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Gen Z Loves Steve King!
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Via reader HBS, another encouraging sign that Zs are going to be a cut or ten above Millennials (quite possibly the worst generation in American history):

CEDAR RAPIDS — If kids could vote, they would elect Republicans up and down the Iowa ballot, according to the Iowa Youth Straw Poll conducted Tuesday.

Almost 40,000 K-12 students in more than 300 schools participated in the unscientific straw poll, which was sponsored by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate.

It gets better. The mock election included the state’s four congressional districts and the governorship. Which Republican performed best of all, the only person in the poll who garnered an outright majority, you ask? Hint: We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.

From the article (the fourth district is Steve King’s):

Middle America’s striplings are waking up, taking stock, and making decisions that should have the POC ascendancy and their (((enablers))) worried.

Parenthetically, the parentheses denote secular, leftist non-practicing ethnic Jews in America, not our hard-white kindred spirits in Israel! (Acceptable, Gabriel?)

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Parentheses are fine, but boomers are still the worst generation in American history.

    Iowa is a very white state, if I'm not mistaken. I suspect the youth numbers would look very different in, say, California, or even Florida, where the young'uns are becoming ever browner.

  2. I visited Israel recently. The Israeli Jews are very likable. When people found out that I was an American, many said "God bless the USA!" and "God bless President Trump!" I've never found such pro-American sentiments anywhere else in the world.

  3. How does Gen Z feel about Kobach?

  4. Progressive Activists
    8% of Americans

    “The deck is stacked against people of color, against women, against people who don’t have the advantages that others have. It’s not an egalitarian society by any means.”

    60-year-old man, Indiana, Progressive Activist

    Main concerns:

    Climate Change, Inequality, Poverty
    Compared to the average American:

    More than twice as likely to list politics as a hobby (73 percent v. 35 percent)

    Three times more likely to say that people’s outcomes result from “luck and circumstance” (75 percent v. 25 percent)

    Less likely to believe the world is becoming a “more and more dangerous place” (19 percent v. 38 percent)

    More than twice as likely to say that they never pray (50 percent v. 19 percent)

    Almost three times more likely to be “ashamed to be an American” (69 percent v. 24 percent)

    More likely to say they are proud of their political ideology (64 percent v. 43 percent)

    Eleven percent more likely to be white (80 percent v. 69 percent)

    Seven percent more likely to be between the ages of 18 and 29 (28 percent v. 21 percent)

    Twice as likely to have completed college (59 percent v. 29 percent)

    Traditional liberals:

    Main concerns

    Leadership and Division in Society
    Compared to the average American:

    Thirty-six percent more likely to disapprove of President Trump (93 percent v. 57 percent)

    Eleven percent more likely to handle conflict by “getting to the heart of the disagreement” (68 percent v. 57 percent)

    Twelve percent more likely to say, “The people I agree with politically need to be willing to listen to others and compromise” (73 percent v. 61 percent)

    Seventeen percent more likely to say, “We need to heal as a nation” (77 percent v. 60 percent)

    Eight percent more likely to say that to be American it is very important to “believe in freedom and equality” (75 percent v. 67 percent)

    Eight percent more likely to be over the age of 65 (28 percent v. 20 percent)

    Seven percent more likely to be white (76 percent v. 69 percent)

    Nineteen percent more likely to have graduated college (48 percent v. 29 percent)

    Passive Liberals

    Main concerns:

    Healthcare, Racism, and Poverty
    Compared to the average American:

    Ten percent less likely to say they have a “strong sense of home” (23 percent v. 33 percent)

    Six percent more likely to say they feel like a “stranger in my own country” (19 percent v. 13 percent)

    Twelve percent more likely to say the world is becoming a “more dangerous place” (50 percent v. 38 percent)

    Twice as likely to say, “Things have gotten worse for me personally in the last year” (32 percent v. 17 percent)

    Much less likely to be registered to vote (51 percent v. 72 percent)

    Much more likely to be African American (20 percent v. 12 percent)

    Seven percent more likely to be aged 18 to 29 (28 percent v. 21 percent)

    Eight percent more likely not to have graduated from college (68 percent v. 60 percent)

    Four percent more likely to “avoid arguments” (86 percent v. 82 percent)

  5. Trad liberals are 11% of the population, passive liberals are 15% of the population.

    Politically disengaged (26%):

    Main concerns:

    Gun Violence, Jobs/Economy, and Terrorism
    Compared to the average American:

