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This religious service–where rigid intellectual, moral, and spiritual conformity is assumed–fronts as a corporate activity led by chief executives of the country’s leading tech company, one of the largest publicly-traded firms in the world:

This particular meeting took place prior to James Damore’s defenestration. How a centrist like Damore managed to avoid being raised up as a blood sacrifice at one of these gatherings is anyone’s guess.

From the FEC, the distributions of 9,132 personal donations to 2016 US presidential campaigns from Google employees, by candidate and also by party:

Yes, Democrats outraised Republicans nearly 30-to-1. And yes, Jill Stein received more in campaign contributions from Google employees than any Republican. Indeed, she received more than the top three GOP recipients–Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich–combined!

That’s where the hive running the world’s search engine results is coming from.

A message from a friend with decades of experience in Silicon Valley provided a being hit on the head lesson, describing what should have become common knowledge by now:

I wish the Right understood deeply how much they are considered morally illegitimate in some very important quarters. The Right loses because they are a bunch of rubes, suckers, and fools who do not realize their own good will is not returned in kind by the other side.

In the interest of fairness, the biggest driver of traffic to this humble blog is Google. Or at least it was before this post!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Heh. Think about that Monty Python link. It is currently possible to be arrested in the UK for participating in the wrong sort of sketch.

  2. The TRS guys did a deep dive on the leaked video. Long and good.

    Nasim did nothing wrong. Except be a bad shot.

  3. This isn't a surprise.

    People on the right love to rant (with more than some justification) about how Hollywood follows the liberal agenda, but Silicon Valley is even much more hostile to any sort of deviation from the liberal norm.

    Not only Google has an anti-Republican bias, it also has a pretty strong pro-establishment Democrat bias (note how Clinton towers over Sanders in terms of donations). The "social justice" crowd are actually beloved by the establishment Democrats, while Sanders is looked at with suspicion in many SocJus circles for his "open borders is a Koch brothers project" speech and for his criticism of identitarian politics.

    The Sanders fans are far more "woke" than their leader, but in general Google and other information giants are not really "leftist" (they love tax breaks) as much as they are in bed with the Big Diversity Project.

    I'm not saying this because I like Sanders (far from it: he's a socialist loon) but to point out that the Liberal Left and their corporate donors/thought leaders are increasingly becoming all about white-bashing, male-bashing, and in general America-bashing, and all deviations from the script, no matter how minor, is seen as heresy.

    This is also why moderate liberals like Sam Harris or Steven Pinker are reviled in most leftist circles and called "alt-right", or why centrists like Dave Rubin, or moderate center-righters like Ben Shapiro, are still called "nazis".

    The Social Justice doctrine is incredibly dogmatic. Its teachings are self-contradictory and inane at best, downright insane at worst, but anyone who voices any sort of criticism is silenced.

    It's not surprising, since the whole left/liberal mindset is built on denying reality: denying differences between individuals and groups, denying sexual dimorphism in humans, denying the disasters of collectivist policies, denying crime rates, denying terrorism rates, etc.

    That these lunatics have the control over the most important information hubs is one of the biggest threats to freedom in the US. Their hold over information is crucial their goals: if they had to face an open debate on a free platform their ideas would be thoroughly debunked, their fantasies would be dispelled.

  4. It's amazing that it hasn't reached 100% lefty. Given how forthright, zealous, and aggressive these people are, it's hard to imagine trying to work there if you're not fully on board with The Faith.

    Even if you just keep your head down and your mouth shut they would surely sniff you out and work to destroy you. It would seem that the only way to survive would be to outright fake your devotion to their idols. And that is hard to do, day after day.

    As for that quote at the end, you may as well substitute The Right with White People. This is our fundamental problem. High trust people dealing with low trust people, etc.

  5. Google averages around 3.5 billion searches per day. How long would it take Fox News to have 3.5 billion viewers?

  6. "This religious service"


    "I wish the Right understood deeply how much they are considered morally illegitimate in some very important quarters. The Right loses because they are a bunch of rubes, suckers, and fools who do not realize their own good will is not returned in kind by the other side."

    Indeed. Of course, the Right can play that game, too. In fact, we can play it better than anyone. No mercy for liars, blasphemers, and traitors.

    Obviously it will still take a while for attitudes on the Right to flip, but there is no chance in hell that the Enemy won't keep adding fuel to the fire.

  7. Cloudbuster,

    I recall seeing something about Monty Python being under attack in the UK, maybe for 'sexism' but inevitably for everything, including the very white male cast.


    Highly recommended? I had to skip through just the primary source material. It poisons the soul.


    The Google execs trotted out say they're opposed to the corporate tax cuts. One lady even says the company would love to pay more, but there is no mechanism for doing so! No, I don't believe a word of that portion, either.


    Yeah, it'd be interesting to see what the fates have been since 2015/2016 of those employees who did donate to Trump, or even who donated to another Republican. I suspect it's not good.


    Great way of thinking about it.

    Dissident Right,

    Arise, white man. Arise!

  8. "I wish the Right understood deeply how much they are considered morally illegitimate in some very important quarters. The Right loses because they are a bunch of rubes, suckers, and fools who do not realize their own good will is not returned in kind by the other side."

    The mainstream/country club Right and the Fox News crowd doesn't get this, they never did. For decades they accommodated to the Left's demands, we ceded the culture war to them, the war on Christmas and Christianity came next, then the destruction of the notion of marriage being only for male and females not same sex couples. Now they allow creepy men into women's bathrooms without a peep.

    Now the Left is telling whites to shut up and die. And what's the response from these dumb f**ks? To paraphrase Laura Ingraham(chief female cuck), 'the MAGA people have to tone it down'. Tone what down? Is supporting Secure borders, trade deals that protect American jobs now considered inflammatory Laura? I guess so.

    The GOP needs to be put down for good. It's useless and the people in it are a threat to the country and whites.

  9. Rod1963,

    Yep. During Trump's candidacy, it was hardly novel to note that the Republican party either had to be recalibrated to Trumpism or had to die. Looks like the smart money is on the latter.

    There are, however, some encouraging signs if we look for them. Kobach here in Kansas, Kemp in Georgia, and DeSantis in Florida are all examples. If you're in those states, those guys are definitely worth supporting.

  10. Anonymous [AKA "The Osprey"] says: • Website

    I believe John Cleese of the Pythons came under fire from the SJW types for gently complaining that London was no longer an English city .

  11. Osprey,

    The inbred Pakistani goat herds don't get English understatement?! You don't say?

    That may be what I'm thinking of. If it hasn't happened yet, it will.

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