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Dollars Spent Per Vote Received in 2016 Presidential Nominating Cycle
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Total ad spending (combined by candidate and PACs supporting that candidate) per vote received in primaries and caucuses among the remaining presidential candidates through the end of March:

Trump’s doing the most with the least and the socialist is doing the least with the most. Fitting.

If we consider those no longer actively campaigning, though, we see that Bernie is a penny-pinching miser compared to the most profligate presidential aspirant of the election cycle. ¡Jabe! and his allied PACs spent a staggering $849.72 for each vote he picked up in the first three states. ¡Jabe!’s votes were orders of magnitude more expensive than even Bernie’s have been.

Put in an even more humiliating way, ¡Jabe! spent 37,765% more for each vote he received than Trump has.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Those stupid Bernie-ites.

    I actually do have a soft spot for Communism in the sense that by keeping economies dysfunctional, they had less of the transformative combo of capitalism and globalization. Those countries that lost their minds in that way ironically seem to have been able to preserve a little more of themselves.

    The Bernie-ites are not logical thinkers though, because what they want (more stuff with less effort) is not achievable by socialism.

  2. I would probably vote for !Jabe! if he outright paid me $850 to do so.

  3. Dan,

    It's a great illustration of how societal affluence is a prerequisite for the contemporary leftism ascendant in the West.


    But his PAC administrators wouldn't get a fat cut. You'd have to do it for $500 or so!

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