of the actual meaning of semi-automatic. The cop thought it hilarious – me, not so much.

    Surveys serve a purpose, but surveying people that have no clue about the subject matter is going to skew things badly. Sort of like asking people if they prefer cold fusion or warm fusion reactors?

  13. Sid,

    The sooner things come to a head, the better. Monday looks like it's the day to get the topic trending and to blow up the WH phone lines.


    Well taken. As noted above, it's probably better to read this as a proxy for gun-grabbing sentiment than as a specific question about a particular series of regulations (or lack thereof).

  14. Absolutely true, YIH.

    But trust me on this: if guys like us here take it into our heads to rebel against our gubbimint and law enforcement… those guys will be in a whole heap of trouble when we start disposing of them by other means.

    They can't even keep drugs off the street, and your average addict is a brainless degenerate. They won't be getting our guns any time soon.

  15. Citizen Trump and the failed state of swamp gas and debt is at the End of the Road. Gun Control and a barbarian horde at the border. The election is nothing. War is here now.
    Korea is just a way to try to get you to die elsewhere while your family and people are raped and murdered like the Boers back home. The enemy is so stupid and predictable.
    Citizen Trump has killed himself with his hubris. These hordes want him DEAD. He's DEAD either way. He a traitor to US and the enemy to THEM. Sayonara Sucker.
    This isn't a plan. Its the typical shill. It never worked before. This time it'll kill em probably. The new Intifada started by that Jerusalem stunt just started.
    They've started fires EVERYWHERE. NO WAY THEY DON'T BURN NOW. Citizen Trump is now hiring Mexicans for his banker wars. That's the "strategy" of DYING EMPIRES. The American Century DIED. That swamp is TOAST. Their skin is in the fire now.
    Underground bunkers and mercenaries. Its not going well for the Rothschild Banking Cabal. Its all happening this time.

    This will be BIBLICAL. Welcome to The Book of Revelation…

  16. Glen,

    There will be no involuntary disarming of the American public, at least not for generations (if/when we become well less than 50% of the population). There will be no voluntary disarming, either. 2A to protect 1A–it's non-negotiable.

  17. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    "Hispanics like guns more than whites, how about that."

    But they'll vote for left-winged candidates that will gut both the First and Second Amendments, and that's all that really counts. Only whites, on the whole, support freedom, and a large part of the reason is that they're the group that the parasites feed on. You can't give the slaves freedom of voice and choice, and you don't want them armed, because some day they may decide they don't want to be slaves and the victims of racist colonialism, and then where will the ticks be without their dog?

  18. Anonymous [AKA "Jprez87"] says:

    Roissy's blog used to be a nice little PUA joint, when did it urn into Stormfront??

    • Replies: @Anonymous

    Hello fellow white people! Boy that Roissy, he sure is terrible isn’t he?

  19. lol at the filename on that graph

  20. @Anonymous
    Roissy's blog used to be a nice little PUA joint, when did it urn into Stormfront??

    Replies: @Anonymous

    Hello fellow white people! Boy that Roissy, he sure is terrible isn’t he?

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