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Here are several smug celebrities doing things like telling Ann Coulter to “kill yourself” (43s) and comparing her to a “skeleton” (1m18s) and a horse (1m40s):

One might argue that encouraging a woman to kill herself rises above the level of talking about grabbing her crotch.

Yeah, you say, but that’s a roast and everyone involved was good with what was going on. It’s harmless fun!

Right, and the same thing applies to Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush. In that case, the audience was in the single digits (prior to the public release of the illegally recorded video). In the case of Coulter, the audience was orders of magnitude more and the content worse.

You read Fifty Shades of Gray for the S&M fantasies. You watch Game of Thrones where real sexual assault is depicted. You listen to hip hop where sexual assault and murder are mundane. These are multi-million dollar enterprises.

Applying these standards, by doing this–alongside hundreds of millions of others who do the same–are you not advocating for things much worse than a guy having an illegally recorded private conversation about aggressively hitting on women could have ever intended to? And more important still than your advocacy is your patronage of those who trade in this stuff.

Yeah, but those things are just for fun, you say. I mean, just because we’re enthralled by viciousness and violence and sexual assault doesn’t mean we’re advocating any of it!

Right, and just because a few guys shooting the breeze joked about crotch-grabbing doesn’t mean they’re advocating it, either. Let’s review the video:

Did you see Trump kiss the hostess like he said he was going to? No, of course you didn’t, because of course he didn’t, because of course he wasn’t serious about what he was saying, and of course the people in the conversation knew that, and of course none of them thought anyone else would be privy to their vulgarity.

He’s been in the public eye for four decades and yet has just one dubious and unsubstantiated accusation of sexual malfeasance against him despite the ubiquity of beautiful women in his world over the last fifty years. His sexual market social value is atmospheric and he’s utilized that to his advantage, and here we get a glimpse of him having some fun crassly bragging about it.

If I could have been a fly on the wall through the course of your entire adult life and taken any two-minute period from it and shared it with the entire world, think I could make you look like a monster?

Seventeenth century New England Puritans have nothing on self-righteous, hypocritical, self-unaware modern Americans.

Awhile back The Onion aired a special report entitled “Every Potential 2040 Presidential Candidate Unelectable Due To Facebook”.

What we’re seeing play out before us is everything Orwell and Huxley warned us about. In a world where everyone can find everything you’ve ever said, written, and sometime in the future even thought, the Cathedral is able to destroy anyone it desires to destroy with a well-timed revelation or two.

Every person alive, were the worst two minutes of his life aired to the world, will find himself precluded from the presidency. That doesn’t mean that in practice no one will be presidentially electable (substitute for whatever other position of power you’d like here–the mechanism remains the same)–it merely means those unapproved by the Cathedral will be unelectable.

Unless we reject this bullshit, that is.

Parenthetically, always feel free to borrow–in spirit or verbatim, with or without attribution–anything presented here. Trump left it all on the field on Sunday. We should do the same.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It's all rationalization on the part of Leftists and Cucks. They have an emotional reaction and so logic won't budge them. The way to flip them is to present a stronger counter-emotion. The Charlotte riots coming to your street and your kids schools via AFFH, Muslims throwing acid in the face of women in your neighborhood. Trump wants to prevent this, wouldn't you rather live in Beaver Cleaver's America than in this Blade Runner world that Liberals are trying to create for you?

  2. Short shelf life on this post.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "brick house"] says:

    Omg never got the sexual entendre of beaver's til now. Squeaky clean 50s show, hah!

  4. TangoMan,

    But creating the perception of 'critical mass' about rejecting this kind of attempted assassination is important.


    If you're referring to the laughable opportunism of old hags saying, for the first time ever, that he did things to them decades ago, then to the contrary, the post actually becomes non-perishable.

  5. Around 8% of all born each year are from illegal immigrants. Currently, majority of children under 5 are minority. The most important thing for the Republicans is increasing the percentage of white people who will vote for them in the future. What is the likelihood of Trump retroactively legislating against birthright citizenship and depriving anchor babies of citizenship so that the demographics of future generations are majority white?

  6. Chris,

    It depends on which source you use regarding children under 5 being majority non-white, but if it hasn't happened yet it's close.

    The best I'd imagine happening is a revocation of the birthright citizenship going forward with those who gained citizenship through it being grandfathered in. It'd be a hell of a lot better than the Reagan 1986 immigration 'compromise'.

  7. It's not demographic game over just yet. Fertility rates of blacks and Hispanics are falling, holding steady for whites. Could those lines cross?

  8. Dan h,

    That's what the 'refugees' are for.

    It is conceivable, though. Hispanic fertility has dropped significantly in the last couple of decades, and after the first generation stays just slightly above the white and black averages. It's another reason for an immigration moratorium.

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This reliance upon social media has failed.

    Trump has irretrievably squandered a priceless opportunity to register and mobilize the Missing 47 Million White Blue Collar people for a “mess of pottage” from GOPe agents.

    There is no next time. The Alt-Right’s “leading lights” will market the idea of a third party. They can’t afford to do otherwise. No third party of consequence will win a local, much less a national election.

    The Supreme Court’s current configuration, 4-4, means any appellate rulings on contested Congressional and Senate races will stand.

    Loss of the House is completely possible with a Soros superintended election. At minimum, expect the following:

    1. “Comprehensive immigration reform.”

    2. Full on gun control. More importantly, shut down of the ammunition supply. Into “high power” rocketry, are you? Look for that hobby to be shut down.

    3. Single Payer Health Insurance; i.e. government healthcare rationing to genocide old geezer whiteys faster and redistribute these resources to non-whites.

    4. Schumer will use the "nuclear option" to pack the SCOTUS.

    5. Closer control of the Internet to close off non MSM news and opinion sources.

    Only one or two comprehensive solutions available. These are illegal and probably doomed to failure due to the unwillingness of white people to coordinate and the difficulties involved in bypassing the eyes of the state. These are:

    1. Revolution.

    2. Secession.

    There are non-ballot measures we can take to reach these objectives, but once again we run into the problems of coordination and technical difficulties.

  10. Anon,

    He stumbled into this with good instincts but without understanding how far and wide his message would resonate. If he'd been a better prognosticator we might be looking at a real world confidence among Trump supporters that exists in the virtual world.

    It's naive to think things like comprehensive immigration reform hinge on whether or not the GOP retains the House. Trump's a referendum on immigration restrictionism. If he goes down so does it.

    Secession is in the future. It's a matter of when, not if. There won't be a military response to stop it. Even the majority on the left wouldn't stand for it and there would be massive defections among US military personnel. To try and stop secession using military force would lead to violent revolution.

    Wikileaks isn't done. This still isn't over.

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