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Even San Fransicko Supports Freedom of Assembly
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++Addition++Gibson is part-Japanese. And the rally was in fact shut down and ultimately cancelled.

There’s a group on the West Coast called “Patriot Prayer“, headed by a guy named Joey Gibson. He could pass as Puerto Rican. His group heavily utilizes traditional patriotic aesthetics–the American flag, the Gadsden flag, etc–and is now prominently signalling the “no nazis, no antifa” thing.

While my knowledge of the organization is admittedly limited to the research I’ve done in the last hour, it looks to be a mild flavor of Alt Lite, less ‘objectionable’ than even someone like Mike Cernovich. The group has a free speech rally planned in San Francisco in a week. It may get the Boston treatment.

Here’s to hoping it does. The more normies see mobs of bloodthirsty thugs from antifa and BLM clashing with cops, the better.

When there’s a sacrificial contingent from the right to target, the optics end up being bad for us. When that sacrificial contingent turns the other cheek, they look like pathetic losers. When they respond tit-for-tat, the public has to dig through alternative media outlets to find the tats while the major media reports on and shows the tits (!) again and again without proper context.

When that contingent is a phantom one, however–as was the case in Boston and Dallas this weekend–the maniacs end up attacking the police and one another:

Those optics are great. The assertion that they are somehow speaking “truth to power” is strained to the breaking point. It starts dawning on normies that the mob is actually speaking power to truth.

There is still a Silent Majority out there who dislikes the stifling intellectual–and increasingly, physical–totalitarianism of the cult Marxists. They’re skittish, sheepish, and when confronted, supine. But they’re out there, apparently even in California!

A recent SurveyUSA poll germane to this discussion confirms as much. It was conducted days after Charlottesville and a week after the Damore Affair, but prior to Boston and Dallas. The poll was conducted in the San Francisco Bay Area–not exactly fertile ground for the ideas on the dissident right. On the question of whether or not the Bay Area is becoming more or less tolerant of differing opinions (“not sure” responses are excluded, n = 500):

It’s worth disclaiming that I’m operating on the assumption that most people polled, even in San Francisco, think intellectual tolerance is a virtue rather than a vice. That may be a naive assumption.

On whether or not Patriot Prayer group should be allowed to hold its scheduled rally:

There’s little difference by race. Blacks are modestly less supportive of allowing the rally than non-blacks are, but not by much. The larger gap is by sex. The poll doesn’t provide information on marital status, but it’s a safe bet that most of that blue bar for women is coming from those without rings on their fingers:

Women are more conforming than men. Win the Chads and the Thots will follow.

As Z-Man lays out in his most recent podcast, we have to be smart in the way we appeal to normies, but now is not the time to let up.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I think Ivanka stole Trump's cellphone, on John Kelly's instructions, after Trump's hilarious tweet about General Pershing. His tweets have been anodyne, and there's no way Trump would praise the, ahem, "counterprotesters" in Boston. Sure, his tweets use the term "fake news" against the media, but I bet Kelly, Ivanka, and Jared are fed up with the stupidly one-sided coverage.

    Of course, this is all just speculation.

    The current objective we have is to find ways to make antifa widely known to and detested by normies. Unfortunately, the narrative of violent Nazis is immediately resonant to most Americans, particularly when that's all the media talks about (Curious the Russia story isn't in the news now… Almost as if the story was just partisan boilerplate.)

    It took two years for BLM to crash and burn, roughly from Ferguson to Dallas. Antifa is a moderately tougher opponent, because it's largely stocked with IQ 95-105 whites who found graduating from high school to be a challenge, and led and organized by a few smart but deranged Marxist college grads. As such, they're less inclined to spectacularly crash and burn the way BLM did, which was stocked with black thugs with IQs in the 70s, and led by just plain weird whackos. But, I enjoy an increasing difficulty.

  2. Sid,

    They have vulnerabilities, though, plenty of them. People hate the masks. It shields people from accountability. They're lower on the pecking order than all the other Victim! groups because they're mostly made up of downwardly mobile white kids from middle class backgrounds. Not only does that mean in a scuffle with BLM they're going to come out worse for the wear among the Coalition of the Fringes, it also means that authorities–and normies who get caught among them–are going to feel less hesitancy in laying them out.

