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The Nazism and the swastika have to go. A modest suggestion for a replacement:

– The Nazis mostly killed Europeans. The Crusaders mostly did not. Repelling Saracens is relevant. Conquering Celts is not.

– Many of those who make up the Alt Right’s prime recruitment base had grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought the Nazis. Vanishingly few are descended from those who fought the Crusaders, and those who are have to go back anyway.

– The Crusades were about reclamation. The Nazis were, after a short time, about conquest. Effective ethnostates work. Colonial societies, not so much. The Crusades fit into a framework of identitarianism and the “14”, but not one of white supremacy and the “88”. The latter fits a Nazi framework, and it’s a disaster.

– While the martial aspect of the Alt Right is masturbatory–at least for now–the combative imagery is still important. Warfare in the 12th century lends itself much better to the virile virtues–strength, honor, courage, mastery–men are grasping for today than warfare in the 20th century does. This is awe-inspiring. This is nauseating.

Christianity is fecund. Vague spirituality or outright atheism is not.

– The Crusades evoke a sort of pan-Europeanism. The Nazis evoke civilization-destroying European civil war.

– The Templars’ ultimate undoing was the work of an Establishment power structure–both the Church and the State–that putatively had the same objectives as the Crusaders while in reality had been working to destroy them for decades. There’s a sharp resonance in that.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Just use an American flag, ffs.

  2. According to the left, America is founded on racism and the founding fathers were racist. If that is the case, and if the alt-right does want to be racist, it is strange that they attempt to cloak themselves in foreign symbolism and tribal membership rather than American symbolism and tribal membership.

    If I was the alt-right, my theme music would be the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Not the Horst Wessel.

    Chant USA! USA!

    Not Sieg Heil! Siegl Heil!

  3. Anonymous [AKA "FreightTrain"] says: • Website

    Excellent. Well said.

  4. The greatest time to be alive in America was 1946-1963. We don't need to rehabilitate or revive the 3rd Reich; we need to transmit what made America great after we won WW2 but before spoiled liberal assholes threw it all away in the late 60's and beyond. Ethnic homogeneity, people living small, strong middle class, dignified work, wholesome culture. Even liberal T.A. Frank recently did an article about the mid-century in which he praised the period for it's many strengths and he shockingly didn't make even a token mention of muh Jim Crow. He did admit that modern Leftists find demographic changes to be seductive and hard to shake.

    GSS research time: COLHOMO (allowing gays to teach) among whites by religion:

    Yay or Nay
    Protestant: 62.1 / 37.9
    Catholic: 75.4 / 24.6
    Jewish: 90.4 / 9.6
    Atheist: 88.4 / 11.6

    Variables: Colhomo, Race(1), Relig(1), Relig(2), Relig(3), Relig(4), years(1972-2016)

    Urbanization and Coastleness probably play a role here, as Jews are concentrated in cities and the coasts, while Protestants prefer the hinterlands, Catholics are somewhere in between. Focusing on the 70's and 80's would make the results even starker, as Protestants and Catholics were much more strongly opposed to gays in the 70's and 80's while Jews/Atheists have been consistently pro-homo.

    Raised in big city (whites only):
    Protestant: 8.3
    Catholic: 18.2
    Jewish: 45,5 (!)
    Atheist: 13.9

    Elite cultural urban liberals and non-whites have been ganging up on trad.-Americans for decades by now, and if Trump's bright red election map with geographically tiny blue islands in the inland US and coastal archipelagos doesn't prove that, nothing will. It's not enough to merely restrict Muslim and black migration; nor is it enough to exclude all non-whites. Peter Brimelow and Ann Coulter frequently mention the original ethnic stock of white Americans (Protestant British and Dutch) for a reason.

    Brexit had a similar dynamic, with those most culturally and/or genetically distanced from the white English working class/lower middle class (liberal London strivers and uh, Scots) being most in favor of staying.

    According to the GSS, the Mid-Atlantic dominates region of raising among Jews, with 43.8% of having lived there.

  5. Taking on an artificial identity, larping, is not the way to go. American white people already have their own symbol and proud history. They don't need to pretend to be anything else.

    The biggest tactical mistake white nationalists make is to reject an American identity. You might not think so, but "American" is still an extremely strong brand name. There are white men who would die just for the flag. To reject American as an identity in favor of white is to buy into the bullshit liberal narrative that everybody is an American.

