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FemiX Is Half Sigma? Doubtful
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Apparently there are a number of Steveosphere regulars who think FeministX is actually Half Sigma. It’s funny to think about a pseudonym being accused of posing as a different pseudonym, but FemiX’s female lusting is at least on par with that of the average guy. Further, Half Sigma seemed to think the person behind Stuff White People Like would turn out to be an Asian man, so I suppose it is plausible to think he has a predilection for the idea of Asian internet anonymity. Both favor abortion–not just the right to abortion, but abortion itself–and both are quick to criticize Steve Sailer for his presumed affinity for Sarah Palin.

For what it’s worth, though, I’m still highly skeptical on account of their interactions here. FemiX reads most or all of what I write–it’s apparent on her blog and in my comment communications with her (the favor is returned, although sometimes I’m too late to contribute to the comment thread before it goes cold). Half Sigma has this spot on his blog roll as well, but is only an occasional reader and is usually unfamiliar with data presented to him that I’ve marshaled in previous posts, whether it backs up or challenges particular assertions he is making. Perhaps when wearing the Half Sigma hat he pretends not to have read what he actually has, but since we’re on good terms and I’ve never mentioned anything that in the remotest way suggested he might be her, if he’s pulling it off, his level of ubiquitous meticulousness in separating the two virtual identities is astounding.

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  1. She posted a picture of herself early on. More than one, in fact.

  2. Scott of the "Scott in the City" blog hung out with Femi X the other day, said nothing about being an impostor.

  3. SC,

    I'm aware. But that could conceivably be someone other than the blog author.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    More on Stopped Clock's comment: Half Sigma has posted several examples of his street photography. If he is into photography, it's not a stretch to think that he could have pictures of someone else that he's posted.

    My attitude is similar to AE's, except that I have not corresponded with either outside of a handful of comments on their blogs. It's not inconceivable that they are indeed the same person, but I find it unlikely.

  5. I'm very skeptical. She posted a pic last summer of her holding up a sign that read "I am FemX". The same girl then posted other pics.

    I have GMail chatted FemX, so if HalfSigma is trying to pull off this ruse, he's sure going far with it.

    I think there's a little bit of hysteria with this because he tried this stunt with Libertarian girl.

    I'd be very surprised if they were the same. A

    nd AE doesn't even think hanging out with someone claming to be FemX is enough proof. Can't imagine anything more substantial than that.

    Maybe I should go to NYC, meet her in person, and then quiz her on previous blog posts (but not tell her that I will do so beforehand as to dissuade her from studying).

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe I should go to NYC, meet her in person, and then quiz her on previous blog posts (but not tell her that I will do so beforehand as to dissuade her from studying).

    Ah, but now that you have said this, she will study up to ward off the slightest chance that you act upon this proposal.

  7. Why do you people doubt my identity in the first place again???

  8. You must just be too good to be true. 🙂

  9. I am also anti-Palin and pro-abortion, but I am neither FemiX nor Half Sigma. Why is it hard to believe that multiple people might have the same worldview? Or is it just that FemiX is a woman and people are convinced a woman couldn't possibly be writing these posts and comments?

  10. It's not an unreasonable assumption. Half Sigma was Libertarian Girl, so he has a track record of pulling one over on his audience. Or maybe Half Sigma is really a South Asian woman pretending to be a nerdy, Jewish guy from New York.

  11. @ Cody:

    Is HS that nerdy?

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Women seem to be believe of Femx is a man whether they know about Half Sigma or not. I've only seen a few men question her. The first person that I saw who doubted that Femx was a woman was a reader of Roissy's and she posted her doubts at the twoblowhards blog. When looking into it, I found that whenever FemX visited blogs primarily aimed at women, they usually said that she couldn't be real or something along those lines.

    This post was quite informative, especially the comments:

    FemX deleted the post that caused this outcry (and which she sent to the blogger of the above post); I don't blame FemX as this was a huge misstep.