  3. I'd say one youtube video as the one below recruits more normies than thousands of alt-reichtards screaming about white genocide.

  4. One thing that diminished the possibility of more trouble in the early 1990's (the last period of civil unrest) was that white births declined in the late 60's and 70's. Also, white Gen X-ers prided themselves on studying hard and getting a legit job at a young age. The vast majority of serious trouble at that time was caused by blacks, whose births surged in the 60's and 70's and obviously, especially after LBJ, blacks were less likely to be productive and peaceful members of society.

    Millennials, black or white, have been delaying milestones much more than Gen X-ers, especially the ones we used to associate with adolescence (Getting a license as soon as possible, getting a job, etc.). While we all know about the high-ed bubble encouraging Millennials to basically have an institutional baby-sitter for even more years, it turns out that in the 90's Gen X-ers did more (!) homework in high school.

    Didn't you do a post on college kids getting dumber? Back in the 80's and 90's, college kids were smarter, more studious, and more productive. Now that we've dumbed down schooling so as to not alienate more people from going to college, students aren't having to work as hard as they used to.

    It shouldn't be surprising that there are ample recruits for agitators on campus these days, given that people who once would've avoided college in favor of starting a career are now often bored and idle on campus. And that's a lot of people, since birth rates among all races were high in the 90's.

  5. Szopen,

    Hell yes. A million times more appealing than "That is NOT okay", too.


    Yes, here.

    Extending the adolescence of mediocrities whose intellectual shortcomings are obvious is disastrous. Combining a sense of entitlement with indebtedness and little market utility at a time when The Economy needs fewer warm bodies than ever creates the conditions for the campus insanity we've all now become accustomed to.

  6. Finding ways to provoke more of these left on left confrontations/conflicts should be a high priority for the alt-right. This stuff is gold.

  7. Duke,

    Is there a way to create fake events that no one on the right shows up to? The problem is a few people inevitably won't get the memo and will be led like lambs to a slaughter.

  8. AE,
    Yeah, I suppose you're right. But you'd think that those few who did show and didn't see friendlies would catch the hint and back away. It's never a good idea to show up in garb that identifies you as Right (e.g. MAGA hat/shirt, etc. [or a Nazi uniform LOL]) anyway; at least until you're safely ensconced in a big enough group of friendlies.

    Something to think about; how to run psyops like this. You'd have to change it up and get creative to keep it going for very long. Even the alt-left idiots will catch on eventually. 🙂

  9. I don't see Boston as a victory. Patriots were totally cowed into submission. They hardly showed and the establishment unironically celebrated a great victory over hate. They really don't see that they are suppressing freedom or truth.

    It seems you just have to shoot a few and the rest get in line.

    The powers of the oppressors are tremendous.

    The left always goes too far and crashes, but this is a terribly unpleasant route.

    Look at Venezuela… Chavez/Maduro crashed the economy and now Maduro has *more* power than before.

    This is a long and bitter road. Is it 1985 USSR or 1925 USSR?

  10. "It's never a good idea to show up in garb that identifies you as Right (e.g. MAGA hat/shirt, etc. [or a Nazi uniform LOL]) anyway; at least until you're safely ensconced in a big enough group of friendlies."

    Disagree. This is 4th generation warfare.

    If you go with the innocence of a lamb (no Nazi garb please) and get maimed or killed, it helps your cause, especially if a friend has the cameras rolling.

    A challenge is that the left exerts very strong control over the media such that patriot or police officer deaths count less than Communist deaths.

  11. Duke,

    Or run logistics similar to the torch march–gather people together in a metro area but don't proclaim the ultimate exact time or destination until a half hour before, and have the thing concluded by the time large numbers of the rabble show up, a rabble that will be psyched up and looking for a fight. Hey, there's some black clad guys over there you can fight!


    This is a long and bitter road. Is it 1985 USSR or 1925 USSR?

    Open question, though I lean towards the latter. Genomics is about to explode. GWAS is just the beginning. In a decade, when it's routine to talk about your weight with regards to your genetics for metabolism, or your height, or, yes, your intelligence, this oppression nonsense is going to be impossible to sustain. The companies doing the work are weary of what they're getting into, but they're getting into it.