    Throughout most of US history an American was explicitly a white person, in the same way "Southerner" is today. This is how Frederick Douglass talked about Abe Lincoln:

    He was preeminently the white man’s President, entirely devoted to the welfare of white men. He was ready and willing at any time during the first years of his administration to deny, postpone, and sacrifice the rights of humanity in the colored people to promote the welfare of the white people of this country. In all his education and feeling he was an American of the Americans.

  6. IHTG/Chris/Halvorson,

    Touche, there's always that.

    Some potential problems:

    It doesn't represent the identitarian aspect of the Alt Right well.

    The US isn't like Britain, where the national flag is generally regarded as a sort of hate symbol by cucked normies. Most (white) people like the American flag, including moderates and moderate leftists, so it's not distinctive (which has both advantages and disadvantages).

    We've had it for a couple centuries and yet here we are despite that.

    Semiotics and aesthetics are not things I have much innate sense of or discriminating taste for. I'm open for anything that replaces the Nazi nonsense.


    Is that figure for urban whites the question about teaching? It has to be something else, or is it restricted to the 70s and 80s?

  7. I used the Res16 and relig variables to find the nature of early residence among each religion, restricted to whites and independent of any other variable, including the gay teacher one (COLHOMO, ha ha gotta love how so many gay variables include HOMO).

    COLHOMO has had a long run, it's still being asked and dates back to 1973.

    I ran the COLHOMO stuff without regard for RES16.

    I or somebody else could run COLHOMO with RES16 and restricted to whites only, though I don't think that's necessary given that large cities are the territory of non-Mayflower whites (to the extent that white people even live there anymore) who are much more liberal than heartlanders.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Crusades weren't about establishing European societies though. The Crusader Kingdoms in the Mideast were mostly Arab, and mostly Muslim. And the Muslim population was often treated better by the Crusaders than the Christians were. Richard the Lionhearted even offered his sister in marriage to Saladin.

    Beyond that though, Europeans and European descended groups today simply don't have the religious fervor today to seriously unite around religion. The various secularizing forces of the past few centuries have been to influential. Most people today that are into racial nationalism are significantly influenced by modern biological science, which has a relatively skeptical attitude towards traditional religious views. Some sort of racialist ideology based on biology and science is going to have more headway. That's why people today adopt Naziism over Christianity or some other traditional religion.

  9. I think it's a mistake to get spooked by what happened yesterday. The usual alt lite suspects immediately run once the spotlight gets shown on them so what Vox Day says and does is not that surprising. Since I don't give a shit about how much profit Vox Day can rake in by setting up alternative media that caters to the dissident right, I don't use him as a bellwether for how things are.

    I think Charlottesville did little or no damage to the alt right or the dissident right. A loser goes on a driving spree but for the people who this type of political leanings appeal to, they will think of all the Black Lives Matter riots, antifa, the "cultural enrichment" that happens on a seemingly daily basis in Europe, and heck, even here. They read the articles shared by the likes of Breitbart about how yet another black-on-white crime gets suppressed. Yet they're supposed to throw in the towel over a couple of deaths? The scorecard is a little lopsided. While there is some imperative to be more moral than the opposition (especially when it is something degenerate as the modern left) but this is hardly anything in the scheme of things.

    There are seemingly moments when this movement (and it remains a movement) makes a misstep and you get the likes of Vox Day and Mike Cernovich running for the hills while punching to the right. A lot of good that does them. This movement will keep growing stronger, regardless of what happened yesterday. While I obviously don't condone what he did, I think it is a mistake to think that we need to change anything except to keep pushing harder.

  10. Feryl,

    Yes it is. SPKHOMO, MARHOMO, COLHOMO, etc–if the GSS received the attention it deserved, there'd be SJWs calling for its variables to be rewritten. Hell, they'd probably be calling for the whole thing to be shut down.


    Can it work metaphorically, though? The West under siege, too busy with internecine fighting and degeneracy to pay attention to threats over the horizon, and then bam, a reorientation that provides a cause bigger and more lasting than any of our individualistic concerns.

    There are obvious pitfalls in being too literal–the Kingdom of Jerusalem aligns geographically quite closely to modern day Israel, and that's not what we want the Alt Right to become focused on. The Crusades are thought of as proto-colonial. That's bullshit, since the Crusader states were perpetual money sinks for Europe, but middle Eastern nation-building is also not at all what we want the Alt Right to be associated with.

