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An anti-white white* girl from the heartland goes on a night run wearing almost nothing at all because my body, my choice.

A squatemalan invader goes feral–or a feral squatemalan invader, take your pick–hones in. Strong, independent woman that she is, needing neither man nor bicycle, she’s soon decomposing in a cornfield.

The homicidal alien works for a chamber of commerce-approved Republican cuck. Savagely lusting after and killing young white women is a job Americans just won’t do!

The heritage Americans she despised spend weeks looking in all the wrong places for her. By the time they figure out who the culprit is–the invader–her fate has long since been sealed.

Based Current Year, it seems.

Arise, white man. Arise! It doesn’t have to be this way, but it’s going to be this way if we allow it to be.

Commenter 216:

We shouldn’t be using her death for political gain, the left will just claim the invader was justified in killing her to avoid deportation. Instead we should be condemning her as the traitor that she was.

Emphatically disagree. Tibbett’s stupid moral posturing is empty-headed, but it’s silly for us to think that the environment she was immersed in throughout the course of her short life is going to churn out anything other than a lot of young coeds who think exactly like she did. She was only 20 years-old.

To tie it to the previous post, though, in a society not locked in a death spiral, she would not at her age and in her station be permitted a say in how society functioned. No voting for unmarried college girls living off their parents.

Trump used Steinle’s death to great affect and to great effect. And her death was allegedly accidental. This wasn’t negligent manslaughter, it was premeditated murder.

If the GOP wasn’t content to re-certify the accuracy of “the Stupid Party” moniker for the millionth time, they’d make the 2018 mid-terms a referendum on Mollie’s murder. Do we welcome killers like Rivera or do we repel them?

The cucks will follow 216’s advice, albeit not on account of his line of sober reasoning but on account of a despicable mix of greed and cowardice.

Most of them, anyway. But not all:

* There are assertions that Tibbetts is–or was, at any rate–partly Korean by ancestry [edit: see here]. Neither of her parents appear to be Asian. If she was adopted, it’d add yet another layer to the metaphorical microcosm of Tibbetts as a representation of the feeble, effeminate West being knocked on its back by swarthy invaders who have their way with her before chucking the carcass into the dirt to rot.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. An anti-white white* girl from the heartland goes on a night run wearing almost nothing at all because my body, my choice."

    How do you know that it occurred at night and how do you know she was wearing almost nothing?

    A squatemalan invader goes feral–or a feral squatemalan invader, take your pick–hones in. Strong, independent woman that she is, needing neither man nor bicycle, she's soon decomposing in a cornfield.

    I thought he was mexican? Is squatemalan a shorthand word to describe the more amerindian central americans, regardless of what country they live in?

  2. She could have been wearing a burka. This guy knew her from the day-care where she and his baby-momma worked. God I hate day-care and what it has done to this country.

    Your point about her "opinions" is not being said enough in our circles.

    Kobach shows he is a leader in this passage. He is clear without being vitriolic. I am passed vitriolic. I want to do a lot of stuff to these people I'm only allowed to do in Minecraft.

  3. Anyone who advocates for not making political hay out of her death needs to remember that Democrats trot out David Hogg and the like before the bodies turn cold any time there is a shooting (until they figure out the shooter isn't white in which case they frantically work to memoryhole it). We need to make sure that whenever people see someone dying at the hands of an illegal alien, they need to think "this could have been prevented if we had actual immigration reform." All third world invader related deaths are preventable. It's not something we have to tolerate as a society. Time to send em back.

  4. The Republicans are indeed idiots to not make a campaign issue out of this. If they're worried about being distasteful and coming off as demagogues, then they can just plagiarize what Kobach wrote, and then show that Pocahontas is more upset about Squatemalan invaders getting split temporarily than families being riven apart forever with death.

    No, cucks, the left has no moral high ground!

  5. Hi, dear Epigone.

    News from France : nothing. Our far-right is still sucking Putin's dick (and his ANTIFA rethoric…), the most aware on our side get hope from outside borders (Salvini and Orban, essentially)

    Our left since to not have been engulfed by the US's left crazyness. And the thin social base of our Président became thinner every week (but as we says in french, "in the kingdom of blind people, one-eyed are kings" – I mean because his only opposition is the low-IQ Marine Le Pen and the Chavist Mélenchon, except disaster, he can be confident on his reelection in 2022).

    But what about the USA ? I would like to have some news about

    -the financial federal funding of sanctuary states and city : ended or not ?
    -the purge of the electoral voting list : are criminals out of it ? And is there at least the bill about the necessity to have a pictured ID ?
    -the new census will count only american citizen or everything living in the US ? (important for the EC)
    -why Hillary's not in jail ?
    -what about the deportation of those 11 millions of illegals ? and Jail for executive wich employ them ?
    -what about the antitrust law for the GAFA ? And a law wich would obliged social medias to respect the 1st amendment ?
    -why trumpian not agree with something even John Derbyshire agree, aka Single-payer healthcare ?? How can blue collars republican being so stupid to prefer this expensive private system ?

