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Female College Students Prefer "Feminist" Political Label Over the Rest
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Reuters-Ipsos conducted month-long poll asking respondents to choose one label from a list of twelve that most accurately described how they identified themselves. The breakdown, nationally (n = 9,124):

Label %Total
Democrat 25.4
Conservative 22.5
Republican 16.7
Liberal 11.2
Environmentalist 6.5
Feminist 5.0
Libertarian 4.3
Socialist 3.7
Nationalist 2.1
Anarchist 1.1
Populist 0.9
Communist 0.5

A few remarks:

– “Conservative” is preferred by more people than “Republican” while “Democrat” is more than twice as popular as “Liberal”. I remember Alan Colmes complaining about the toxicity of the descriptor “liberal” when I used to watch cable news over a decade ago. Looks like the label has never been rehabilitated. Those on the mainstream right, meanwhile, still stinging from the neocon Republicanism of the Bush years, prefer the less partisan and more ideological choice as a way of evincing their purity.

Regarding communism:

– That more than 1-in-25 consider themselves to be “Libertarian” suggests that there are about 10 million adults who identify thus. That’s higher than I would’ve expected, and probably higher than has been the case at any previous point in the last few decades (or, perhaps, ever).

And some additional remarks from playing around with the various cross-tabs:

– Speaking of libertarians, some 15% of white men earning over $150,000 per year (the highest income category available) self-describe as such. In contrast, a whopping 0.6% of Hispanics identify as “Libertarian”. A white Republican advocating open borders is politically self-defeating. A white Libertarian doing so is politically suicidal.

– 87.9% of those aged 65 or older (n = 1,953) predominately identify as “Conservative”, “Liberal”, “Republican”, or “Democrat”, compared to just 59.7% of those under the age of 30 (n = 1,965) selecting one of the big four. The traditional blanket labels are increasingly being spurned for more focused descriptors. In an atomizing Western world, (superficial) differentiation is relentless. Shared presuppositions are fast becoming a relic of the past.

– Only 0.9% of men consider themselves feminists first and foremost. If that figure (pleasantly) surprises you, it did me as well. There is resistance to the Gelding yet.

– Still, eternal vigilance is recommended. Feminism isn’t a moribund ‘movement’. It is, in fact, the top choice among female college students (n = 385):

Label %ColFs
Feminist 21.4
Democrat 19.0
Liberal 10.4
Environmentalist 10.1
Republican 9.7
Conservative 8.1
Socialist 6.2
Libertarian 4.0
Anarchist 2.6
Populist 1.7
Nationalist 1.1
Communist 0.3

Rounding out the top four among the nation’s nubile flowers are “Democrat”, “Liberal”, and “Environmentalist”. Learn Game and tame these termagants. Civilization depends on it.

– The buggers are even worse. Among those who are gay/lesbian/bisexual/other, three-fourths choose from “Democrat”, “Liberal”, “Feminist”, “Environmentalist”, and “Socialist” (n = 818):

Label %Gays
Democrat 26.6
Liberal 16.6
Feminist 14.0
Environmentalist 9.5
Socialist 8.1
Conservative 7.5
Republican 6.3
Libertarian 3.9
Anarchist 2.3
Nationalist 2.0
Populist 1.8
Communist 1.4

– And blacks, reliably monolithic as they are, comprise the only group I came across where a single label earned an outright majority (n = 703):

Label %Blacks
Democrat 55.6
Liberal 11.5
Conservative 8.6
Republican 5.0
Environmentalist 4.5
Socialist 4.1
Feminist 3.0
Libertarian 2.6
Nationalist 1.7
Populist 1.6
Anarchist 1.1
Communist 0.6
(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Where the hell can I sign up for a college educated nationalist cutie?!?!

  2. Not quite one in a million, but they are one in one hundred!

  3. Nationalist and Populist are both peanuts. I bet that changes after This election cycle. Where does Trump fit in here? Somewhere between Nationalist and Populist of course.

  4. Interesting and well-done poll. Of course, college students have slanted left for a long time, so there's no big news here. I was surprised that about 45% of respondents could be characterized as "rightist" (conservative, Republican, libertarian or nationalist). Higher than I would have expected. About 0.5% called themselves communists. Perhaps they would like to relocate to North Korea for a dose of the real thing. As for the anarchists, an excursion to Syria might be just the ticket to experience their dreams.

    BTW, be careful with the "buggers." That term traditioanlly applies only to males, although nowadays I guess anything is posible.

  5. Black Death,

    I conceptualize libertarians as generally existing on the political right, although many of them seem to go to pains to indicate otherwise.

    Re: buggers, fair point. Gays are more salient and so when I think "homosexual" I almost always think "gay man".

  6. I think that ''iq'' mean ''intelligence''

    why the ''smartest'' one are so gullible***

    the basic reasoning and more than half of american, european, whatever nationality universities seems are not able to use…

    poor cousin = sucker, dumb, idiot, Debby & Lloyd

    rich cousin = liberal, open-minded, tolerant, progressive…

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