    Random Dude,

    As always you bring up great points. I'm reluctant to punch right, or more generally to try to police anyone who is more-or-less on our side in any capacity. It's enervating and usually counterproductive. I'm tracking everything you're saying here.

    I have several normies in my personal networks I use as barometers and there's been a big move away from NRO cuckservatism and towards the Alt Lite/Alt Right over the last couple of years. Race realism is still something most people won't step into, but a lot of these normies now have no problem with sex realism. The swastika is toxic, though. It repels a lot of people who are otherwise sympathetic. And I don't see what good it does at all. What are the associated benefits?

  11. When white high school kids chant USA-USA to mock competing Hispanic schools, the racial overtones are pretty clear.

    America was founded as an explicitly white country. Until the Civil War blacks were barred from entering northern states like Oregon and Abe Lincoln's Illinois. Teddy Roosevelt once wrote an essay with the subject of "race suicide" for Christ's sake.

    Conservative dupes claim to love America and hate intolerance. So the way forward is to show them the truth and then force them to make a choice.

  12. COLHOMO, Protestants and Catholics (1973-1989):

    Allow – 54.7, Not allow – 45.3

    Jews and Atheists:

    Alow – 82.3, Not allow – 17.7

  13. Okie Dokie, take a gander at this:

    Demos: narrowed down to whites / Race(1), resided in America at 16 / Reg16(1-9).

    British Isles – ethnic(8, 14, 24)
    England/Wales, Scotland, Ireland

    ABANY / Abortion for any reason at all
    Gentiles – 43.2 Yes – 56.8 No
    Irish Gentiles – 41.1 Yes – 58.9 No
    Jews – 72.8 Yes – 27.2 No

    HOMOSEX / Is gay sex always wrong?
    Gentiles – 61.6 Always, 25.8 Never
    Irish Gentiles – 59.7 Always, 27.9 Never
    Jews – 26.1 Always, 49.3 Never

    Scandinavia – Ethnic(7, 9, 19, 26) (Small sample sizes)
    Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland

    ABANY / Abortion for any reason at all
    Gentiles – 45 Yes – 55 No
    Jews – 100 Yes – 0 No

    HOMOSEX / Is gay sex always wrong
    Gentiles – 62 Always, 25.2 Never
    Jews – 71.5 Always, 28.5 Never (2 respondents)

    Central Europe – Ethnic(2, 10, 11, 18, 27, 36)
    Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland

    ABANY / Abortion for any reason at all
    Gentiles – 37.8 Yes – 62.2 No
    Jews – 73.7 Yes – 26.3 No

    HOMOSEX / Is gay sex always wrong?
    Gentiles – 65.1 Always, 22.7 Never
    Jews – 26.4 Always, 55.3 Never

    Southern Europe – Ethnic(12, 16, 25, 32)
    Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain

    ABANY / Abortion for any reason at all
    Gentiles – 48 Yes- 52 No
    Jews – 85.3 Yes – 14.7 No

    HOMOSEX / Is gay sex always wrong?
    Gentiles – 50.2 Always, 32.3 Never
    Jews – 8.9 Always, 79.2 Never

    Eastern Europe – Ethnic(6, 13, 21, 23, 33, 34, 35)
    Czech, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Yugoslavia

    ABANY / Abortion for any reason
    Gentiles – 47.8 Yes – 52.2 No
    Jews – 77 Yes – 23 No

    HOMOSEX / Is gay sex wrong?
    Gentiles – 53.1 Always, 31.4 Never
    Jews – 25.9 Always, 56.9 Never

    "American" – Ethnic(97)
    Presumably heavily Southern/Appalachian

    ABANY / Abortion for any reason at all
    Gentiles – 31.5 Yes – 68.5 No
    HOMOSEX / Is gay sex always wrong?
    Gentiles – 78 Always, 4 No

    Caveats: restricting to men only would likely have given less PC results, but some countries had such small sample sizes that taking out women would've given even less to work with. The Germanys and Italys, with their relatively generous sample sizes, presumably are closer to being 50/50, gender-wise.

    Central Europe does best, perhaps because most self-identified Germans are in the conservative Midwest and PA. Scandis do well on the fag question, but are bigger cucks on abortion. Brits do nearly as well as Central Europe; checking the REG16 breakdown shows that Midwestern/Southern,Mountain Brits are homophobic enough to counter the fagphiles in the Northeast and West Coast.

