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French Rioters March on
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Terrorism is said to be an unavoidable consequence of unstoppable globalization. Is destructive rioting also an inevitable consequence of an unstoppable multicultualism? It does seem to be an inevitable consequence, at least when Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims are involved:

Riot police firing tear gas and brandishing batons clashed Tuesday with bands of youths who shattered windows and looted shops at a major Paris train station, officials said. Nine people were arrested.

A generic term like “youth” is Orwellian speak for some group deemed unassailable by Western media elites. If they were members of Le Pen’s National Front doing the rioting, rest assured we’d get a descriptor more precise than that. Digging a little further, the obvious is insinuated:

The train lines from Gare du Nord radiate out to the same suburbs north of Paris where three weeks of rioting erupted in 2005. That violence was born of pent-up anger – especially among youths of Arab and African origin – over years of high unemployment and racial inequalities.

Youths at the station said Tuesday’s clashes started when police manhandled a young person of North African origin. Some claimed that the youth’s arm was broken in the confrontation.

The first step in ameliorating this problem is to cut off immigration from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe, especially France which, with somewhere in the area of 4 million Muslims originating from these places, is saddled with parallel societies hostile and parasitic to the host country.

The AP story conveys the words of a witness who fallaciously believes that the perpetual rioting has become more tame since 2005, yet 2006 was even more destructive than the previous year when the phenomenon received international attention. But the sensational becomes the norm over time, whether the topic be Hispanic gang activity in the US, Palestinian terrorist activity in Israel, rapacious land redistributions in southern Africa, the destruction of private property rights in Latin America, the deaths of US soldiers to IEDs in Iraq, or the swarthy underclass destruction in France. All of these things were initially shocking, but have now more or less come to be considered the usual.

None of the above need continue, however. Like frogs in a boiler, we resign to accept them as inevitable at our own peril.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Crush, I lived in France back in the seventies as Vice Consul at the ConGen in Lyon, and the prefect of the department told me that there were half-a-million Arabs in his own Department[from Algeria and Tunis and Morocco].

    My guess is that there may be 10 million Muslims AT A MINIMUM in France and that the census takers are deliberately avoiding a serious tally of these un-assimilated guests, many of them uninvited.

    Sarkozy is beginning to raise this as an issue, and the French are in deep denial [except for the patriotic few who support Le Pen.]

    Maybe the French will awaken from their stupor and realize their beloved rights may be threatened by people who want Sharia Law to prevail rather than The Declaration of Human Rights.

  2. Dave,

    Wow. So that would put the percentage somewhere in the area of 15%-20%. Even worse. Much worse. Geez.

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