    My take:
    The odds that a feminist would critique any group of people on their looks is quite small. The odds that a feminist would not realize that other feminists would be extremely upset over this critique are zero. FemX is not a feminist. FemX may share some beliefs with them and thinks that is enough to understand them and pass as one, but that does not a feminist make.
    There is no way that anyone remotely sentient about feminism would have thought disparaging the aboriginees' looks would be in any way tolerated among any of the dozens of strains of feminism.
    So, I think FemX is a fraud on that account which leads to many more questions.
    (BTW, if FemX wanted to come off as plausible to both feminists and the Steveosphere, FemX should have been outright gay. Bisexuals are the most emotional people and suffer more mental instability than either gays or straights. Ask Steve Sailer who has written much about this. They're not a coldly analytical bunch.)
    To be clear, it is the essence of the writing that formed 70% of my opinion that she is a man; the bi-Indian story seems to be a smokescreen to try to explain away why she is so atypical. Again, being Bi titillates the male audience more than being a lesbian, but is not plausible.

  13. OneSTDV: I guess it depends on how you define nerdy. Some may consider HS's posing as a female libertarian in order to prove a point about sex and attractiveness, while in the process leading hundreds of gullible men by the nose, as "nerdy." Some may consider it comic genius. But I don't think I'm in a position to judge since I was rather insistent that HS was clander from SWPL.

    HS brings suspicion on himself, though.

  14. OneSTDV,

    Ever since predicting Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination in January 2008 (and if the Jeremiah Wright connection had hit the 'mainstream' earlier–that is, less than a year after Steve Sailer broke it–she would have; from that point in March onward, she received more votes than Obama did, as the previously ubiquitous word "momentum" disappeared from the media lexicon), I've been careful to profer my predictions and assertions in probabilistic terms if I'm not absolutely certain I am correct. But I very much doubt they are the same person.

    To continue on with the conspiracy theorizing, though, Scott could be yet another avatar under the martinet imposter's control!


    Don't act like you don't enjoy the attention. I'm fighting through a lot of dissonance in giving even more to you.

  15. I don't think FemX is HalfSigma. The guy thing is plausible but unlikely in my opinion. However, I do think she is not always exactly who she claims to be. I think she sometimes adopts a particular personality to get a rise out of others even if it is not necessarily true – for example, she has bragged about being a bisexual libertine preferring woman but has also overanalyzed casual dates with individual men, which seems pretty incongruous to me. Anyways, whoever it really is, her comments usually are pretty interesting.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    FemX's recent posts about India have further convinced me that she's genuine. HS would have to be really good to pull off stuff like that. His real identity of course is not really a secret.

    However, I'm still not absolutely convinced. The photos she has posted of herself apparently used to be publicly available on some photo sharing site.

    This is a long shot, but do you think these two photos could be of the same person (FemX is on the left): link

  17. Anon,

    The eye color is different, but it's conceivable. If you had all of the left side of the right picture's face, you'd have certainty due to that mole above the left eye.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The other photo is from the deleted MySpace profile of a girl who lives in Minnesota. There's a very tenuous connection between her and FemX. Probably they're not the same person, but it's funny how the picture is cropped just so you can't tell if she has a mole above her left eye.

  19. That photo is not me, and I'd be curious to know how you knew that my photo was once available on a public photo sharing site. I don't actually recall it being available, so perhaps someone took my photo and placed it somewhere. Or maybe I put it up on myspace once and I forgot. I don't know.

    My nose is sharper than that girl's nose. And I usually appear darker skinned.

  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    FemX, there are all kinds of stuff in Google's cache. If you are (roughly) who you say you are, and not, for example, HS's alter ego, I have no intention of blowing your cover. I also found out Mencius Moldbug's real name (and even a photo of him, he's the most Jewish looking guy in the world) but have not divulged it on the internet.

  21. I discovered FeministX' real identity months ago.

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I find Femi X blog interesting, but I do not believe in the blogger's stated female gender. HS it definitely is not, as writing style is different.

    Most topics in Fem X blog are from overall steveosphere, so anybody could do it. The exception is interesting and I think genuine first hand information on (Southern) India life, so the bloger must be from there, first generation immingrant to US, ok. But such intense interest in steveosphere topics would be extremely rare in females, bisexuality notwithstanding.

    The opinions on race and sexuality are exaggerated, compared to many close blogs. But it may be that the blogger uses female identity to "get away with it" as women often do.

    I think the best explanation is that the blogger is an Indian male, who uses female identity to get more attention and therefore site visits. He wondered lately in one post on how to get more traffic, so this is obvious.

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