    Southern and Eastern Euros do pretty lousy; I should probably isolate Russia from the other countries since much of their sample was Jewish, though if memory serves the other countries don't score great on abortion or fags either. It's also possible that too many women were sampled, maybe I'll check later.

    As Roissy likes to point out, the bed-rock of America was built by Anglo-Saxons ,Dutch, and Celts with early waves of Germans/Swedes/Frenchmen blending in with ease.

    Additionaly, the Northeast (esp. New England) scores liberal on most measures, but when push to comes to shove they aren't as full of shit as people on the West Coast. Just the same, we've got to quarantine Bos-Wash and rein in the status whores back East who bloviate about how superior and forward thinking Europe is (well, not EASTERN Europe, but anyway).

  14. Jews? For shame. Decadent liberal elites, concentrated in California and the Acela Corridor, among whom there are many Jews, have a lot to answer for.

    When so many Jews fail to recognize the disgusting act of fetal terrmination and gay butt sex, it should come as no surprise that so many are now openly declaring war on Israel's borders.

  15. > I have several normies in my personal networks I use as barometers and there's been a big move away from NRO cuckservatism and towards the Alt Lite/Alt Right over the last couple of years. Race realism is still something most people won't step into, but a lot of these normies now have no problem with sex realism. The swastika is toxic, though. It repels a lot of people who are otherwise sympathetic. And I don't see what good it does at all. What are the associated benefits?

    I was mostly just projecting what I had been hearing from some of the fence sitters and handwringers who thought that all was lost and that we might as well give up. Personally I just believe that any distaste normies have for what they saw in the rally will quickly go away when they see all of the left wing cries for violence that they see in the media, on their Facebook account, etc. in the last couple of days. These people voted in Trump to halt the anarcho-tyranny that defined the Late Obama Era (to paraphrase a term Sailer uses) and this event will reinforce that in the end. Which is why I think that James Fields will have little or no impact on the ascent of the dissident right. Vox Day reflexively runs away but that's because he only cares about the political movement as much as he can profit from it. Same goes for Gorilla Man Cernovich.

  16. Halvorson,

    Re: pan-Europeanism, nationalism doesn't capture it. They may not matter. Allies can exist outside the walls.

    A bigger concern is the what happened to the Tea Party. Wrapped itself up in the flag and the constitution, unabashedly patriotic and civic nationalist, and… was easily co-opted and converged such that it almost vanished without a trace less than five years after it exploded onto the scene.

    The identitarian and it's-been-tried-before limitations aside, we're in a new era now, substantially different from where we were even six years ago. When all the confederates are toppled and they start targeting the founders, we rally with the Naturalization Act of 1791, etc. Are we resigning ourselves to rearguard actions, then?

  17. Random Dude,

    So far as I'm aware, Vox has been consistent in his opposition to the Alt-Reich element from the beginning. He doesn't bend on anything. I think his is a tactical position, and not one I disagree with (obviously, hence this post).

  18. The KKK imagery is about as self-destructive as the Nazi stuff too. Images from the tiki torch march have been showing up on my Facebook feed, and the reactions are genuinely and uniformly furious.

    On Twitter, most HBD rightists I know are anything but willing to support the tiki torch march. It's just a bridge too far in the best of times. As such, I think that one stunt botched the purpose of "Unite the Right." If even ironclad HBDers are reticent about supporting KKK imagery, then I expect people on the fence about it will be more inclined to think, "I don't know if there are differences between races, but I do know I don't support racist mob violence, so I may as well believe we're all equal if that won't make evil."

    As such, the tiki torch march is dividing us while uniting our enemies. How is that to our advantage?

    I hate to punch right, but the Nazi and KKK imagery threatens to do to us what BLM did for the left: it might feel good to do it, but it turns off 80% of potential voters.

    Granted, my political views are unchanged. I think Communism was far, far worse than the KKK, so antifa's Communist imagery disgusts me more, but as far as I can see, people who use Nazi and KKK symbols are drilling holes into a boat we all share. Trump is wise to not single them out, but since we share the same vessel, I wish they'd be more prudent.

  19. Well, part of the tea party's problem was they didn't take enough of a brave stand on "controversial" issues thereby enabling cucks to wrap their arms around it. When Trump tells it like it is (our jobs have been stolen, we don't build things anymore, border security and immigrant quality control are non-existent, Radical Islamic Terrorism) it not only shook Leftists but much of the right; few establishment GOP'ers were able to gauge the pulse of both Trump and the electorate like Newt Gingrich did and get on board as fast he did. Many, out of corruption or cowardice, still aren't on board.