    The numbers in Boston were depressing, but the video of them fighting cops is good.

  12. We can't "win" these skirmishes in the sense that there are more people on the Left willing to throw punches than there are people on the Right willing to take them.

    As ever, street violence is dominated by people in or near their college years. Trump's biggest supporters overwhelmingly are not Millennials. Who's that workin' out for us?

    – Boomers are too old (mostly….) to be interested in brawling
    – Few whites were born in the 70's and early-mid 80's
    – When more whites were being born in the late 80's and 90's, so too were other ethnic groups that were becoming a bigger part of the population.

    That doesn't give us much HR to work with, and we're swimming against the demographic tide. The average Trump voter was a 46 year old white guy (the number I assume was pushed up due to late Boomers being a massive demographic who are more likely to vote than younger generations), while the anti-fa douchebags are mostly under 40 Bernie supporters who should be venting on the Dems but have been seduced into blaming Trump and middle America for everything they don't like.

    The 2016 Chicago and especially California rallies ended up resembling race wars, for all intents and purposes as areas with high numbers of liberals and non-whites spat in the face of white Trump supporters (there were some non-whites there to celebrate Trump, but they typically didn't get as much shit from rioters).

    If there's any thing to gained from this BS, it's that Gen Z will be alienated from strident activism, much like how people who were young kids in the 60's got tired of early Boomers being such conceited blowhards.

    These kinds of internet sparked "niche" rallies are probably not going to attract that many Righties, whereas Trump rallies or rallies involving some kind of important local cause or icon will do better. Plus, Boston? Hello? The mid-lower Northeast has too many strivers, too many rich people, and too many Ellis Island people to be favorable to Right rallies. If there's a great deal of pressure to not self-identify as New Right/a Trump supporter out in public in Minnesota, I can't imagine how much pressure there is in most of the Northeast, home to Ellis Island nostalgia and many snobby coastal elites. Trump's biggest plays are in areas with unpretentious whites East of the Rockies.

  13. If you go with the innocence of a lamb (no Nazi garb please) and get maimed or killed, it helps your cause, especially if a friend has the cameras rolling.

    You don't do that kind of thing unless religious or political leaders will venerate you. The MSM is trying to discredit and downplay the popularity of Milo, Cernovich, et al out of fear that the New Right will usher in a new era of cultural and political leaders leading us out of the globalist regime. Our institutions and policies by and large are still globalist to the core, and will rationalize Left-wing violence with few to no powerful Right leaders willing to stick up for the victims.

    The MSM was piqued over Trump sympathizing with statue defenders whom were not attending to cause trouble. His Virginia campaign manager (Corey Stewart) recently defended his statement, in the face of being told that you can't not "morally" compare Left and Right radicals, in utterly inane supposition since every person and thus every group has the same capacity for evil, and as such it's possible for either side in a given situation to act badly to some degree. And if that's what happens, just say so. Don't act like one side not only did nothing wrong, but was incapable of doing so

  14. The CNN Corey Stewart interview stood out as a Soviet style brainwashing session, in which one is simply told something and is required to accept it and not question it. The CNN bimbo rejected the very possibility that perhaps the anti-fa morons instigated a lot of the chaos that led to a death. She didn't build a good case that the evidence they had proved anything, or that maybe we don't have the complete info and shouldn't be rushing to judgment. She said, flat out, that some kind of moral rule or stain of past evil upon the bad side literally makes it impossible for her side (the Left) to be morally or even logistically at fault for anything unpleasant that happens at such an event.

    These anchors are totally useful idiots for their side, they often defy any kind of good faith/common sense/sound reasoning for the purpose of defending their side. Winning is more important than establishing and following rules of fair play.

    It's really childish, it's like a sports fan celebrating his cheating team when it wins, and then being bitter over an opponent cheating and winning.

  15. An NY Times writer tweeted that anti-fa goons were aggressively wielding clubs, and ended up apologizing to rabid Lefties and altering her early tweets.

    If the Left thinks they've "got" you, you are no longer allowed to even acknowledge that anti-fa can be assholes.

