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Fate of BBC's Alan Johnston Provides Perspective
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When I dwell on American involvement in Iraq, from the 3,300-plus promising Americans now in the ground and the tens of thousands more who’ve been severely injured to the alienation of our most natural allies in Europe, Israeli influence on US politics gets my blood boiling.

But irksome as Israel’s attempts at self-preservation (through a lopsided alliance with the US that benefits the former in a host of ways and the latter in virtually none) are, the Arab world that surrounds this narrow 200 mile strip of modernity in the heart of the Levant unworthy of any adulation. While Israel is the US’ Timon, inherently poised to get it into trouble without providing much aid in overcoming that trouble, Israel is in every way superior to the parasitic hyenas that surround it (except for procreating).

The sad saga of BBC Palestinian correspondent Alan Johnston illustrates:

BBC Journalist Alan Johnston may have been killed, according to unconfirmed reports.

The BBC says it is “deeply concerned” by reports that its kidnapped Gaza correspondent had been killed.

Mr Johnston, 44, originally from Scotland, was taken by masked gunmen as he returned to his apartment in Gaza City on March 12.

I was startled a few weeks ago when I heard a BBC ‘spot’ on NPR pleading for the release of Johnston, with the corporation’s speaker referring to the company as a friend of the Palestinians. It doesn’t take much surfing to ascertain that Johnston is (or was) sympathetic to the “Palestinian cause”. His previous reporting certainly suggests as much.

The BBC’s subjective anti-Israel coverage is well-documented, with the corporation having even paid around $400,000 to halt freedom of information requests by other media sources for an internal report that accused it of having an anti-Israel bias. Yet despite the BBC’s sympathetic towing of the Arab storyline, Palestinian gunmen have captured and possibly killed an ally on their own soil. I guess this is what happens to those who forget to bring a long spoon.

Where does the BBC manage to relay its information on the tenuous fate of its pro-Palestinian reporter from? The relative safety of Israeli-controlled Jerusalem, where contrarian viewpoints are not only permitted but protected:

The BBC’s Mike Sergeant in Jerusalem says that there is mounting frustration and anger in Gaza and the West Bank.

Many Palestinians feel Mr Johnston’s abduction has made their story much harder to tell, our correspondent says.

In the vernacular, Sergeant is saying “You idiots, we’re on your side. Let our guy go!”

The Zionists who steadily settled in Israel through the end of the 19th and throughout the 20th Century turned unproductive desert land into one of the wealthiest non-oil producing nations in the world, a technological hub, a global financial center, and a leading location for medical research. The 300 million hostile Arabs surrounding them, with average national IQ in the 80s, can boast nothing of the sort, excepting a perfecting of the art of modern-day suicide bombing.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Reminds me of when angry Afghans beat the shit out of Robert Fisk. What do they expect from islamic savages, tea and cookies? When one compares the Palestinians, a people who have decided that they will make no attempt to build any kind of rational, sane society and whose leaders send most aid money back to bank accounts in Switzerland are compared to the Israelis, I have no problem who I am going to side with.

  2. One the other hand, Americans are not asked to spend their money or loose their lives on behalf of Palestinians. That is a strong point in their favor, AFAIK.

    Nor to leading Palestinian organization promote mass immigration into the United States and other western nations.

    There are many parts of the world that could be economically improved by colonization and/or population replacement. Does that really make it right? Is that the level we want to debate on?

    Finally, if you want to list all the good things that Israel has done, it would only seem fare to list the negative conducts, crime being one of them.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "Bruin"] says:

    Low IQ religious imperialists? Something to look forward to. Lots of butt-kissers trying to sugar coat these primitives.

  4. Remember when those Palestinian asshole celebrated 9-11 by dancing in the streets? I do. I'm not surprised by anything these savages do.

  5. Brian,

    Your points are well taken.

    I sympathize with the Israelis in the Levant. But I'm disgusted by many of their international supporters, and Jewish elites more generally.

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