    Trump's agenda was about reining in many of the excesses of the last 30-40 years and there are still too many concerned about gaining and keeping status by following the rules that were established 40 years ago.

    BTW, imagery wise, we might as well encourage the Kekistan logos and flags developed over the last year or so. That's better than using Nazi or even confederate imagery, and as for trad. US imagery, I dunno. The flag, the bald eagle, etc. might not elicit the biggest responses. Our enemies won't think anything of it. The Kekistan stuff creeps our enemies out and doesn't carry any embarrassing historical baggage associated with Nazis or slaves.

  20. There's nothing about an American nationalist movement that would preclude nationalism in other countries. But American alt-righters do spend too much more energy fixating on events in Europe while their own country sinks underwater at a much faster rate. The most pathetic thing in the world is an American from Texas or California who laughs at the Germans as cucks while offering no resistance to the Reconquista. The Europeans have a severe terrorism problem, but this is an irritant and not an existential threat. Their demographic position is much stronger than ours and if nothing changes they will long outlast us.

    Godspeed to the Europeans fighting back against the imposed regime of mass immigration and blank slate insanity, but we have our own problems to deal with.

    The Tea Party promoted a Jewish-approved patriotism of constitutional principles and other abstractions. This appeals to no one and it failed. If far-right racialists associate themselves with the flag, minorities and far leftists who hate the country anyway will openly reject it. This is what we need to build broad racial solidarity among whites and stay above water electorally.

    I want the alt-right to continue doing essentially what it's doing now, but to ditch the gay slogans, costumes, and other white nationalist 1.0 trappings. Stop the self-congratulation about how everything you do is for "your people" and talk like a normal being, not some cultist. Identify with your real community and its history, not one you had to learn about from a book.

  21. @ Feryl

    The Kekistan flag is modelled on a Nazi flag.

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Christianity is fecund? Christianity is dying and it's killing the west in it's interpretation as a universalist/communist religion. The Pope chides traditional Catholics and welcomes in the moslems and third world hordes because Europe is barren and they are not. And so do all of the clergy either gleefully or silently. You also misinterpret why Germany and the Nazis are the focus. The enemy of Europe is not the Saracens, it's not the modern day moslems but the Jews. They control the media that demonizes the people, that pushes all this degeneracy. They control the major banks that pushes the sin of usury (which the Church stopped condemning as a sin, great job! /sarc) and saddles nations with soul crushing debt. The Jews have an out sized political power and support organizations that make laws antithetical to the native citizens of their respective countries. They support demographic replacement also known as genocide. The moslems were only let in by the Jews. When you have Cameron and Sarkozy and all of the other Jews and their Zionist shills running things for the interest of Israel then it's a no brainer that you look to inspiration from the only people who fought back against their evil hand.

  23. When Cernovich and Milo and Posobeic are called out on the carpet, you know the Alt Right clearly has an identity crisis.

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Who cares.

    The Dodge Charger is actually our "symbol" today as Based Stickman was yesterday.

    I'm not in the streets and following a wise ancient rule won't second guess men on the spot.
    When likes of me is in the streets the best symbol is to be inconspicous or invisible BTW.

    It's irrelevant what the SYMBOL is what matters is ACTION.

    You notice no one fucked with the Militia however…right?

    If the Swastika brings fighters then let it rock, same with Deus Vult, or the American Flag. This is all nonsense of men watching from the couch.

    They're MEN. Our MEN or at least THEIR OWN MEN.

    THEY DECIDE what they march under, not YOU.

    YOU raise your banner and then those who follow that you lead in person you correct.

    Otherwise let us be silent.

  25. Oh dear, the layers of irony here.

    First, Vox can be relied upon for his punching right and steadfastly defending his actions by non-personing anyone he deems a nazi. At first, this was a moniker extended only to the stormfront crowd and could be written off as judicious. Today; however, it is clear that Vox has broadened this umbrella to include anyone who takes their white activism seriously and will not pull punches when pointing out that some Jews are involved in the foul anti-white establishment.

    Secondly, Repelling Muslim invaders is an entirely European confession in this day and age. While muslim immigrant to the US have caused plenty of trouble, their relative population numbers won't be raising the alarm bells that they have in Europe for a long time yet, long after whites would have been un-personed (an ongoing process even now) and politically, if not physically, destroyed by the "coalition of the ascendant."