    Seems to me that they want absolutely no light shed on Left-wing deviance, and Trump/Sessions opening more investigations into Lefy lunatics would drive everyone into apoplexy, since of course the Left is always fighting the good fight and as such they should never have to adhere to any legal or ethical standards in their methods.

    BTW, the media and colleges and even in some cases the authorities have been complicit in encouraging and condoning unrest and violence. How more lawsuits have not been filed against the elites for fueling trouble is beyond me.

  16. In order to be an innocent victim, you need to think about yourself as one and must look in the eyes of public as one. Hence, you should not identify yourself as "white nationalist" or similar. This is the reason Trump rallies or rallies around local icons will do better (per Feryl).

    Diggression: I am not American, as you know – I live and I intend to live in my home country, POland. However, I was observing the events in USA with keen interest. If Hillary would win, our situation here would be much worse, and instead of Trump praising our nation and coming to make deals, we would most likely have sanctions right now. If right wins in USA, then it will be easier for the right everywhere. If right loses in USA, then the fight elsewhere has diminishing chances of success.

    The reason Trump rallies are more popular is, I think, because they provide the "plausible deniability". In other words, create symbols which fulfill two goals (1) allow you to say to the media "no, we are not racist/nazis/white supremacists" – but actually, this is not important. Much more important is (2): it allows the normies to think "we are not racist/nazis/white supremacist", we are just normal people loving the America. People need a plausible explanation why they do something, without thinking about themselves as "evil", with "evil" being defined by the society and media.

    For example, imagine group "uniting and cultivating Celtic heritage". This is totally non-racist and welcomes all people of Celtic ancestry, regardless of heir race. Obviously, such a group will be 99% white and can provide support to whites; however, with token Latino or black, it allows members to say "we are not white nationalist/racist. We just want to keep our traditions". There is no dreaded "white" there; the same group dedicated to "unting and cultivating white heritage" would be immedietely labelled as racist.

    So, no matter what some think about "civic nationalism", it provides plausible deniability. The same about rallying around some local icon. Even Trump rallies provide plausible deniability. It's not really about media, mind you; the most important is providing excuses for the normies.

    On the other hand, rally for "free speech" provides a lot of "plausible deniability" and yet it had not attract a lot of participants, so maybe I am totally wrong.

  17. Ae, don't forget to backup your blog asap. Truth is being disappeared these days. You have produced great treasure of time that needs preserving.

  18. > This is a long and bitter road. Is it 1985 USSR or 1925 USSR?

    As much as people on the dissident right have been signaling against the alt right (a big mistake for obvious reasons), there will never be a moment where the "normies" rise up and put the antifa in its place. Not gonna happen. We saw what happens when anyone stands up to them: the media goes full ree for a whole week to try to squash any opposition to their pet terrorists. Even with trust in the media at an all time low, you're not going to find anyone taking the mantle to fight back against the antifa, BLM, etc. You're not going to see Trump doing it because as we saw, his Democrat daughter and son-in-law were strongly against him making any comments about the left. With Bannon gone, he's even less likely to push back against left wing terrorism.

    So because the right is effectively paralyzed, left wing terrorism will continue unabated for the foreseeable future. So that means any attempt to assemble will result in the last couple of weeks. Maybe someday the right wing will grow a spine but until then…

  19. AE – "People hate the masks. It shields people from accountability."

    The only organization(s) Americans hate as much as the Nazis, on a gut level, are Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Leftists try to obfuscate and divert attention from them, except for when we whacked Osama Bin Laden, but even Americans fed up with blunted, meaningless quagmire's in the Middle East relish the destruction of jihadis. That's why Trump at once lambasted the Wars in Iraq, Libya, and a potential regime change in Syria on the campaign trail, but promised his base the heads of ISIS on stakes. It worked!

    Boy oh boy, the antifa uniforms look like what Jihadi John wore, only more stoned out. Imagine if alt-righters went out to rallies in a combination of SS uniforms and biker gear, and that's antifa.

    szopen – "This is the reason Trump rallies or rallies around local icons will do better (per Feryl)."