    Eight percent more likely to say that, to fix America, we need a strong leader willing to break the rules (56 percent v. 48 percent)

    Nine percent more likely to believe the “differences between Americans are too big for us to work together” (32 percent v. 23 percent)

    Nine percent more likely to say that “being white” is important to being American (20 percent v. 11 percent)

    Nine percent less likely to make over $20,000 a year (74 percent v. 83 percent)

    More than twice as likely not to be involved in any community activity (78 percent v. 34 percent)

    Much less likely to share political content on social media (5 percent v. 26 percent)

    Much less likely to be registered to vote (52 percent v. 72 percent)

    Ten percent more likely to be black or Hispanic (34 percent v. 24 percent)

    Six percent more likely to be aged 30 to 44 (31 percent v. 25 percent)

    Sixteen percent more likely to have no college education (53 percent v. 37 percent)

    Moderates (15%)

    Main concerns:

    Division, Foreign Tensions, and Healthcare
    Compared to the average American:

    More likely to follow current affairs some or most of the time (80 percent v. 72 percent)

    Five percent more likely to agree that immigration is good for the country (61 percent v. 56 percent)

    Four percent more likely to say police are more violent toward African Americans than others (55 percent v. 51 percent)

    Nine percent more likely to believe that political correctness has gone too far (89 percent v. 80 percent)

    Six percent more likely to be over 45 (60 percent v. 54 percent)

    Four percent more likely to have “some college” (27 percent v. 23 percent)

  6. Traditional conservatives (19%)

    Main concerns:

    Foreign Tensions, Jobs, and Terrorism
    Compared to the average American:

    Thirty-three percent less likely to say the country is rigged in favor of the rich and powerful (47 percent v. 80 percent)

    Almost twice as likely to feel that people like them have a say in politics (46 percent v. 24 percent)

    Eight percent more likely to say that “having two American parents” is a “very important” part of being American (23 percent v. 15 percent)

    More than twice as likely to strongly approve of Donald Trump’s job performance (49 percent v. 19 percent)

    Twice as likely to watch Fox News (57 percent v. 28 percent) and listen to talk radio (25 percent v. 11 percent)

    Ten percent more likely to be white (79 percent v. 69 percent)

    Ten percent more likely to be older than 65 (30 percent v. 20 percent)

    Education similar to average American's

    Devoted Conservatives (6%)

    Main concerns:

    Immigration, Terrorism, and Jobs/Economy
    Compared to the average American:

    Almost twice as likely to list politics as a hobby (63 percent v. 35 percent)

    Three times more likely to support a US-Mexico border wall (75 percent v. 24 percent)

    More than twice as likely to have donated to their place of worship (64 percent v. 24 percent)

    Almost three times more likely to support a Muslim Travel Ban (88 percent v. 31 percent)

    Twenty-four percent more likely to oppose compromise (63 percent v. 39 percent)

    Nineteen percent more likely to be white (88 percent v. 69 percent)

    Fourteen percent more likely to be older than 65 (34 percent v. 20 percent) and much less likely to be young adults born between 1985 and 2000 (11 percent v. 27 percent)

    More likely to come from the South (45 percent v. 38 percent)

    "The Devoted Conservatives are the counterpart to the Progressive Activists, but at the other end of the spectrum. They are one of the highest-income groups, and they feel happier and more secure than most other Americans. They are highly engaged in social and political issues and think that religious liberty, abortion, and terrorism are especially critical issues. They value patriotism and loyalty to the flag. They feel that traditional values are under assault and that Americans are being forced to accept liberal beliefs about issues such as immigration, racial inequality, Islam, and the role of women. They believe that American values are being eroded rapidly, and they see themselves as defenders of those values. "

  7. It seems to me that this cross section of political culture and demographics indicate one thing for sure: Those who are young are either liberal or apolitical, frustration and apathy start to creep in your 30's and early 40's, and older people as they acquire more goodies start to feel a lot more patriotic and believe in self-reliance.

    We certainly do know that many Boomercons originally started out on the Left in the 1960's and early 70's, or simply didn't have much of an opinion either way until they hit middle age.