    Third, and perhaps most importantly, there will always be agitators either deluded or agitprop, who flout the prohibition on nazi revelry. Were the left so concerned with appearance, they would be unable to stop red-flag waving communists from attending their own rallies. Indeed, the red-flag crowd is primarily responsible for providing manpower at their more prolific rallies now taking place "in response to Charlottesville."

    Finally, in apex irony, Vox totally rejects the European Universalism shtick so that is absolutely not what he has in mind when he presses for Christian identity over "nazi," identity. But one shouldn't read that literally. What Vox suggests in his insistence is that whites have no future without Christianity. This could well be true, but failure to account for the fact that the overwhelming majority of modern christian institutions are explicitly anti-white makes for an absolutely incoherent case.

    Christian whites are, in overwhelming obvious majority, not the least bit interested in self-preservation. The alt-right is and will always be about white self-preservation. To the extent that such a position draws nazi oddballs rather than Christians can be of no consequence because a reform or revival of white preserving Christianity is quite obviously impossible. Existing churches have no interest in being the white church. New churches becoming white and racially aware would be a hot bed for just the nazi infiltration that Vox complains so violently about.

    In short, I consider this pleading to be at-best a case of letting one's faith get in the way of common sense. Vox may mean well, but cannot get beyond the fact that christians are more cucked than a lot of these more agnostic white nationalists. It might enrage him to see the movement continue to march on without spending more time on the church which he hopes to be revived. But it could also be the case that Vox is much more concerned with his Jewish connections continuing to treat him well.

    In either case, I see no point in the proliferation of these views on the right. Heads, everyone should stay home lest a nazi show up. Tails, everyone should go to church and just get with the program, lest a nazi show up. The alt-right was born out of the frustration that the nazi label was being used to shut down legitimate white grievance airing. Vox is performing the very exercises he criticizes in the mainstream, not unlike his friends in the alt-lite who are more transparently working hand in hand with the neoconservatives who desperately want the alt-right to go away so that conservatives, whites, and christians can be put into the dirt quietly over the ensuing diversity decades to come.

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "THEY DECIDE what they march under, not YOU."
    >That was me earlier.

    Yes marching under the Cross is a LOSER, like the Church, Like Christianity.

    Unless you're willing to take out the clerics first.

    One Duterte Harry campaign at a time, and never mind what color shirt one wears.
    Actually UNIFORMS are like SO passe anyway-in the age of cameras.
    Little green men with masks and no insigna best.

    PS: I still have their back but fucking TIKI TORCHES ARE GAY AF.
    Still got your back.

    But Tiki Torches? That's like NERF guns.


  27. You're quiet on the antics of one Richard Spencer in the Charlotteville fiasco, and I suppose that's understandable, if foolish.

    Turns out that Spencer does not have a legal defense fund (the driver was unable to make bail). Furthermore, Spencer is throwing whoever he can under the bus:

    One big reason I hear that people follow Spencer is that he "gets things done." (Never mind that whatever he touches turns to shit.) Honestly, if Spencer came to my town like this, I'd want the cops beating his skull in too.

  28. Sid,

    I haven't seen that as much. Was it the intention? It brought The 13th Warrior to my mind. Agree on the futility of KKK imagery, obviously.


    Argument to be made that any attempt to repurpose any sort of historical imagery is counterproductive. Pepe is distinctive and disarming–there's no way to criticize a flag with a cartoon frog's face on it that doesn't make the critic look ridiculous.


    That's where I am, as this blog presumably evinces. Putting costumes on has no appeal to me. It is some part of the cultural appeal, though, so it's worth thinking about.

    Uncertain on the position of the US vs Europe. Actually had a good discussion with Sam Dickson about this. A few things working in America's favor:

    1) Like big game in Africa, we've had a lot more experience with non-whites than most Europeans have. That allows the game to go on a lot longer over here

    2) We also have far more space. Like 1), this kicks the can down the road.

    3) White Americans have higher fertility than white Europeans do. Some of this is speculative (France doesn't track by ethnicity, for example).

    4) Non-whites in America have lower fertility than non-whites in Europe do


    Christians–active ones, not those who are just nominally so–are fecund, more precisely. Secularization is below replacement fertility. There's currently not a counterexample in the world at the moment I'm aware of.


    No one who personally identifies as Alt Right would recognize any of those three as fellow members of the Alt Right.