    And, to make short, why have I the awful feeling than the Trump administration seems like a W.Bush administration ???
    Ceterum censeo Conservatismo delenda est !

  6. Heh – raising the voting age would have another benefit for the USA. The percentage of non-whites is higher in lower age groups, so it would prolong the white voters dominance by few years.

  7. Philippe le Bel said…

    "Hi, dear Epigone.

    News from France : nothing. Our far-right is still sucking Putin's dick (and his ANTIFA rethoric…), the most aware on our side get hope from outside borders (Salvini and Orban, essentially)"

    You forgot to mention that Salvini and Orban are also sucking Putin's dick, and he basically supports almost all right wing parties in Europe, as well as Trump in the US.

  8. krusty,

    You're such a sperg.

    FYI to other readers: He participates in good faith, has a lot of neat knowledge, and digs up a lot of useful information. He is not another Corvinus, IOW.

    Re: the first, just look at the news reports. She went jogging on a Wednesday night wearing athletic shorts and a sports bra.

    If they have more Amerindian in them than Elizabeth Warren does they're squatemalans as far as I'm concerned. And they all have to go back.


    Yes, he hit the perfect note on this one. And now it's coming out that the invader was involved in ID theft. Maybe the next thing we're going to find out is that he has voted in Iowa!

    Random Dude,

    Exactly. It's implicit in the call "enough" or "never again" or "no more" paired with a smiling picture of the dead girls. They didn't have to die. They're only dead because our political class refuses to enforce our nation's immigration laws. It's inarguable.


    Right. Families voluntarily separated on account of illegal activity? Unconscionable!

    Families separated permanently on account of criminals criminally engaging in criminal activity? No big deal.

    Because Who? Whom?


    No, no, yes, uniparty, no/no, no/private so they don't have to–better approach is to make them liable for slander/libel/defamation because if they're editing any of it then they should be responsible for all of it, because single-payer would be a massive wealth transfer from younger white people trying to start families (yours truly) to dying old whites and the poor stupid economically worthless invader hordes.

    Echoing passer by, it seems there are worse things your RW could be doing.

  9. szopen,

    It'd just buy some time. But the good shouldn't be the enemy of the perfect!

  10. Seems democracy has its uses after all.


  11. Anonymous [AKA "Delg"] says:

    The Republican Party wasn't always this cucked. In 1988 Bush Sr effectively used the crimes of Willie Horton to hurt Dukakis.

    The reason why this murder isn't politicized is because the Cato/Koch bros side of the GOP needs illegal aliens to keep wages low and profits high.

    Degeneration isn't just leftists in pussy hats and with 466477 genders. Those who sacrifice their country in the name of a quick buck are very degenerate, too.

    At least leftists are crazy. These guys know what they're doing, but do it anyway because it's good for their wallets.

  12. Thanks for the answer A Epigone. I'm very happy this 2020 census will be good for us. Is there a simulator of the change of EC by states ?

    @passer by : you're sadly right, but I'm even more right with my argue about the putinist antifa narrative

    Btw, ALL communist parties in Europe take the russian side in the Donbass war. And some "nationalist" choose the IMPERIALIST side vs the NATIONALIST one too. Only by primal anti-americanism (they identify it with your liberal wing). Yes, there's (((people))) backing the ukrainian side, but there are (((others))) on the russian, so…

    What need Europe : being white and no more 1914 wars.
    What can we do for avoid another 1914 war ? Respect ethnostates of Europe.
    What Russia do ? The opposite.

    I have to notice too than even if a lot of right-wing parties support Putin, the more racial aware are on ukrainian side/baltic side/poland side. And YES, we know some liberals are into this side too, but we don't make choice by refering to ennemis but based on our ideology.

    To make short, without an european army, I prefer the trumpian NATO than the Putin's red army (wich still have the star, the hammer and the sickle :


    Forgive my awful english, folks.

  13. Being not entirely white might be why she appears to be the only Kansan not on either welfare or opioids.

  14. This story, with the revelation of her anti-White male attitudes and then the grovelling virtue-signalling of her family, depressed the hell out of me yesterday. Many Whites, very many, are utterly lost.

    But, hell, from what I remember, only 1/3 of the population in the 13 Colonies supported independence.

  15. VXXC,

    Interests over principles. If we do not use the tools available to us we are fools.


    But they can be beaten. Trump showed it, and Kobach is poised to show it again. He won't raise as much money as Colyer did and may not even raise as much as Kelly, the D, will. But if he wins on a Trump Republican platform without a lot of money and in the cuck corridor–heart of Koch Industries–we will know things have changed.


    If you're going to do the dumb drive-by stuff at least get the state right.


    It is bad, but not hopeless. There were several "angel mothers" who campaigned with Trump, remember. They don't get any media attention, but they are not numerically insignificant. 1/3 1/3 1/3 may not be too far off the mark.