    We also know that the views of current older conservatives are not going to be transferred easily to many Gen X-ers, and esp. to Millennials, because people born after circa 1970 have had a substantially harder time acquiring goodies. Also, Boomers and Silents could elevate the goodness of America by comparing it to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. X-ers and esp. Millennials can't rely on that tired meme, because in their lives America has fallen on it's ass and become very decadent and unappealing. And a key difference is who we ought to hold responsible. For Boomercons, it's the liberals who spoiled the party. For many X-ers and Millennials, it's the excesses of both the Left and the Right, which intensified after the dissolution of the Soviets, that are to blame.

    The study used a lot of quotes from late Boomers in their 50's; cuck inc., and the mindless sentimental conservatives who buy into America's divine providence, are going to eventually be thrown onto the junk heap of history, for how they glibly ignored the corruption and arrogance that's battered X-ers and Millennials

  8. The minority of hardcore conservatives and liberals are very over-represented in academia, the media, corporate board rooms, etc. because they are the most educated, and thus tend to be the most drawn towards climbing the economic and cultural ladder. And it would appear that the battle is drawn to a large degree on generational lines, with twenty something strivers pushing the most strident form of liberalism, and comfortably wealthy older people being much more patriotic and fearful of wealth re-distribution.

    However, wealth apportionment is heavily generational, with those born before the late 1950's dominating ownership of wealth and assets, those born in the late 50's-late 60's, doing moderately well, and those born after 1970 doing ok or terrible.

    The Millennial new right is overwhelmingly opposed to the social Darwinism and individual opulence favored by most Boomers and many Gen X-ers. Reaganism will die out on account of Millennials having no investment in something that has never benefited them.

    Also, patriotism is heavily predicated on nostalgia for the America of the pre-1990's, which Millennials have no memory of. It's also predicated on doing well, and each successive generation has faced more of a struggle than the last. You don't like something that's never really liked you, you know?

  9. " Pence went through a list of Chinese policies that have harmed the Chinese people."

    Trade."And the Chinese Communist Party has also used an arsenal of policies inconsistent with free and fair trade, including tariffs, quotas, currency manipulation, forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and industrial subsidies that are handed out like candy to foreign investment. These policies have built Beijing’s manufacturing base, at the expense of its competitors -– especially the United States of America."

    Theft. "To win the commanding heights of the 21st century economy, Beijing has directed its bureaucrats and businesses to obtain American intellectual property –- the foundation of our economic leadership -– by any means necessary. Beijing now requires many American businesses to hand over their trade secrets as the cost of doing business in China. It also coordinates and sponsors the acquisition of American firms to gain ownership of their creations. Worst of all, Chinese security agencies have masterminded the wholesale theft of American technology –- including cutting-edge military blueprints. And using that stolen technology, the Chinese Communist Party is turning plowshares into swords on a massive scale."

    It's disturbing how the Boomer generation's hostility toward the American government, which resulted in the government butting out of a lot of market affairs, R&D, and industry in the 80's and 90's, actually proved to be perversely beneficial to foreign governments. When the US government was more actively involved in guiding industry, there were greater safeguards to ensure that ingenuity would benefit Americans first and foremost. In the 80's and especially 90's, however, The Market was given free rein and various innovations benefited corporate shareholders the most, while less and less was done to protect "our" stuff from being raided by foreigners. As time went on, outright investment and ownership by foreigners has occurred in Western markets.

    Let this all be a sobering lesson to those wish to undermine and eliminate the gubmint in every way possible, which is to say, you Boomers out there. GIs wanted a public sector coordinated/centralized approach to market and public policy, so as to ensure that our sectors were run in such a way as to benefit our long term political and financial interests. Silents and esp. Boomers felt that that approach was stuffy and too repressing of individual desires, so by the late 1970's they started to vocally attack the notion that our government had any business telling industry what they could or couldn't do. End result? Growing levels of greed, corruption, elite arrogance, and declining levels of actual innovation (when shareholder profits became prioritized in the 80's, and the government was effectively eliminated from greater influence, companies began to re-hash and re-purpose old and proven ideas/tech., instead of venturing out into the realm of new ideas, something that public oversight made more possible in the 1930's-1970's). And of course, duh, GI leaders and researchers were genuinely inquisitive and patient about new technology development, whereas greedy Silents and Boomers, after gaining power, tended to shut down anything that wasn't immediately profitable

  10. Pence continued:

    Militarization. "Beijing is also using its power like never before. Chinese ships routinely patrol around the Senkaku Islands, which are administered by Japan. And while China’s leader stood in the Rose Garden at the White House in 2015 and said that his country had, and I quote, “no intention to militarize” the South China Sea, today, Beijing has deployed advanced anti-ship and anti-air missiles atop an archipelago of military bases constructed on artificial islands."