    Constructive internal criticism is useful. This is about tactics. It's delusional to think that public demonstrations alone are able to sustain any of this. Without the anonymity of the internet we would never have gotten anywhere close to where we are now.


    Vox isn't hyper focused on the JQ, but he doesn't dance around it, either.

    The pan-European aspect isn't his. I didn't intend to insinuate that it was.


    Spencer's periscope video prior to his arrest by riot police has broader appeal than anything else that came out of the weekend does.

  29. Donald Trump, the most important leader on the right, and the head of the most powerful enforcement apparatus in human history, now sees Team Dick Spencer as a political liability and an obstacle to MAGA.

    Good luck with that.

  30. Anonymous [AKA "Gary Eden"] says: • Website

    This post is right on. The Crusader cross is meaningful and powerful.

    The problem with the US flag is it is flown by our enemies in places of power. It represents the empire. It can be claimed by the left and right. It represents the loosing teaparty approach.

    We need a new symbol for a new movement.

    Sure, bring the US flags if you wish, and the confederate if you wish. But leave the NAZI flags home. But we need new flags for the new movement. And uniforms. And gear.

  31. Voice of the Day is a fake alpha sissy boy that claims to be an Indian living in Italy, and he's a super genius like Wile E Coyote too. His amazing love for American Football might as well be a Cuck right there, but he writes books about Elves and loves him some Prince.
    Chief Nancy Boy don't like Hitler and White Nationalism. WHAT A SHOCK!

  32. A.E.–"No one who personally identifies as Alt Right would recognize any of those three as fellow members of the Alt Right."

    I thought the motto was "no enemies on my right". You may feel free to disavow Cernovich, Milo, and Posobeic, but their followers clearly identify them, along with others who may not be in their camp, as leaders of the Alt Right.

    Jonathan–"Voice of the Day is a fake alpha sissy boy that claims to be an Indian living in Italy, and he's a super genius like Wile E Coyote too."

    Why don't you post your view of him on his blog under your name?

  33. Cernovich calls himself new right or alt light. And I'm pretty sure Milo calls himself a cultural libertarian.

  34. Most people will confuse the Maltese Cross with Germany's Iron Cross medal. A better choice might be the Cross of St. George, which is an English symbol.

  35. "Chief Nancy Boy don't like Hitler and White Nationalism. WHAT A SHOCK!"


  36. Re-reading the original post, it was too assertive. It's been changed accordingly.


    It's unlikely Trump has ever given much thought to Spencer one way or another.

    Orthogonally, Trump has played this pretty well. His reframes are instinctive. It's why he does them so well. "On many sides" was a brutal deflection. Sure, the zealots will decry him for that, but what normy hears that and thinks "NAZI sympathizer!" To the contrary, they think "Yes, the street violence is bad".

    Since the vast majority of the street violence comes from antifa/BLM–and the entirety of it is caused by them in one form or another (no rally on the right that is unmolested ever turns violent, whereas antifa/BLM rallies regularly do, whether they're rallies or counter-rallies/protests)–this will work in Trump's favor.


    Well said, those are my sentiments, too.


    Infogalactic, daily meme wars, building up Gab–he's doing a lot of good. Anyone who is creating alternative platforms is an ally as far as I'm concerned.


    I'm not disavowing anyone (beyond, I guess, the Nazi larpers). But creating distance between those Alt Light guys and the Alt Right doesn't really constitute an identity crisis for the Alt Right. The opposite, I think.


    Keeping it Templar red instead of Hospitaller black is probably a must.

  37. I was disappointed when Trump singled out white nationalists yesterday. I'm positively elated he came out and not just condemned, but flat out labelled the "alt-left."

    I think that yesterday, enough of his advisers told him enough times he had to single out the white nationalists. He did so and quickly realized that his enemies wouldn't give him a lick of respite. Heck, the fact he caved in to them just meant that he was really guilty. He returned to form today and triggered every cuck in the country when he declared many of the rightists at the rally weren't Neo-Nazis and said those were good people.

    God bless the President!

  38. Sid–Trump doubled down because he desperately wants to keep his hardcore 20% who will champion him no matter what the circumstances. If Trump was all that and a bag of chips, he would have never capitulated to his advisors and called out the white nationalists. He lashed out because that is his nature. He is other than deeply concerned about immigration, or human biodiversity, or saving Western Civilization. Trump is no Nazi, but he is a show-man globalist.

