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Double-Digit Increase in Anti-White Hate Crime from 2015 to 2016
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From recently released FBI hate crime statistics, we find the number of white hate crime (HC) offenders declined by 3.0% from 2015 to 2016 while the number of black hate crime offenders grew by 15.2% over the same time period.

Similarly, the number of anti-White hate crime incidents increased 14.9% between 2015 and 2016 while the number of anti-Black hate crime incidents marginally decreased by 0.3% over the same time period.

HC offenders who are… Δ’15-’16
White -3.0%
Black +15.2%
Incidents of… Δ’15-’16
Anti-White HC +14.9%
Anti-Black HC -0.3%

Trump is obviously to blame here. All the supporters he brought out to rallies or just around town in their MAGA gear were fostering an oppressive atmosphere of hate. It is poetic justice, then, that these haters turned out to be the victims of the hatred they so hatefully released unto the world!

Parenthetically, in absolute numbers blacks are heavily overrepresented both as perpetrators of and victims of hate crimes. The sliver of crime with the designated “hate” prefix is politically charged, primarily serving as a way of making black criminality and victimology appear much more sympathetic towards blacks than figures on total criminality do.

Comprising far less than 1% of all crime, hate crimes tell us little about the actual nature of criminality in the country. The directional changes are worth noting, however.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. That is gold sir. Trump effect: whites give up on hate, blacks declare its not okay to be white.

    • Replies: @Stodgy White Guy

    Looks like Obama's parting gift to White Americans.

  2. @DissidentRight
    That is gold sir. Trump effect: whites give up on hate, blacks declare its not okay to be white.

    Replies: @Stodgy White Guy

    Looks like Obama's parting gift to White Americans.

  3. Noah,

    Indeed–further confirmation that the "hate" designation is primarily political in nature. It's always in the most progressive places that the most retrograde badwhites are allegedly operating, operating so stealthily that they're virtually never positively identified.

    Dissuade Right,

    To take it a step further, this provides us a window into the future (if South Africa wasn't obvious enough!): The more they attack and demean us, the more their hatred for us grows.

    Stodgy White Guy,

    Here's to it backfiring.

    The slumbering giant is finally beginning to stir.

  4. Breaking, video footage just emerged of a young officer Moore assaulting that young girl. Makes me want to throw up.

  5. Video is unavailable. Nothing has moved in the markets. Are you sure it’s legit?

  6. Lol, it was a joke. Video was of Sound of Music bit with the song "I am sixteen going on seventeen." No Roy Moore vid.

    Actually Sound of Music is one of greatest movies of all time. Nobody has a prob with it. Point was, nothing wrong with Roy Moore goin' a courtin'.

  7. Sorry to scare you with a joke that fizzled. Hopefully, this thing with Moore has turned a corner. Repub governor of alabama, a woman, is backing him as of today. Polls are skewed with 50/50 Trump/Hillary voters in a state that Trump won by a lot. Still got a month. Still depressing to see how many cucks are out there. I am pessimistic by disposition, but Moore should be okay.

  8. Lol! I’m at a wedding and got the notification but couldn’t get youtube service. You made my stomach drop but it’s back in place now.

  9. The white perp decline is even better than it looks here, because the number of Hispanic HC offenders was up 28.3% from 2015 to 2016, and most of those Hispanics are being counted in the white numbers as well (the FBI separates by race and then separately by Hispanic or non-Hispanic, but not by both simultaneously).

  10. The whole "Hispanic" thing is always going to be a pain in the ass. We'd be better off asking people if they're white, black, Asian, Arab, etc. along with sub-categories for mixed race (mestizo, etc.). Guillermo Del Toro is as white as you can get, but according to the census he's "Hispanic" which as a racial marker is biologically worthless, being that Hispanic is entirely about where you or your ancestors were born and has nothing to do with race.

    Speaking of dumb and pointless, at some point in the last 15 years it became possible to be "racist" against German people, Mexican people, etc. Nationality is not race; and I suppose that calling people "nationalist" doesn't really add up. Back in the 50's-90's, animosity towards a nationality was called bigotry or prejudice; evidently the "sting" of racist is so powerful that we then decided to use the word much more loosely.

    Oh, and there's the infamous "Hispanic" designation based on one's appearance; what's the deal with Anglo whites not understanding that, derp derp derp, white people have and continue to inhabit some parts of Latin America?

  11. Feryl,

    Indeed. "Hispanic" in the contexts we try to use it in for informational purposes is mostly just a poor proxy for Mestizo/Amerindian.

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The annual FBI hate crimes report is a vile hate crime itself, made up out of whole cloth to vilify whites and keep the wholesale robbery of whites for the benefit of favored groups going. Favored groups not limited to racial minorities but including the political class, the Pentagon, Wall Street, etc. As long as whites aren't allowed to act in their group interest they can be mined for profit by all the parasites living off of them. And evil whitey the potential hate-criminal is one of the most powerful propaganda tools for justifying keeping whites fragmented. It's why we can't have important civil rights like freedom of association and states rights. Gotta keep that power centralized to keep evil whitey the hate criminal in line.

    Does anybody really believe that there are only about 7,000 hate crimes committed in America each year? Is there anyone who doesn't know about racial murders, rapes, gang beatings, etc. that don't make the list while spray painting does? Made up out of whole cloth for political propaganda reasons. The only question is why The System is allowing this increase in white victimization. Are they genuinely interested in slowing down white victimization before whites become a minority and things get really ugly? Are they afraid of a growing white backlash in the face of the blatant racism of this report and a thousand other anti-white activities of the establishment? Has the Overton Window of Oppression been opened up just a little by the Alt-Right? Who knows? The media and the government have blatantly lied about racist violence against whites for more than half a century and a reasonable person could only come to the conclusion that those lies had an enabling, sponsoring effect on that violence. No media can say that they've covered it fairly and accurately and as whites become a minority someone's going to start asking "what did you do during the Holocaust, daddy?" It's a far more explosive question than ancient sexual harassment charges.

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