    Aggression. "China’s aggression was on display this week, when a Chinese naval vessel came within 45 yards of the USS Decatur as it conducted freedom-of-navigation operations in the South China Sea, forcing our ship to quickly maneuver to avoid collision. Despite such reckless harassment, the United States Navy will continue to fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows and our national interests demand. We will not be intimidated and we will not stand down."

    Christianity. "Last month, Beijing shut down one of China’s largest underground churches. Across the country, authorities are tearing down crosses, burning bibles, and imprisoning believers. And Beijing has now reached a deal with the Vatican that gives the avowedly atheist Communist Party a direct role in appointing Catholic bishops. For China’s Christians, these are desperate times."

    Buddhism,Islam. "Beijing is also cracking down on Buddhism. Over the past decade, more than 150 Tibetan Buddhist monks have lit themselves on fire to protest China’s repression of their beliefs and their culture. And in Xinjiang, the Communist Party has imprisoned as many as one million Muslim Uyghurs in government camps where they endure around-the-clock brainwashing. Survivors of the camps have described their experiences as a deliberate attempt by Beijing to strangle Uyghur culture and stamp out the Muslim faith."

    Debt Trap. "In fact, China uses so-called “debt diplomacy” to expand its influence. Today, that country is offering hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure loans to governments from Asia to Africa to Europe and even Latin America. Yet the terms of those loans are opaque at best, and the benefits invariably flow overwhelmingly to Beijing."

    Pence went on to describe American's responses to these Chinese actions, including strengthening the military and implementing reciprocal tariffs.

    In the view of many Chinese, Pence's speech indicates that the United States has finally dropped its hypocritical mask and shown its true colors, which is to contain China’s rise just like it did to the Soviet Union at the beginning of the Cold War, and that the United States and China are on an irreversible course of conflict in the coming years. White House and Diplomat

    That last bit I'd take with a grain of salt, because we won't know what'll happen until it…..Happens. But regardless of the players and alliances, the point is that well after WW2 many players are getting eager to start blowing stuff up again (or ramping up the threat of such), either in the name of expansion of one's empire and ambitions (China), defending an existing empire (The D.C.-London-Berlin-Brussels-Paris-Tokyo axis), or defending one's traditional boundaries (Russia, the Visegrad countries), and others whose status is not quite clear yet (like Italy).

  11. >secular, leftist non-practicing ethnic Jews

    You might like the handy Semitic acronym SAUL = Secular Ashkenazi Universalist Liberal

  12. "Zyklons"

    We're back to that? Really poor taste, especially in light of recent events.

  13. I live in a swingy (then light red) suburb in the midwest. In eighth grade our school went in a mock election 78-22 for Bush. It would probably be much closer if it were held now among the now 20-28 year olds.

  14. Really, snorlax? Deranged anti-Trumper attacks a synagogue and everyone else needs to language-police for weeks or months afterward? When does the grieving period end?

    To be completely honest, I never liked the "Generation Zyklon" label because it confuses all right-leaning positions with the flagrant monomania of Andrew Anglin and the spastic swastika-panties retards – which they want, and is good for the left but bad for the right. But come on, sometimes a meme is just a meme.

  15. No, it's extremely poor taste in general, and even more so in light of the events of exactly one week ago than it was previously.

  16. Not to mention a prosecutor could probably interpret it as a terroristic threat (and as a hate crime, so upgraded to a felony), particularly if a future (or, not inconceivably, the current) Robert Bowers turns out to be a reader of this blog.

  17. Yeah, consider this another request to drop the Zyklon thing. It's a stupid and counter-productive meme, even before last week's demonstration that some people can't limit their anti-Semitism to jokes.

  18. Snorlax and Jig Bohnson: shut the fuck up.

  19. O/T

    You see things like this, and consider that it may be time to pack it in.

  20. The results of the congressional races follow the 2016 results with the exception of iowa 2nd district where Loebsack (D) was +7 in 2016 when Trump was +4 in the district. It would be a shock if Loebsack lost, but it is possible.

  21. 216: He's overstating it. Look at polls of Minnesota's 8th CD.

  22. Ryan Grim is relying on fake push-polling data and even then, drawing conclusions that don't follow from the premises.

