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Electoral Behavior of White Hispanics and Non-White Hispanics
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Why it ended up in the queue has been lost in the sauce, but I’d made a note to look at how Hispanics have voted in US presidential elections by whether they racially identified as white or as some variety of non-white. Here it is. Predictably, white Hispanics are more Republican than non-white Hispanics are:

Hispanics in the US are increasingly identifying as non-white, and those who haven’t taken the flight from white are still moving away from the implicitly white GOP.

If these “natural conservatives” were actually naturally politically conservative in a Western context, they’d have rallied to Hell’s newest eternal POW, who represented the open-borders variant of said natural conservatism. Instead, McCain did worse among Hispanics than any other Republican has this millennium.

GSS variables used: HISPANIC(2-50), PRES00(1-2), PRES04(1-2), PRES08(1-2), PRES12(1-2), RACECEN1(1)(2-16)

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. No machismo,and represents a privileged class that is easy to resent. But yes, let us bury the unironic "natural conservative" meme with McVain.

  2. Not a surprise because 2004 was the first election where I saw race baiting get cranked up. In 2008 and 2012? Forget about it.

    A cuckservative would look at this and think that bringing back the Bushes is key but they forget that McCain and Romney ran on what effectively was W's third term and we see those outcomes. Younger Republicans are more likely to be aware but any Republican over the age of 50 is going to struggle to deal with the fact that there aren't enough based blacks and browns and that the Sailer Strategy is the only effective method for Republican victories at the national level.

  3. An unscientific example of the power of euro-envy among the left, "white college" in particular.

    It's hard to produce a soundbite response to this argument that doesn't include "NATO freeloaders".

  4. Crucial stat to look at – Hispanics who don't live in California.

  5. Nobody respects somebody who sucks up and panders to them (except possibly Jews), and McCain's performance with Hispanics proves it. Hell, Trump got more Hispanic support than Mc Cain did.

  6. “Once they see you’ll do anything they say, they’re bound to respect you!”
    -John McCain on Illegal Immigration (probably)

  7. Joe,

    But, but, but he was a maverick. He stood up Globohomo's enemies. He was a maverick, swinging from one fake side of the globohomo wing to the other fake sign of the globohomo wing. That's true masculinity, not the toxic kind!

    Random Dude,

    Yeah, some fools might think that. Most will just realize how awful W was and think if that's the only way to appeal to Hispanics, it's not worth it. Never mind that even if it were perceived to be worth it, it wouldn't be possible to pull those kinds of numbers anymore for the reasons you give.


    Based Geraldo!


    Touche, though the GSS doesn't break responses down by state, unfortunately.

    Toddy Cat,

    Polishing Jewish nobs hasn't done Trump much good.


    Globohomos: That John McCain is a real hero.

    Red-Pilled Peasant: What makes him a hero?

    Globohomos: Well, he crashed a plane and got captured by the Viet Cong.

    Red-Pilled Peasant: How does that make him a hero?

    Globohomos: Well he supported more amnesties than you ever did!

  8. “Hispanics in the US are increasingly identifying as non-white”

    You think that’s the case or it’s just there’s more non-white Hispanics in the US?

    Also, from these numbers it looks like white hispanics vote like Asians and non-white hispanics vote like blacks?

  9. Ringo,

    Probably some of both wrt the first question. Cubans especially are no longer the Hispanic bloc they used to be.

    And yeah, that seems like a pretty good approximation. Thanks.

  10. Maybe those Hispanics are just SO naturally conservative that they knew right off the bat that McCain was really a Democrat.

  11. The idea that Hispanics are "natural conservatives" comes from the experience with the mostly white Floridan Cubans. The Cubans who came to the US were heavily selected first by strict immigration laws, then by the effects of the Castro communist regime.

    Those who left Cuba, especially in the '50s and '60s, were mostly white and overwhelmingly anti-communists, so they formed a heavily Republican block.

    However today they're dying out, and are being substituted by immigrants who are mostly mestizos (even if some of them classify themselves as white) and are much less virulently opposed to the Democrats, especially if they think that they can get some free stuff and quotas just like the blacks.

    American conservatism based on valuing hard work, meritocracy, protection of free speech, property rights and freedom of association, along with traditional family roles and social more, is mostly an Anglo, or at least Western European Protestant thing.

    Other white ethnicities can approximate conservative values, especially if they are heavily selected for (as the process of immigrating and integrating to America used to) in terms of high conscientiousness, medium-high to high IQ, and low narcissism and psychopathy, by not giving out handouts, punishing bad eggs and forcing those who were unsuccessful to leave and go back to their country of origin.

    And even then it took at least two generations and closing off immigration through heavily restrictive quotas to get the Irish, the Italians, the Slavs and the Greek to assimilate to the Anglo-Protestant ethics and values (while America had to endure the Irish mob, the Italian Mafia, and high levels of crime and social disruption).

    Today's immigration is not only worse in terms of conscientiousness, IQ, narcissism, psychopathy than the Italian-Slavic-Irish immigrants, but there's no filter, instead all is given to immigrants without demanding much. Very few Hispanic failures voluntarily pack their bags and leave, most of them simply stay, check in social security, bring along their entire families and vote for those who will give them stuff.

    There's no integration, no selection, only millions of illegals pouring in unchecked and people clamoring to let in some more. The "American melting pot" is flooded with elements that don't mix and come in droves.

  12. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    This is just bullshit.
    Granted that too many hispanics identify as white when they are not.
    However, generally, white hispanic voting trends follow the trends of whites they live near by.
    That's why in rural Texas communities where white Hispanics make a good proportion of the population, they keep voting Republican.
    And why in most California – especially in the big cities – white Hispanics keep voting Democrat.

    The idea of "Hispanic" as an ethnicity is a meme of the far left, and only dumb americans fall for it.
    It is essential to America to stop falling for the Hispanic meme.
    You'd discover that some 20% to 30% of Hispanics in the U.S. are generally assimilable into the mainstream white america – sure, most of them are white hispanics themselves.
    You'd also kill the idea that Hispanics have rights over x and y territories or that they are somewhat native to the land, as the overwhelming majority of them would identify as mixed race or brown relatively recent immigrants.

  13. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:


    while being a hell hole basically since independence, Mexico – the shittiest of the Latin Americas States with some weight – was always much more "conservative" than the U.S. which was liberal since its very foundation.
    The U.S.A. has always been a rebellion against Traditional European values.

    Also, to pretend that the various U.S. protestant denominations form a coherent block is necessary to have a sub par IQ, because they really do not.
    If you knew anything about protestantism and its values, you'd quickly understand a good chunk of america's founders were sent to America because they were too Judaised to be tolerated in Europe at the time.

  14. Anon,

    What counties do Hispanics in Texas vote Republican? I hear it, but the the electoral map makes it very clear that the more Hispanic a county, the more Democrat it is.

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