  16. Unknown,

    Ha, also maybe try and ensure your insults bear some resemblance to reality.

    Iowa has the *lowest* drug abuse level in the entire country and Kansas has the 7th lowest.

    Kansas is the 11th lowest in terms of per capita food stamp usage and Iowa is 16th lowest.

    gg, faggot.

  17. That's a fascinating chart. And it would be interesting to compare it to past performance. California's once sizable population of whites like James Hetfield, Mark McGuire, and the OC Chopper guys were not known for their clean living back in the 60's and 70's. But as the state has become much more diverse and expensive, many prole whites have been forced out and the remaining whites tend to be SWPLy (California in the 90's was the first state to heavily go after cig. smoking). In addition to the SWPL types, Mexicans appear to be less prone to drug use than blacks and post-1970 whites, who've reacted to cultural changes and demographic displacement by turning to drugs (I also seem to remember a study showing that white females in prison have far higher rates of mental illness than black and Hispanic women behind bars).

    As usual, Oregon, contrary to the Portlandia SWPL culture that's become famous since the 90's, does pretty lousy, so yeah, they are "keeping it real" (to the trashy reputation that the state's residents had in the 60's, 70's, and 80's). Oregon and CA both used to have a heavily Scots-Irish white population who were further warped by being in the rootless West. Oregon hasn't changed all that much, but CA speaks for itself. WA state's whites are more Nordic/Puritan, and generally have done pretty well (Steve's much noted Canada proximity law is ultimately a proxy for Nordic and Puritan white heritage, with the "worst" whites invariably being in regions with few whites of Teutonic descent or even heritage from the Southeast of England (whose stock dominated the commercial and industrial powerhouse regions of both England and America).

    Also as usual, Texans and Virginians seem to do better than neighboring states, MN/Iowa/Dakotas/WI do well (once you 86 the Indian reservations), and New Mexico and Nevada stink. New Mexico might be the single least effectual/significant state in the entire country, adjusting for population. A running gag on Steve's blog is that nobody remembers anything from, or about, New Mexico.

  18. Sportsball News:

    An 80 yr old man who's done broadcasting for the Colts headed to an early retirement after he told some-one (off-air) at a radio station about a conversation containing the N word that he'd had in the early 80's. He used the N-word in 2018, as he was describing the N-word's usage by another individual in the 80's.

    Basically, you can't say the N-word under any circumstances at all. Esp. if you're white. Don't even use it when quoting or paraphrasing other people.

    The original offender had to explain and apologize why he'd said the word in the 80's (basically, he said he didn't want to be treated like an outsider and bullied as an Irishman who'd recently come to the US. He also said that he didn't understand the word's taboo nature in the 80's). He joked in the 80's that, to paraphrase, he'd be treated like a white N-word.

  19. Feryl,

    It's puerile of me I know, but it's funny that DC gets included among the list of "states"–and predictably comes out worst-of-the-worst on both measures.

  20. He joked in the 80's that, to paraphrase, he'd be treated like a white N-word.

    "N-word"? In the comment of this blog? I thought people here weren't afraid of some racial real-talk. The word is nigger, as in "He joked in the 80's that, to paraphrase, he'd be treated like a white nigger". There, I wrote the word twice. Nothing happened, the sky didn't fall.

    Is it a not very polite word? Yes, I wouldn't use it in polite company, and I certainly don't want this place to turn into a puerile slur fest like the Stormfront forums. But if you want to use it, you need to spell it out, especially if you're just citing what someone else said, and even more so if that person didn't use it as a racial slur in a racial incident. It's just a word, it's not some sort of ancient curse. Enough with the "n-word" nonsense.

    You can say "Italian immigrants to the US were called dagos or wops" without anyone thinking that YOU are calling Italians wops or dagos. Same with Jews and "kike". There's no "W-word" or "D-word" or "K-word" censoring. Sure as hell nobody writes "the C-word" to mean "cracker" or the "P-word" to mean "peckerwood".

    Those are also not very polite words to use, and slurs if you use them as insults against a person, but people don't censor themselves the way they do when the word is "nigger".
    I can understand not wanting to resort to crass insults, but being coy about writing the word even when it's used with a neutral connotation, even when you just mention it while reporting a sentence that somebody else said, gives the word an undue amount of power.

    Basically, you can't say the N-word under any circumstances at all. Esp. if you're white. Don't even use it when quoting or paraphrasing other people.

    Yes, this rule is bullshit. So let's not adhere to it here.

  21. Dealg,

    I understand the sentiment. I've asked people to try and refrain from the buzzwords that attract the Gaagle censors unless it's specifically germane to the topic at hand, though.

  22. ,I've asked people to try and refrain from the buzzwords that attract the Gaagle censors unless it's specifically germane to the topic at hand, though.

    I agree. I'd add that spamming the comments with countless slurs is counterproductive and puerile, just like in the case of the Stormfront forums. But in this context it seemed appropriate.

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