    Most evangelicals don't go to college. OK. From that we're told to imagine that Democrats "overwhelmingly win non-evangelical whites who don’t have a college degree"? I can't even figure out what his logic is in order to critique it. Maybe he looked at the total white NCE polling and tried to adjust for the fraction of WNCEs that aren't evangelicals – but if so, he doesn't provide any of that data nor does he give any indication of where to find it. Or maybe he made a logical error, confusing "3/4 of evangelicals are NCE" with "3/4 of white NCE are evangelical" – again, we don't know.

    Regardless of what logic he used, "overwhelming" might mean that something like 55% of non-evangelical WNCEs break for Democrats. Or maybe it's 90%, but the demographic is so small that it's practically irrelevant. It seems to make no difference, because it still aggregates to a +35 advantage with NCE men of any race – and that's according to Pew which tilts liberal.

    Pack it in? Ha ha, we're just getting started.

  23. Lance E,

    That King is the most popular Republican at a time that the Republican party is trying to exile him for being too 'alt right' is an encouraging sign.

    Black Death,

    Polls concur. That's the foundation of a real alliance I can get behind.


    Not sure.


    Get after it!


    That is handy, thanks.


    It's a generation that can go either way. Zyklon was originally a benign insecticide. It can be turned into something much worse if it's forced to–forced, say, by the second highest year on record for the number of immigrants, legal and illegal, entering the country.

    But your counsel is heeded.

    Lance E,

    Well said. I doubt these polling results are much different from the actual results in 2016.

  24. is back up/

  25. One of the most uplifting posts I've read since:

    Still wish we could double those conservative numbers though, they're rookie numbers!

  26. chris,

    Impressively fast!


    All we have to do is stop the invasion and expel non-citizens currently here and we win. Without the Great Replacement, the long game is ours.

  27. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Thoughts on the midterms? Looking really bad for you guys. Consider the following:

    1. Georgia is going to elect a Black Female as governor

    2. Beto is going to beat Ted Cruz

    3. Republicans are going to lose the house and senate

    4. The youth are EXTREMELY progressive

  28. Anon,

    Melancholy and blackpilling is my responsibility here. And don't forget to identify yourself as "Tiny Duck".

  29. @AE    Gab has been fairly unstable today, I'm not sure it counts as a success yet.

    If Torba has a clue he will have at least TWO fully live backup hosts from now on.  One suggestion I saw was to open his own data center and offset costs by selling hosting services*.  Lots of people would love to buy hosting from a service whose sole terms of service are "keep it legal and pay your bills".

    * Assuming that's not more work than the team can take on.  It may well be.  Becoming a partner or affiliate in another venture is a possibility and he could sell stock to make it happen.

  30. I read that in "conservative" Texas, the heavy hitter newspapers which generally endorse Republicans have mostly endorsed O'Rourke.

    Money quote, to paraphrase: "O'Rourke sounds like a traditional Texas 'business' Republican WRT immigration (sensible path to citizenship) and the military (O'Rourke is close to the military establishment)".

    Well, there you have it: cucking on immigration is part of muh principles. The delicious irony here is that out-dated immigration sentiment among conservatives is being used to retroactively make a case for what only liberals (and an ever dwindling number of "conservative" immigrant apologists) now support.

    That editorial also said that Trump is a "New York Republican", echoing what Ted Cruz said several years ago to attack Trump. But, as I've said before, the disappearance of Northeastern Republicans over the last 40 years (symbolized by Yankee blue-blood George bush getting beaten in 1980 by Reagan) coincides with America's turn towards a lawless and sentimental culture that's prioritized individual ego over collective well-being. While that's what Silents and Boomers wanted, as they proved via their divorce rates, tax cuts w/o cuts in overall spending, gutting of labor protection and organization, the adoption of state lotteries in the 80's and so on, it isn't what later generations intuitively feel is best for us.

  31. Not related to the topic but I just came across a great database of polls from the state of Texas

  32. "Via reader HBS, another encouraging sign that Zs are going to be a cut or ten above Millennials."

    Iowa kids tend to be conservative, like their parents. Generations in and out. It is other than surprising that they would vote in that manner.

  33. Anon,

    Great find, thanks.

  34. Based on the results in Iowa tonight, it looks like Gen Z voted to the right of those older than them by several points.

  35. Iowa is basically red now. Good to see the kids getting it. In 2016 it looked like the Midwest was promising for young voters in general. We're gonna need them because to their south, the barbarians are shaking the gates of TX and GA.

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