    Good point. It also helps us to rally around concrete points and specific persons, than airy abstractions. Pro-Trump rallies give us plausible deniability and are concrete in nature.

    Trump's going to have a rally in Arizona tonight. The powers that be are mad about this. Let's see what happens – Trump may be trying to get us out in public together again, or he might be trying to goad and expose antifa.

    Scott Adams says that Trump has a gift for playing with "confirmation bias." He will label someone, and then when they do something in line with that label, they're trapped. For example, whenever Lyin' Ted said something slippery or inaccurate, that label was all you could think of. Trump did something similar with "alt-left" – the country will think of that label whenever they say leftist violence.

    Dan – "This is a long and bitter road. Is it 1985 USSR or 1925 USSR?"

    In 1985, no one in the USSR imagined their country would fall asunder within a mere seven years. The problems with stagnant economic growth and a paralyzing, labrythine bureaucracy seemed immense but not existential.

    Sorry to cite Stephen Jay Gould, but "punctuated equilibrium" is apt here. Political and social systems can sputter on for decades, and then suddenly transform or collapse. The kind of social consensus we had from the 1960s through the 2000s have come into strain in this decade, but it's not yet clear if they will shatter altogether soon.

  20. Feryl,

    There are two variations of good optics for us. One is the helpless, unthreatening isolated member of our side being bullied and humiliated (this). The other is a swift deliverance of justice (this). Anything in between is bad, and it's hard to get to either of the goods without generating a lot of bads on the way there. Better to find ways to get Antifa out in force without anyone on our side to target.

    Major media reporters are mostly 20- and 30-somethings from upper-middle class families who got ridiculously easy, worthless j-school degrees as a way of trying to disguise their downward mobility. They don't know anything about anything so they lick boots and serve as, well, useful idiots.


    The two get conflated. Augustus Invictus, one of the organizers of the Unite the Right even in C'Ville, intended to play to that but a lot of the Alt Lite backed out ahead of time, so it ended up fitting the slanderous media template relatively well.

    The Alt Right here takes comfort in and admiration of Poland's example. Stay strong.


    It is, don't worry. I figure Vox Day, who also uses blogger, is the canary in the coal mine here. If he gets taken down I'll probably just preemptively jump ship. I like blogger, though, and have never had any problems save for a warning about advocating violence when I made a silly meme that showed Louise Mensch on a stretcher in cartoon form (from the Simpsons).

    Random Dude,

    I hope it's apparent that to the extent that I countersignal, it's warily and without histrionics. The Nazi imagery has to go, though. I have children. I'm not in this for purity, I'm in it to win it, and swastikas will never get us there.


    Yes, the "alt left" label was, as Scott Adams says, a rhetorical kill shot. And Antifa seems virtually incapable of appearing in public without being violent.

    I'm not quite as pessimistic as Random Dude. If Sessions labeled Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization–which is not outside the realm of possibility at some point–that could be a gamechanger.

  21. > I hope it's apparent that to the extent that I countersignal, it's warily and without histrionics. The Nazi imagery has to go, though. I have children. I'm not in this for purity, I'm in it to win it, and swastikas will never get us there.

    It was not directed towards you but I have some people frantically try to separate themselves from the alt right (who are not the same as Neo Nazis) in vain. Most of them appear to be more of the shekel grabbing contingency like Cernovich and Vox Day, who seem to care more about how they can personally stand to profit than anything else.

    > I'm not quite as pessimistic as Random Dude. If Sessions labeled Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization–which is not outside the realm of possibility at some point–that could be a gamechanger.

    I'd have to wonder in light of all of their violence this past 12-18 months what actually will result in antifa being labeled a terrorist organization. Antifa and BLM will never be considered terrorist organizations because the right wing is petrified of the left. That may change but I'm thinking short term here (<5 years).

    It could change but it would require not just more Democrat humiliations but defeats of turncoat cucks like Lindsey Graham and John McCain. I think we can all agree, Alt Lite, Alt Right, Kekistanis, etc. that it's time to purge the cucks.

  22. Noam Chomsky is commenting on, and condemning, antifa:

    Truth will out and Trump will win in time. It looks like antifa won't be done in by their burning themselves out, but by enough people recognizing them over time.

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