    AE–"I'm not disavowing anyone (beyond, I guess, the Nazi larpers). But creating distance between those Alt Light guys and the Alt Right doesn't really constitute an identity crisis for the Alt Right. The opposite, I think."

    Creating distance? So that's the meme rather than "disavow". Good to know. Regardless, any movement has their major and minor players and their internal and external fighting. Milo and Cernovich serve as useful idiots in promoting the Alt Right. They can claim they lack any skin in the game, but their words and actions speak volumes. And so long as the Mark Citadels and Brett Stevens are lurking about, the Alt Right has a decided identity crisis.

  39. If Trump were nothing but a globalist showman, he would've kept his mouth shut tight after singling the white nationalists and not christening the people who assaulted them "alt-left."

  40. Defeat = crime = being the evil and wrongness incarnate.

    Any symbol that can be associated with defeat is to be left behind.

    Every faction and leader aspiring to power has know it.

  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Everybody should read Gustave le Bon's The Psychology of Crowds (a treatise much superior to Bernay's more famed one).

    Same is for "race".
    The word wafts off a stink of loss (rationalized as "evil" "nonsense" and the rest of buffer-terms).

    Use "ethnicity": it'll spare you and what you are trying to say from very hostile conditioned reflexes… and you'll still be saying what you are to say.

  42. Sid–"If Trump were nothing but a globalist showman, he would've kept his mouth shut tight after singling the white nationalists and not christening the people who assaulted them "alt-left.""

    He panders to people. That's why he is a showman. And he is a globalist. Just look at how he acquired his financial empire. And since when does he keep his mouth shut? That's fine if people think if Trump is "one of them". But in reality he is about himself and what he can do to get what he wants when he wants it.

  43. Corvinus,

    To the extent it's true, so what? Consider any of the GOP cucks or Hillary in the same situation. Much worse outcome for the alt right collectively.

  44. "He panders to people. That's why he is a showman."

    All politicians have their constituencies, whose well-being they may or may not genuinely care for. Trump staked out his own constituencies and has at least tried to balance their interests with others. Compare that with Hillary or Romney, who denounce the white working class as either being deplorable or part of the 47% of losers.

    "And he is a globalist. Just look at how he acquired his financial empire."

    Trump extended his brand across the globe, but more of his wealth and holdings are in the US. If the US deteriorates, he loses.

    "That's fine if people think if Trump is "one of them". But in reality he is about himself and what he can do to get what he wants when he wants it."

    I fully expect that you could diagnose Trump with some flavor of narcissism. Nevertheless, he made a deal with his base: vote for me, and it will be in my own interest to defend and advance your interests.

    So far, Trump has been far from perfect and he has had to make unappealing compromises. Even so, he's been flat out better than the alternatives. Again, Hillary flat out hates core white Americans who want their interests and cultural identity defended. Romney has consistently found new ways to cuck. This week, he declared that antifa is justified in battering the people who voted for him.

    If Trump is just pretending to care about people like me, but ultimately delivers, I don't care. It's better than Hillary declaring war on people like me. And in fact, Hillary isn't as bad as Romney, who mouths off platitudes to you before stabbing you in the back and unleashing the hellhounds to tear at your heels.

  45. "To the extent it's true, so what? Consider any of the GOP cucks or Hillary in the same situation. Much worse outcome for the alt right collectively."

    Peter Brimelow (I believe in a Molyneux interview) said that Hillary would've gone totally Merkel and hammered the invader accelerator. He also said that realistically, keeping America 80-90% white was still possible in the 90's when the public and it's demographics and politics made reform more feasible. By now, substantial portions of America have nothing to do with America's traditional demographics and culture, and there just isn't a non-totalitarian way to reduce the population of non-whites. He did say that restoring freedom of association would help, but again, white liberals and non-whites have been trained to believe that such things are tools of white oppression and oh so many people now fall into either demographic.

  46. Feryl,

    Freedom of association won't catch fire for the same reason that turning back the demographic tide won't. I'm sure it's getting tiresome to see me repeat it, but a moratorium on immigration is the only real chance we have. That, or political dissolution of some sort.

  47. No! The crusader flag is not appropriate. The Northern Crusades (read the book of that title) were waged by various Christian groups against the pagan hold outs – the Slavs and Baltic people.

    And fuck the Nazis. Hitler's insane war killed 70 million white people, including millions of our best men, including the great Germans who fought for him.

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